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  1. Considering theres still only 1 person even at 99. I dont feel like rebirth is a needed addition currently.
  2. So, Kervaz pointed this out in discord: "Kill Abysmal Knight or Khalitzburg until the kill count reaches 500 in Inside Glast Heim Chivalry F2 (gl_knt02)" -from the Ragna0 Wiki Khalitzburg is currently not counting towards the kill count for bloody knight. This would litterally solve all of my issues currently with the map outside of the Raydric Archer MVP having nothing on his loot table other then the standard raydric archer drops.
  3. is this just a bug then? Because currently killing 500 AKs to spawn Blooky knight feels terrible.
  4. That’s fair, it’s still a reasonable spot to farm for full plate as the cards are quite valuable. Only other thing I might add is glittering coat from the freezer champion mob in Turtle Dungeon level 3 for a general use body armor. Solid guide.
  5. Would add merman to the full plate locations. Furious merman drops 2 option trident and full plate.
  6. Not sure if anyone else has run into this yet, I’ve been farming in Chiv2 a fair bit the last few days and the rate in which players are able to spawn bloody knight, the raydric and raydric archer mini bosses is super slow. When it is just me there I kill around 100 AKs an hour and that is specifically hunting for them, Raydrics are only about 150 an hour making it roughly 4-5 hours to spawn a mini boss of hard farming. My suggestion is to lower the number needed to spawn these at least until trans classes are released and kill rates increase dramatically, or until the population increases significantly in the server where there are multiple people farming here regularly. Maybe down to 300 on the Chiv2 map. The same would apply apply to some of the other fever maps, Several of the maps require 500 or 1000 mob counts to spawn their mini boss and it just feels to slow to actively be able to farm these mini bosses. A mini boss every 4-5 hours is way to long, especially if you are farming there and a group starts farming when you are close to spawning he mini boss and takes the spawn. This has happened twice to me this weekend alone and it feels miserable because I had just spent several hours trying to get the kill count up to spawn a mini boss. edit: Also a minor note for GMs, the Raydric archer mini boss currently has no items specific to it that drop. This may have been an oversight but he appears to just have the same loot table as a normal Raydric Archer, at least when you @mi him no extra loot is listed. Not sure if this is a oversight or not. There is also only a single item that drops on this “Fever Field” that can roll multiple options from normal mobs (the khalitzburg armor) and it is notably worse then the desert armor as it has less HP added and doesn’t have the neutral damage mitigation. It also drops at a significantly lower rate (1.3%?) then the Desert armor (6.6%? Not in game can’t confirm this)
  7. Alright so heres what happened. I posted a vend earlier on my second account while leveling my knight. A notice came up in green in chat saying "some of your items cannot be vended and were removed from the shop" and did not show in my list of vended items which included my Marc card and Strouf card. I didnt think anything of it at the time and was just planning on re-listing after a bit once my low mana merchant regened mana to repost. Check back some time later and my marc card had sold. for 450k... even though I had listed it for 7mil and it was removed from my vend and did not show up in my chat box as being listed. I also only recieved 300k for the sale, so I have no idea how much the player payed or what. Pictures: note, neither my marc card or strouf card are listed in the chat and yet marc card sold. Also note: no cards listed at all and I have a card in my vending window. Also notice the Huuma in my listed items in chat is not in the vending window. Edit: looking at the chat block again, you can see I also had two tridents listed in chat, and neither show in the vend window So in total the items listed that didnt show up in the vend window and were "removed from shop" were my Marc Card, 2xTridents, and a Huuma. Edit2: something else has been bothering me. It says I sold the card for 450k, and yet received 300k. This means I was taxed 33% rather then 5%. 150k tax is what would have been deducted on a 3mil item, which is what the strouf card was listed for. So the tax also seems to have been switched around when items were removed from my Vend. PSA: Vend at your own risk. GMs this needs to be fixed asap
  8. After looking through the database and finding a handful of items that are not yet available: I still see a lack of options for non blacksmithed weapons. Primarily instruments/whips, katars, Fuumas, and bows (books aswell but there are several new elemental books so I’m not sure on this one). There does seem to be a two spears both one handed and two handed but both that I could find seem to be designated to blacksmithing with some of the new materials. My hope would be that more weapons would be farmable with 3 options outside of just those from fever maps or random MVP drops. A limiting factor could be the weapons designated for this would not be the highest ATK weapons of their class (for instance: 3 option Trident rather than lance, or 3 option Jur rather than Jamadhar, a 3 option crossbow rather than a hunters bow. The value in the item would be the 3 slots + 3 options which would allow the weapons to compete with well rolled blacksmithed weapons if players invest in the cards needed to buff them. As it is currently, there is not much need for weapon cards for a lot of classes outside of a handful of exceptions (sidewinder for Katar sin, Set cards for merchant/archer, %size cards, etc...). For the most part any class that uses a blacksmithed weapon is simply better off going with a VVVS weapon with decent rolls (upto 100% increased Atk with combined racial and elemental rolls + armour piercing + added flat atk/hit) or a VVS elemental weapon with rolls against the particular element the weapon is strong against. One key Benefit this would have is potentially increasing the value of largely discarded cards in the current system. I apologize for the wall of text
  9. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the intent is to eventually increase the max player level with Trans classes as that is the case (not 100% on this) for kRO zero. Which this change would inevitably be counter productive. It sucks right now, but once Trans comes out it should work out fine.
  10. I’m posting this from my phone so I apologize for any grammatical or spelling errors. My phone also makes it difficult to use the Suggestion Form so I apologize for that. I would like to put forth the idea to reverse the change that was made the other day that only allows Fever dropped items to roll with 3 options. As it is currently there are several weapon types that are highly limited to access to multiple options outside of blacksmithing which already offers the most Options obtainable. For example, previously you could farm a 3 slot Trident with 3 options off merman/strouf. This allowed for a cheaper alternative to what will eventually be sky rocketing prices of black smithed lances. The tridents, although not allowing access to the last two tiers of options allow for someone to actively farm their weapons rather then just having to grind Zeny on Myst cases or another consistent Zeny area. This is more so the case when when it comes to bows, fists, instruments/whips and one handed axes which simply do not have a Orcish item with multiple mods (Orcish bows might be able to drop wth more options although in the time I was killing orc archers I did not see over 1 option, same goes for Orcish axes). My suggestion would be to change it to the buffed creatures (elusive/solid/furious/etc...) in different regions have a decently high chance to drop 3 option weapons. This would allow for players to farm items with multiple options outside of fever maps and potentially reduce the amount of KSing and Loot goblining happening in those areas as has been a minor issue up til now, but will certainly become a larger issue as the population grows. As for the effect this would have on the economy: it would give a cheaper option to new players and to players who would rather not pay excessively high prices for a well rolled weapon from a blacksmith and instead farm those items themselves. The other option I could potentially see working is allowing items from non fever maps to roll 1-3 options rather then just 1 at a decent chance (30% for 2 options, 20% for 3 options) and reduce the drop chance on particularly weapons to 4.4% rather then the 6.6% it is at now. This would have basically the same effect while lowering the amount of item bloat entering the economy by 1/3 and still giving people a reason to farm for well rolled weapons. I may be in the minority here but what drew me to the server was the ability to farm up some insanely well rolled items if I put the time and effort in. Now it just seems like unless I make a blacksmith and farm steel all day I won’t be rolling anything good at all. edit: spelling edit2: apparently two option tridents are available and were previously bugged from Furious Mermen who were instead dropping two option tights. I still believe three option items should be available outside of MVPing but I am ok now with the current setup.
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