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  1. too big and everyone already knows the area of effect, this is just more visual clutter
  2. uniatrix

    Patch Notes 1.4

    Actually this is because it was counting AT in the online player count and in patch 1.35 they removed it. This (less than 200) is the real player base.
  3. uniatrix

    Patch Notes 1.4

    So... There is STILL A BUNCH of maps with less than 10 mobs when they were supposed to have 100+...
  4. I really dont think he is referring to ASPD values. Srsly, this sounded like a Microsoft support center response, lol.
  5. jesus christ this is a gold mine BRING JOB 5 ALREADY PLEASE
  6. Maybe getting alootid only, and limiting to only one option? I played a server once that had arealoot + this, was great.
  7. Usually servers, even high rate ones, tend to ajust the rates of MvP drops (specially cards) to the original rates since with enough farming they can be dropped with much more frequency than intended. Recently someone dropped an Eddga card, with less than a week and a half of server, that's not to be surprised since the rates are the same as a normal monster, which is 0.03, this person tried to sell the card for real money and got banned for it, what makes my request even viable, because if that wasn't the case it would be unfair. The suggestion: Decrease the drop rate of MvP/mini boss cards to original rates. I can say with safety that every server I played with a MvP/Mini boss card rate superior of the original got problems with the amount of them in circulation after a while, specially if the server gets more and more players. This is better for the future health of the server because: - At some point new people will not want to join the server because of the lack of control on many players having these cards. - Lack of these cards makes specially PvP and WoE more balanced, some cards make a huge impact for a guild to have (i.e salamander in original RO WoE servers and that's only mini boss. Tao Gunka, which here have the potential to make someone skilled unkillable since it benefits so much from renewal standards plus huge reduction on gears. (40% muffler+shoes alone)). Please do not argument like the server only cares for PvE. - The concept I got from this server is that it is here to last. This change could not make more sense if this is the route it wants to take. Also, I know that MvP cards are pretty much nerfed in Zero but they are still OP AF. If this server is here for the long run let the rates reflex on that.
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