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  1. Stephcake


    For future reference, you can type "@whodrops buckler" ingame 🙂
  2. Yeah, I'm with Lukien there. If paying real money gives you an advantage, that's not something I want more of.
  3. Can you not buy that one in the Geffen blacksmith guild?
  4. Updated success rate since I'm 99 now, as well as an updated rank screenshot!
  5. Stephcake

    War of Emperium

    Generally the best time for WoE on any international server is middle of the day UTC on a Saturday - early morning for US/Brazil, middle of the day for EU, evening/night for Asia/Oceania. There's pretty much no better time to fit in most timezones. I've had the misfortune of being part of the decision-making team for WoE day/time both on an official and a pserver, and that was the conclusion for both. I don't envy you at all for having to make that decision because someone will always be unhappy no matter what you go with - but the above covers the widest range, that's just a fact 😛
  6. Stephcake

    Help our growth!

    Do you mind linking the thread so it's easy to find?
  7. Stephcake

    ninja job quest

    I agree it's a bit silly - if you ask on #global ingame or on Discord, I'm sure someone can give you some!
  8. Stephcake

    Christmas Boosts

    Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy the exp event! ❤️
  9. Should be in Lutie, I never remember where.
  10. I've also opened around 9 costume boxes and got no ticket 1, plus literally no one I know has ever seen one. So yes, please check.
  11. Stephcake

    About bg

    Pretty sure they're all still missing scripts and descriptions, except for one or two of the garments for some reason?
  12. If you're looking for monster locations, use the ingame navigation (the little flag in the menu). If you're looking for drops, use the @whodrops command.
  13. Why not just require a decently high lvl to claim the costume box at the end? (And maybe next time don't put it in the post if you're then gonna change it - people don't get annoyed about something they didn't know was a possibility)
  14. You guys do realise staff is gonna have a much easier time dealing with this if you stick to English? You can't really blame them for potentially getting things wrong if you keep using a language they don't speak.
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