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  1. RogueZombie

    Mail Bug

    Hi, I can open my mailbox in-game but I cannot open any received mail. Can we please look into this? I have several pending mail that I cannot open (gift for reaching level 50 etc.). ign: Maya Angelou Thank you
  2. Idea description: Please buff crit damage to 3x or double what is it now Why is it good? assassins are irrelevant in the game right now. need something to bring them up to speed to e.g. brandish knights How urgent is this rate 1-10: 10 Will it affect our economy? yes, more monster killed = more loot and more trades Will it affect any of our core systems? no If we deny it, what might happen? downfall of ragna0 hehe xd If we accept it, who does it benefit the most? entire server playability You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: obviously. Other inputs: none
  3. RogueZombie

    Server Down?

    Hi is server down?
  4. Si, yo hablo español. Me llamo MayaAngelou en RO
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