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  1. I feel like this is missing a /s at the end. You literally just outlined the entire reason why point degradation or regular resets are necessary.
  2. Also something that should be noted, currently the only way to get BS points is crafting lvl 3 weapons with 3 ores, on official servers you gain 1000 blacksmith points for upgrading lvl 3 weapons to +10. In the short term a degrade system may seem harsh, but in the long term when upgrading for points is introduced it will be very necessary.
  3. the account pack exp loss prevention is not currently working at all, just died without a BM on and lost a full 10%, neither is the exp boost
  4. The issue isnt that big that right now, the numbers are fine to try and catch up to. But what about when the rank 5 blacksmith has 25k points and decides to stop playing. Most servers, including official servers have either point degrading system or fairly regular point reset. This server right now is at a point where a decision needs to be made as to which system is used. We can either have a fairly regular reset (3-6months) or do a regular interval degrade system (I didnt consider doing it specifically to inactive accounts but hades mentioned in discord this could be a possibility). Simply ignoring the points will cause more of an issue later as 5 option items are only obtainable by crafting as a top 5 ranked BS. This isnt something that is small and should just be ignored... looking at non zero servers a top 10 blacksmith will give you an additional 40 mastery atk... on this server it can mean 50% more boss damage... These options and their availability locked behind players who are no longer playing doesnt seem to make a whole lot of sense.
  5. The issue: Currently several of the players on the blacksmith list are no longer active. This has caused significant issues in trying to find someone to make a blacksmithed item with 5 options or to buy a blacksmithed item with 5 options. In fact I have not seen a blacksmith shop go up in alberta in well over a week. The solution: A point degradation system should be put into place. Somewhere around -10% of the points currently accumulated by everyone on the list active or not should suffice in evening out the playing field. At 10% per week after 10 weeks here is what the list would look like if everyone stopped making smithed items in that time: Batforge: 847 Kreygasm: 495 CeleMerch: 484 AgniAstra: 411 Cheat: 387 Unknown: 362 Mamalon: 258 Majestic: 254 VastDM: 209 PedagangAsongan: 142 As you can see, those at very high points would lose significantly more points then those near the bottom, with Batforge dropping 1583 points where PedaganaAsongan would lose 268 over a 10 week period. A flat number degradation of say 40 points per week would deter new players/players lower on the list from pushing up the list while not reducing the points of those already very high on the list efficiently. I feel a % based system would be the better of the two options. Keep in mind: the numbers listed above are if every player on that list is now inactive which is not the case, I know of atleast 3-4 who are still active and will likely climb and over take those above them who are inactive. What would this do for the server?: Ultimately the goal would be to slowly degrade inactive players off the list while not overly punishing those trying to climb the list. This would be a consistent way of reduction vs the other option which would be a point wipe every few months to refresh the list. It would also encourage players who are already high on the list to move above those who have become inactive. Why does this need to change: Currently without any system in place to degrade points the likelyhood of anyone spending the time to both level a blacksmith and farm materials to climb the list by making potentially sub-optimal items to do so is very very low. I feel having a 10% weekly degrade on points would encourage those who are wanting to make a pure forger to do so. Side note: The same needs to be done to the alchemist list, although I feel like the alchemist list would be better off with a 5% degradation simply due to how easy it is to accumulate a large amount of points there.
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  7. Actually this might act as more of a zeny sink then reset NPC does. Consider right now it’s 2mil to change your stats and skills if you are above lvl 90. The average player likely wont change regularly and will more likely have multiple characters for specific roles (AoE farming, single target farming, MVPing, Support/group play). If you instead have say a 250k zeny charge to swap between two set builds (maybe 250k for stats, 250k for skills) the number of people who would have a MVP setup and a AoE or solo vs grouping setup would increase dramatically this pulling more zeny out of the economy, albeit in smaller amounts at a time.
  8. Firstly your poll question doesn’t actually ask anything relevant. Secondly Ro is one of the grindiest RPGs there is and your complaining that it is grindy? Edit: the content has been out for less then 24 hours. Maybe let people get into it before we complain the items are too hard to get
  9. Every server I’ve been on that has had this, the use of it has been abused excessively. You already can refill mp at an inn for some z. If it’s that much of a issue set your save to a inn.
  10. Agree with the previous two: exp increase are fine, but drop rate increases a bad idea. This method rather then the previously suggested inverse rates will pull more people to the server during peak times. More people online, more people playing together, more groups, more stable economy. The downside in the meantime is when server population is low, feels worse to play, especially the case during non peak hours the solution, I believe, is the adjustment to the kRO:z current exp table. Rates don’t need to be 2x higher when exp needed will be 1/3 of what it is now.
