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  1. 2 servers now? Sounds like "Aesir" will be gone to oblivion, at least let us existing players transfer our accounts to the new server Or at the very least go more in depth in "Event patches". Does this mean there will be no more content for the current server? Just for the record I have an idea on how to keep actual players: 1. Account transfer (even if its delayed 2 months after the new server's opening to allow other people to "catch up") 2. 1 character transfer with a Full Inventory Item limit (100 different items)
  2. JPO

    Def and MDef Questions

    after you start refining youll notice how easy is to get ~700 hard DEF, so yeah, armor is kinda worthless as an option
  3. Theres gotta be an added benefit to creating a T1 armor. Rather than locking 2 job enchants to T1, why not remove 1st job essences from T1?, so you still got the option to not go all the way. But as you say, after a long, tedious process you get a +9 T1 armor, getting 1st job enchants for it feels like adding salt to an injury, not to mention the extra 200k you currently gotta drop to get your enchant. Finally, youre just removing 12 enchants from the total current pool of 62, so you gotta RNG 1/50 still for your desired enchant
  4. P L E A S E, but for sure, let Tier 1 armor get the class essence as its first one, just like Tier 3
  5. @Stroheim This is the issue I told you in discord. Apparently, the way the enchanter works is as follows: An armor can hold up to 3 enchantment slots. Slot #1 for Expedition IV and III, Slots #1 & 2 for Expedition II (i think) Slots #1, 2 & 3 Slots for Expedition I Seemingly, the class enchant is only Locked to Slot # 1 and the way the enchanter works is adding enchants going from slot 3 to slot 1. Which makes Expeditions I and II to be more expensive to reroll class enchants, since the npc must enchant from slot 3 to 1 making the enchanting costs 200k and 300k for Expedition II and I respectively. Made a little diagram to show more clearly the problem: If applied, this will make the enchanting/rerolling costs of armors across all tiers equal, since people will mostly be rerolling Job Essences Or just THIS, I do believe having to roll between a pool of 50 total enchants is bad enough to have to suffer in getting a 1st job enchant, or why not add this benefit to Tier 1 armors?
  6. JPO

    Table xp

    Exp Tables and death penalty were already adjusted from vanilla, cutting experience required by around 2/3 and death penalty to 5% from 10%
  7. 1st job essence exclusively for +8 armor id say is a good enough one, since exped 3 is so easy to obtain, at least it would be like a "budget" version in case youre looking for some extra atk or whatever but dont have the means to just mindlessly refine to +9
  8. Im opening a topic on this just as an archive/reference for a soon-to be update. This "suggestion" or realization happened on discord so might as well post it here too According to the official rates of enchantment on +9 expedition armors: As the 2nd image states, the chances of getting a first job enchant are 4 times higher than the second job one, due the significantly smaller enchant pool of 12 items. At the current rate and mythril market price (350k) this means a 650k investment per attempt for Tier 1 and 450k for Tier 3 to get a 1% chance of getting your desired class enchant. Worst case scenario for a Tier 1 armor you will need on average 65 MILLION to get your desired class enchant for JUST ONE PIECE OF ARMOR So, my suggestions to a more balanced-less-gacha thing is as follows: Note: Current enchant rates are as follows: 4.16% chance for any first job enchant vs 1% for any second job one. 1. Remove the 50-50 chance and even out every possible class enchant at 1/62 (1.62%). This basically makes a 80:20 chance of getting a second job enchant vs a 1st one. 2. Lower the 1st job enchantment chance to 5-10%, because honestly, 99.9% of people dont want a first job enchant. See this chance as a "fail" mechanism. With the rate lowered at 10% you end up with 0.8% chance of getting a first job one vs 1.8% of getting your desired second job enchant. 3. Completely remove the first job enchants from Tier 1 (and maybe Tier 2) armor. Additionally, Id like to suggest that if possible, move the class enchant to slot 3 (however that works) since for Tier 1 armor which can hold up to 3 enchants, it takes a 300k investment to get a class essence vs the 100k zeny required for Tier 3. In other words, you have to enchant 3 times the Tier 1 armor at 100k per attempt to get a class enchant versus the 100k investment of enchanting a T3 one. What I mean with this is: could it be possible that the first enchant you get for any armor be the class one (if+9)? Hope this suggestion gets through promptly, as this is quite a ragequitting level issue since more and more people now are getting their +9 armors
  9. You cant buff them that much, since they dont have a cooldown in comparison to syrups, if you happen to come across some kro videos, specially woe ones, you'll notice they barely use any syrups, at least for hp ones. Sp on the other hand, there are few classes that can burn sp faster than the blue syrup's 10s cd
  10. JPO

    State Of The Game I

    These would be the strongest agreements I have: In addition to this, it has to be noted the constant resistance to change/suggestions/criticism. From 90% of suggestions being denied or simply closed because it "Makes the game too easy" which is a frequent response to this kind of feedback. Most players suggest improvements to make it more feasible to achieve certain Zero gears/milestones without taking away the challenge/grind itself, just decreasing a notch the time investment/requirements. Im aware the admins and a healthy percentage of people here want an as close as possible experience of Zero, however, for the 100th time this has been said before: VANILLA ZERO IS MEANT FOR A P2W EXPERIENCE MEANT FOR AN AVERAGE POPULATION RANGING ON THE THOUSANDS. Like it or not, thats the reality, we're not expecting or demanding the game to be easier, we're helping it to adapt to a F2P format, since F2P vanilla with 100 players is plain impossible. Like it or not Lukien, all these seemed like a bitchslap on newer players' faces and suggested a STRONG AF BIAS towards veteran players, since these bans were made on the spot. I wont dig on this topic anymore since the post I made in the past got instantly closed and I honestly gave up for good on changing this stupid rule. Realize that these people WERE NOT TRYING TO BE DICKS TO YOU, THEY WERE JUST TRYING TO LEGITIMATELY COMPETE AGAINST MVP MONOPOLIZATION. Learn to recognize when people are dicks and when they're trying to reach the same goal as you. I strongly believe this was the starting point on the mass emigration. People left with a sour taste of unintentional favoritism. And just because of that, people start believing "the rumors" This. 3 minor hotfixes/patches a week is way better than 5-7 lackluster ones in 2 weeks. More presence from the staff in general, atm server feels as if it was almost completely abandoned by you. And for the love of god have an archive/notepad of pending fixes. Its not the first time some reports are promised "next patch" and overdue, having us waiting for another week and half for it to hit live. Yes, some of them may not be critical in nature, but are a big factor on how some people play the game, in addition to most of them being a simple sentence of script gone wrong.
  11. 2 patches gone by and it's still bugged.
  12. I'd say aim for ~20 gelstar / hour, in some way consumables such as the 10 point pots can pay off themselves, thats also an enriched an hour, which will equal to an additional 500k/h zeny for most players
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