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  1. Since we lack a pvp npc in town and @duel, I'm all for this change(and not just because I'm a rogue purist) smaller servers neeeeeeever have people in the inn pvp +1 homie
  2. YOOOOOOOO find me ingame! No way I could forget CHKNFOOT, gotta give credit where it's due 😎
  3. LOOKING FOR A NEW HOME, BUT DON'T SEEM TO FIT IN? Search no further! Hooker Squad is now recruiting! also i did the guild sprite from scratch based on this please say i did a good job The latest and greatest social guild, our main focus is on the MMO aspect of the game! ANY and EVERYone is welcome! Brownie points if you are: FRIENDLY rough around the edges a chatterbox a pvp-oriented player chill! aaaaaaand last but not least, A C T I V E! also rogues get first priority because i have a soft spot for them sorry not sorry xoxoxoxo Contact Dicey ingame, or ask in #Global for an invite! Happy hunting!
  4. grimtooth mobbing? trap mobbing? There are more than enough options to make a character viable and fully take advantage of arealoot. I don't mean this as a personal attack, but opinionated threads should really be made by more experienced people. autoloot completely takes away interaction when leveling/farming, and coupled with infinite flywing to dodge damage your only concern would be SP. hell maybe not even that with a regen roll and a couple blue syrups that's not even factoring in the absolute shitfest that is afk leveling with autoloot jesus christ. that's a 100% guaranteed way to kill your server, and I'm sure the majority of us have witnessed it firsthand. selfish suggestion, gotta say hard pass
  5. Dicey

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    IRL Nick Name: Dicey, always Dicey on everything Character Name: Dicey of course, I'm only ever gonna have 1 char Main Job: STALKER! Only played rogue class since it was released, SELF PROCLAIMED BEST STALKER IN THE WORLD AFK Town: adventurer's inn by quiver daddy Guild: HOOKER SQUAD NOW RECRUITING BEST SOCIAL GUILD ON THE SERVER Year Born: can we not ugh Gender: this isn't very 2019 of you (male) Personalities: hyper, obnoxious, protective, GREEDY Fruit that you Hate: fucking durian dude goddamn like why Animal that you Love: RACCOONS I am obsessed, I even have a pet raccoon his name is Gummy. Gonna tame one ingame too Favorite single player games: MvC3 get it cuz combos. Jokes aside, prolly Radiata Stories for PS2 Goal in Ragna0: be the richest person on the server, and be known as the person that anyone can go to for help What were you doing 1 hour ago: fucken knocked out schleep Other stuff you may add yourself here: I skate mongo on purpose Insert few selfies: (if you want) UGH GODDAMMIT IM NOT PHOTOGENIC AT ALL but here's a fake smile and some bedhead Insert your favorite meme: THIS BITCH RIGHT HERE LMAO
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