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  1. This is a filler reward for completing various challenges via the achievements tab; however, I've noticed that it's usable function is currently disabled. I did a little digging and found that it is normally patched into the Lighthalzen update that introduces the Bio Lab Entrance quest. While that is still a way off yet, would it be possible to enable its use for players who want to explore the maps and hunt for the treasure chests? ^_^
  2. Idea description: Tarot Reading Event: Objecting to allow each player over a span of 10 minutes (while the event is active), the option to pay for 5 drawing (10,000 Zeny) instead of first to 5. Disguise Event: Creating a multiple choice window that each player my use to select the appropriate monster and awarding participation for the round, instead of the first to spell in English. Search & Rescue: Spawning players next to the rescue NPC, awarding participation and or extermination of corrupted NPCs, making the spawned monsters health pools more reasonable, summoning players back to the captain at the end of the event. Poring Hunter: Awarding players spawned into poring island for participation of at least 1 coin as well as coins for hunting, allowing single target magic casts, showing the correct named creatures in a different font color. Why is it good? Server events by definition should allow for a certain level of community participation and cooperation. Players shouldn't be punished in the Tarot reading for not being able to spam "Buy card" faster than the other. Players shouldn't be required to correctly spell the monsters name in what might not be their native language. Players shouldn't be one shot by monsters whose health pools make them bosses in their own right and understand the goals of the event clearly. Players shouldn't be hindered by the font blur that happens during general movement and instead should be able to look for more clearly defined colors instead of names. How urgent is this rate 1-10: 6 Will it affect our economy? It will boost the accumulation of event coins by awarding server participation. Will it affect any of our core systems? At it's base idea these changes will make the events more popular and I do not feel that this is more than just a polishing of the core concept to allow for a more diverse culture. If we deny it, what might happen? These events will keep awarding only a select few players, players who have the advantages of faster mounts, better internet speeds, who macro correct names for monsters, who can spam the event text the moment the NPC spawns and who can spell fluently in English. If we accept it, who does it benefit the most? The players You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: I promise that these changes will make the system friendlier to the population in the long run. Other inputs: I ask only that in the creation of future events that you also take into consideration the participation of the server as a whole, it is a mixture of many different time zones and cultures. These events are away of bringing this community together and it should never feel like a waste of time for anyone who takes part in the event but isn't the "first" to accomplish any given task. That doesn't mean that their shouldn't be a bonus for that person but it shouldn't be at the cost of everyone else.
  3. Character Name: Mabruk Main Job: Lead of Preparation & Shift Supervisor AFK Town: Crescent City, CA AFK Town IG: Geffen Guild: None Currently but interested Year Born: 1986 Gender: Male Personalities: Easygoing, Honest, Polite, If someone is in trouble, I'm always willing to lend help. Fruit that you Hate: None Animal that you Love: A cat named Poe Favorite SINGLE player games: Stardew valley, Minecraft, Chrono Trigger, Ragnarok on Steam ^_^ Goal in Ragna0: To explore, make some friends and enjoy the server. What were you doing 1 hour ago: Writing Other stuff you may add yourself here: A writer by hobby A minimalist by lifestyle Considerate by friendship Indifferent by profession And a dork by design My Motto: "It always works out in the end" -
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