  11. ***first off, if you are going to watch the video, mute the video, it was picking up my mic which was only partially plugged in I am guessing and the sound is fairly annoying... ****Jump to 1:30 in the video So the current way the body armor option for elemental resistance is worded is that it should give resistance to every monster of that elemental type. However that is not the case. As it is currently the resistance from body armor options is to damage of that elemental type. So either the phrasing on the option is bad, or the coding is incorrect and it is supposed to be to monsters of a specific element. The video shows me using a 19% shadow resist chain mail with +3 vit. The melee damage (neutral) received from the raydric is the same with the option chainmail as it is with the npc bought chainmail, with only a minor adjustment caused by the +3 vit. When power maximize is active the raydric is doing 421 damage with melees while I have the +3 vit, 19% chain mail on, and 423 damage when I have the vendor bought chainmail on. The way the option is worded, "Shadow Monster Resistance +19%" would signify I would have 19% reduction from shadow monsters, not shadow property attacks as it is currently.
  12. This would effectively kill any partying during the week. For those players who can’t play on weekends due to work or other reasons this would be detrimental. Absolutely should not be implemented.
  13. Did the math, number of enriched ore to get from 0-+9 is 102.85 or 103. For the sake of argument let’s assume most people will be using normal ore for the almost safe refine levels (80%/90%) that would require 45.8 or 46 enriched ore to go the rest of the way. The trade off here would be the number of items required would increase from a average of 14.26 to around 25. Want to farm up 50m zeny for ore? Or 11 more items with decent enough options to try and +9? With how important enriched ore are in kRO:z I feel like we would be doing this server a huge disservice having the price even at 1mil. Assuming the price is started at 1mil per enriched: let’s say you are making on average 2mil zeny/h (which is about double what most people are making currently). That would be 50 hours of farming zeny to pay just for the ore for 1 +9. Something I feel people don’t realize is classes in kRO:z are balanced around having fairly easy access to +9 gear, with the cap being +20. +9 in kRO:z is what many of us old school players would recognize as +7 gear in a classic server, it’s decent but it’s not the end game target. +9 needs to be accessible to the average player, not just no lifers putting in 50 hours a week like a second job. Hell, now that I write this down, I think my previous price suggestion of 500k +5 ore is even to high. 100k+1 ore would be more in line with the kRO:z model and even then it would be more expensive then kRO:z Edit: something to keep in mind, a picture was posted in discord by Hades of a +10 jewel shield on kRO:z for 11mil. At 100k+ore that would be a severely under priced item on this server. The number of shields alone to make a +9 would be over 11mil.
  14. I feel dynamic rates aren’t the correct answer for this server, although the rates do need an adjustment. I believe Hades is already taking a look at the drop rates of items from champion mobs and adjusting them to be closer to kRO:z. Exp rate changes shouldn’t be needed in the future assuming the current Exp table from kRO:z is implemented. I do do agree however that the current state of r0 feels bad. the main drawback for me on dynamic rates is that players who play primarily in prime time hours are at a huge disadvantage
  15. Something to keep in mind here, safe to x certificates are not available here and are available in kRO:z as well as blacksmith blessings. I feel like just incorporating these items at the suggested prices would largely deter players from wanting to actively upgrade and progress their gear. Changes made to the upgrade system later on would be highly detrimental to the server economy so it needs to be done right in the first place. This is one of those instances where pricing things to high or to low could have a hugely negative impact on the server. Here is my suggestion: decide on what is a fair price for a +9 piece of armor or lvl 4 weapon and adjust the price of Enriched and HD ores accordingly. Ignoring the item cost itself and the cost of actually using the upgrade NPC I would put a fair price for the ore cost needed to +9 a piece of gear to be around 50mil. Now assuming you are upgrading something that costs 2mil, and it takes an average of around 14-15 to get a +9 you are looking at somewhere around 80mil Zeny just in ore and item cost, toss in the upgrade NPC cost of 100k per attempt with HD and Enriched ore and it’s likely more like 90mil. I feel like this is a decent metric to base the cost on. As I am at work at the moment I do not have the ability to math out exactly how many Enriched or HD ore it would cost on average to get a +9 from +0 currently but I feel like placing the ore cost of a +9 piece of gear at around 50mil on average would suffice. Just need someone to run the numbers on the average number of ore needed. Then you can adjust the costs accordingly. Say it’s around 120 Enriched ore, the cost per Enriched would be around 415k. Not 100% sure on the numbers though as I said as I am at work and don’t have a spreadsheet in front of me to calculate it. My suggested cost would be 500k+5 ori/elu due to the fact most people would risk items up to +4 without enriched unless it’s a very expensive item. edit: math is hard edit2: forgot to mention, one of the key aspects in kRO:z are the options, so getting a piece of gear with the perfect options is going to cost a lot more then 2mil Zeny. Getting 14 of them to try for a +9 is going to be a expensive endeavour on its own. And that is not even including rolling enchants on a +9 expedition items for those sweet sweet class enchants. Can already see the complaints now about investing hundreds of millions of Zeny only to get a class enchant for a class that can’t use the item.
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