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  1. Glad to hear an answer finally. Guess all these new players were a nice motivator. Hope to hear good news soon enough
  2. Well, given the sudden spike in player influx into the server, I'll take advantage to post in this thread a couple of suggestions made in discord which were ACTUALLY DISCUSSED with staff members, however, since we are not sure if they really take note of them or they just go "k cool m8" I'll post them in this topic. Please feel free to add accordingly if I missed one or multiple suggestions made in the past. 1. "Relaunch" and Nuke/wiping. We all know whats going on and I wont rant/continue/support it whatsoever. You all know it wont solve anything. But once you decide on "relaunching" this should include an event where all accounts created (say after October 1st) get a bunch/daily boosters such as Battle manuals/bubblegums in order to catch up to day 1 players 2. Instance Bosses and Rewards. First and foremost, Fallen Orc Hero and Variant Maya being Neutral element. A friend and I were looking for a reliable zero database with no luck, but judging from these 2 videos its clearly the case that at least Variant Maya is indeed Earth element. For Fallen Orc Hero I couldnt find any reliable footage of endowed people. https://youtu.be/eMhAzF5A0JI (Start at 2:20) Here we can clearly see the LK having fire endow for the fight, hitting for 5k+ per pierce hit. https://youtu.be/_gYeZpOw1sQ (Start at 2:49) Izlude dungeon, where the current database lists the boss as water element and the same LK having now wind endow is dealing a similar amount of damage as in the maya video. Seems pretty obvious that fire element does affect damage on maya, hence, must be earth element. I can only assume the same goes for Fallen Orc Hero. Second, Azure Crystals. While the update and improvement on instance drops are now significant and worthy of doing, currently theres no reliable way to get past T3 Expedition gear (which requires azure crystals) since we dont have a steady source of those. Only with easy Maya dropping a whopping 3 (idk if updated) Azure Crystals per run. The suggestion was as shown. 3. Higher Chance on 3 option weapon drops from bosses. Pretty much self explanatory and already made a thread about it. Current rate is 15% chance of getting a 3 optioned one. An increase to a chance of at least 50% would be nice. 4. Blacksmith Ranking degradation. Again, self explanatory. I think I'm the only """active"""" blacksmith left on that list, that would motivate all these new players to start forging or at least compete to be rank 5 5. Amatsu/Louyang weapons. Basically, to take out SOME of the randomness in what weapons you get. Give an option for a guaranteed weapon of choice/offer a return of 1/2 the price of an unwanted weapon. This is because, lets be realistic, that kind of system works in an overpopulated server with a surplus of said items, not here where you must farm your own stuff. Farming 20k - 70k Hp monsters for 20 of a 5-9% drop chance item just to get an one handed sword that is heavily outclassed by a good forged one? I dont think anyone besides @Lukien would have the mindset to do so. Plus, like 95% of those weapons are outclassed in one way or another. 6. Elemental Converter increased duration. Its a kRO re balance feature, and you know it. Well, that would wind up the list of the ones I can recall seeing. Once again, lets be realistic, most of these zero systems are meant for absurdly large populations and/or P2W not for a 20 player average F2P server. These suggestions are mostly QoL changes for the greater good of the ones that keep playing and are starting/about to start doing so. Thats my 2c, but yet, if the mindset of "geez, 2 month old server with 4 pages of suggestions" is still on, I guess I just wasted several minutes opening this thread and wish you guys good luck. We just want some answers on these kind of topics.
  3. JPO

