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  1. It should not be repeat anymore because it is untradable
  2. I found out essential pack just last for 1 mins instead of 1 hour , huhuhu i hope i can get a compensation :), i like the server
  3. Jasonsy

    essential pack

    Why essential pack only last for Around 1 mins and not for one hour
  4. Jasonsy

    Union hunter

    I have done with searching aimless adventure on amatsu and alberta but when im back to union guild and theres still a quest please check about it Ign:CuteCute
  5. Jasonsy

    Bloody knight

    I cant find this monster in navigation if theres is none of this monster how would i complete my union quest ? iGn:CuteCute
  6. Jasonsy

    cant login

    Failed to connect to server ign:ManLy
  7. Jasonsy


    Are we going to have roulete custome
  8. Jasonsy


    Can i ask for a bunny headdress custome and cute ribbon muffler in middle xD
  9. Jasonsy

    You are missed.

    gm where is the npc in islude xD
  10. Jasonsy


    What is the update of 1.5
  11. i dont agree to this , i like the equipment not that easy to refine
  12. Jasonsy

    pe t

    i hope this will be fix
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