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    Add um_fild01, um_fild03 and cmd_fild01 to the list
  2. Was thinking of the possibility of a Reroll NPC being added sort of: For a moderate amount of z (e.g. 200-700k depending on # of mods) you got the option to reroll the random mods on your weapon/armor, limited by the existing amount and ranges of said mods on the desired weapon/armor (say a 2 mod weapon cant get 3 random rolls). The risk besides the z spent, of course, a small (5~15%) chance of breaking the equipment. If considered this npc might also boost economy, giving the chance to starter/casual players(I know RO isnt a casual game, not to mention kRO) to sell their random drops in such a small player base market while also acting as a money sink.
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