    Patch Notes 1.61

    Dude, that was fixed like 2 weeks ago
  4. Idea description: Increase the chance of getting 3 optioned gear from bosses. @Minato already tested and @Stroheim asserted that theres a 15% chance of getting a 3 option weapon. Say you want a Bloody axe with that sweet Fire element mod. 12% base drop rate + 15% of getting it with 3 options + ~3% of getting the option you wish for = 0.05% of getting a subpar weapon. Might as well farm for the card. Why is it good? Because the rolls on 3 optioned (yellow) gear are bad enough just to get a 2 optioned piece of gear 90% of the time. If the 2 optioned gear that drops 90% of the time was with normal mob weapon options at least it would be kinda worth it. How urgent is this rate 1-10: 1k Will it affect our economy? Theres no economy atm, but could make mvps kinda profitable by selling interesting weapon combinations, just like the first months. (lmao at the earth element light epsilon) Will it affect any of our core systems? No. If we deny it, what might happen? 10-20% of the server will be complaining (just me apparently) If we accept it, who does it benefit the most? Players who actively hunt mvps You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: Yes Other inputs: No. 2optionwtf.rrf
  5. Helps to add a TLDR section: 1. Endgame grind design is aimed towards a high population server and P2W options. Make endgame progression HARD, not IMPOSSIBLE 2. Reduce Expedition Gear / Headgear quests requirements. Drops are stingy and instances currently suck at giving these drops and would take a slightly above casual player months to get just 1 upgrade (Personally I'd even say 20 crystals per piece would be fine) 3. Give more uses to Mythril/Mythril ore 4. REVAMP INSTANCES PLEASE 5. Blacksmith blessings and +n Refine Certificates Have to say, I strongly agree to most of your points in here. HOWEVER, I feel this endgame design is the key component of what makes zero a different experience, and personally what got me into this server in the first place, second to optioned gear. What we need is not a revamp, but an adjustment to our current server size and no P2W mode. As I said in a suggestion I made about the clocktower headgers, the point is to make even possible for players to craft those items, make them a hard task/chore, not a freaking impossible one. The current mechanics of this server are aimed towards a population on the thousands as you said (idk how many k players are on kro on average). And recently was thinking on suggesting something about your 4th proposal, blacksmith blessings/+7 certificates. I was personally thinking making like a HARD AF weekly/5day cd PC-Limited quest, something like "bring me 1 mythril + x mvp item drops (think of orc hero medals, mask of tutanidfknow) + x amount of zeny". In that way people can actually get them and cant easily exploit it and overflow the market with +7 items
  6. JPO


    Dont plan on recording hours of gameplay to later pick segments of said recording and merging them in a single video, when proof of at least 2 instances is there. You can make the dick move/mistake of KSing once, doing it twice its pretty obvious its due to being an ass. Either way, the decision its not yours to make and if any GM from now on requires exclusively video proof of such griefing actions please let us know at the very least
  7. PLEASE BRING IT BACK. Think of the non-str classes, where you loot 100 mobs and you're already at 70%
  8. Reaching nearly 6k kills on dancing dragons I can kinda agree on the idea, but 1500 kill count is kinda low given that the regular card drop rate 1/3333. So I would agree on a 3k-3.5k Kill count. However it can be easily exploitable, how about parties sharing the kills? like 12 ppl getting a specific card after killing just 1500 mobs? If made available for the guy giving the killing blow, what about the non-killing builds/classes?
  9. JPO


    1 mob? he was auto blitzing the entire thing, plus recording is not really feasible as you must choose a filename first and such, if it could be done with a hotkey then yes. As you can see in the first ss there are at least 3 harpies he pulled. Plus, the reason Im reporting is not because I lost 5 mobs to the guy, is because he would keep doing it everytime he saw me
  10. I think he means in both difficulties, been doing easy mode and you get a max of 3 crystals, for hard its like 6
  11. JPO

    A toxic player

    Hope those wings doesnt give him/her any "donor shield"
  12. JPO


    So, this hunter has been constantly attacking my mob. Happened in another instance with a bigger mob but for obvious reasons (not dying mostly) couldnt get a SS. So I dont know what else to say, rather than disrupting or breaking my mob for god knows what purpose. If talking of a random alt, really hoping his main account gets punished in some way Thanks
  13. Forgot to mention, they are supposed to have 3 hp and should spawn only 1 11:29
  14. Did some testing, need to clarify that even if 1 egg survives with 1 health it will increase its stats, after absorbing 1 egg twice or thrice (remaining egg hp 25-50%) it was almost impossible to hit (~420 hit)
  15. Remember that Chronos is for trans mage. Stick to Gentleman's staff / soul staff, theyre kinda easier to farm
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