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  1. No offense taken, it's just my opinion anyway and these things are pretty subjective and up for interpretation. I'll be fine with or without Card Captor, it's not really for me or other players who appreciate the grind. I'm all for putting in the required time and effort into a low rate server as long as there's a solid chance the server survives long enough for it to be worth it. It's the casual players I'm worried about as they're the ones who make up the majority of a population. Increasing the rates to 0.1 for cards probably isn't something significant enough to attract new players or keeps casuals active. Something unique like a Card Captor NPC may be more attractive. You could hunt a monster all day for a month and not get what you want even with a drop rate that's tripled. Bad luck is bad luck. The Card Captor gives a clear end in sight and could help casual players power through those stretches of bad luck. The key is finding the balance between things being too easy to obtain that players run out of things to do and things being too hard to obtain that players give up. You guys are right though, there are better things that would help retain existing players and attract new ones. Something that promotes party play would definitely be helpful. When you stop seeing LFM recruitments you should be worried about the longevity of the server!! Anyway, just my 2 cents!
  2. I agree that something in the 3k kill count range would be good for this server. Anything higher kind of defeats the purpose of it. It's tricky b/c 3K kills is a lot or a little depending on what monster you're hunting. BUT, generally, you wouldn't need to use Card Captor on something that's easy to solo mob so it wouldn't change the market much for those type of cards. Most players would use their Card Captor on a low spawn, single target type monster. Since you can only specify 1 monster at a time per account, it doesn't flood the server with cards as much as you might think.
  3. Idea description: Card Captor is an NPC that allows you to specify a monster and if you don't find a card after X amount of kills you can return to the NPC and he will give you one. There is no limit to how many times you can use the Card Captor but you can only specify one monster at a time. Only one character on your account can use the Card Captor at a time. Only the monster kills on the character you used the Card Captor with will count towards your kill count. You can check how many kills you have by returning to the Card Captor. This description is from another server that has the Card Captor NPC, the amount of zeny and kills required can be adjusted to whatever works for Ragna0, but preferably not so high that it defeats the purpose of this NPC. Card Captor Jump to: navigation, search The Card Captor is an NPC located in Izlude (86,148) which can help guarantee card drops. Using the Card Captor Using the card captor's service provides a sort of "insurance" that a monster you are hunting will drop their card after 1500 kills. To use the service, you must pay a fee of 25,000 zeny and specify a monster Name or ID. Card Captor Rules Boss/MVP monsters cannot be named. (However, minibosses can be) Card captor will only track your individual kills, and kills from your party members will not count. If you obtain the specified monster's card naturally before 1500 kills are reached, you will receive a chat message stating that Card Captor's service is no longer needed. This will reset the killcount of the chosen monster and you must return to the Card Captor to choose another. If you fail to obtain the card naturally and reach 1500 kills while the service is active, the card will be placed directly in your inventory. The Card Captor's fee will then be increased by 10x (250,000 zeny) for the next 5 days. Cancelling the service If you wish to change which monster the card captor is helping you with, you must visit him to cancel the current monster. Note that all kills tracked so far will be removed and your zeny fee will not be refunded. Cancelling does not incur any cooldown penalty and you can freely begin on another monster if desired. Why is it good? Certain monsters are really annoying to farm for cards and can feel like an endless grind that discourages players and also burns them out in the process. Nothing is more annoying than hunting a monster for days and only getting cards from other monsters on the map. This feature gives players the peace of mind that even if they need to kill a lot of the monster to get the card, at least they're guaranteed one if RNG doesn't go their way. This is especially helpful for new players who are behind in gear. It doesn't necessarily help players gear up faster since you need to have pretty bad luck to return to the Card Captor to receive your guaranteed card, but it does help with burning out since you know you're guaranteed one for your troubles. Also only being allowed to Card Captor one monster at a time helps prevent it from making the card grind too easy. Also allows new players to earn zeny by farming useful cards that the geared population doesn't want to grind for (Racial% Cards, Bapho Jr. Card, Creamy Card, Phen Card, Class Set Cards, etc.). There are very few of these cards being vended in the past couple weeks. Also, this NPC helps control the cost of these cards, because no one should pay more than 4m for any of the cards mentioned before but they are commonly put up to vend at that amount or higher due to scarcity. I think the highest cause of players burning out and quitting is the hardcore grind of Ragnarok Online. Though it's a grinders game at its core, most players aren't willing to commit the amount of time it takes to gear their characters up. Especially on this server, where grinding zeny on Harpy Map or Magma Dungeon 2 to purchase the gear you want is far easier than farming them yourself. What happens when everyone has zeny to buy what they want but nobody has anything to sell? I personally have been trying to purchase a Baphomet Jr Card for 2 weeks and had no luck (and it's not because I don't want to pay fair value for it, I haven't gotten ANY replies from any sellers during this time). I've spent a few hours a day hunting Bapho Jr's and have gotten Hunter Fly, Poporing, and Mantis cards but none of the card my guildmates and I were looking for. I know that's part of the game, but this feature was very well received in the last server I played and did not have a negative impact on the market at all. It actually helped control the cost of cards and helped people gear their characters in a reasonable timeframe. When new content was released, the general player base were better equipped to face the new challenges instead of only the elite few guilds being able to even have a chance to enjoy the higher difficulty content. How urgent is this rate 1-10: 7 Will it affect our economy? Yes, but positively. A more active market with more useful items available keeps players interested and keeps prices reasonable. More activity in the #trade channel also makes the server feel more alive. Will it affect any of our core systems? I don't know. If we deny it, what might happen? Players burn out, economy goes stagnant, people quit. If we accept it, who does it benefit the most? All players. In a low population server it's inevitable that markets go stagnant. When there is no buying and selling, people lose interest. You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: Yes
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    Character Name: eung (send the dye to Dream please) AFK Town: pront Guild: SideQuest Personalities: mixed Animal that you Love: dogs, sloths, platypuses, koalas, and capybaras. Goal in Ragna0: I wanna be the very best like no one ever was and to dye my clothes. What were you doing 1 hour ago: Working Insert few selfies: (if you want) Insert your favorite meme:
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