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  1. Er... I am a knight on one character and a acolyte on the other.
  2. Unfortunately, after talking to Sprakki, Lime tells me i am already a member, thus i cannot complete the quest. Returning to Sprakki does not give me anything. Edit: I am crazy and forgot to add that i have not received the eden group item/brooch/purple-thingy.
  3. Hurancan

    Server Status?

    its has launched, no worries about wipes FOR SURE
  4. I kind of agree with this, well, except for the last part. Thats why i think making it usable only once per X days would be a solution. Agreeing or not, it did answer my question. Thanks
  5. Even with this, seeing a 0.22% makes my soul freeze OMEGALUL
  6. I find your opinion rather interesting. I can only play on weekend and think this would help me alot. I would still not get full build anytime soon, but it feels like i would have some assurance of my little time. Why do you think it wouldnt benefic us with little time and only those with more time? Due to the time limit to complet the "quest"?
  7. Althought i too read this mind set in some comments, using this kind of argument wont help our sake. I even think its a best solution to stop playing for a while and, when they leave - causing us to be a majority - or when the server restart, we revote the matter.
  8. OH GOD, THIS IS EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED. I am so unlucky sometimes i rage at the game and myself. But i would like to make some additions: Different cards demand different kill count: 1.5k is ok for some, but some really used should go up as much as 7.5k. I think any RO player understands why. Some cards are very build specific and thus have a very low price/use. Diferent cards should require different amount of zenny too. The reason is simple, and is the same as above. The ammount should start at 200k, in my opinion. Casual players deserve (a bit) of love too, they are necessary to make the server populated. For this, i suggest making it a higher space of time. Maybe give players from 2 to 4 weeks, which would vary by the same mean as different kill count for each card. In the same branch, i belive it would be better to make this usable only once or twice per week, i know this may not be interesting for hardcore players at first, but if people drop too much cards, it will reduce what they are worth in the market and when you happen to have a full build, you will understand the disavantage when trying to sell. It wouldnt be hard to make similar monster, which drop the same card, pull each other ID in order to count them all to the kill count. There is also a few points i have think of, but am not really sure: Make the quest acc wide, so this makes that kill counts with diferent characters will add up and even then you cant make it many times with the same account. Maybe cards adquired this way could be untradable. If you drop a card in the process, it would be normal. Unfortunately, this would make the game more solo, thus, i think in the end its bad for the community.
  9. Did Kro really change the exp table after rebirth launch? Thats weird. Nevertheless, i think i agree (tho i didnt decide yet)
  10. Cant tell if its a item bug, but it doesn seem to me as the item i was trying to get should weight only 50 and so did it when i droped and "reget" it.
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