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  1. On my monk, when killing a group of monsters, If I spam click on the next monster during the animation of my last attack, my monk will just stand there after killing the first. Requiring a re-click of the target. If I wait until the last attack's animation is finished, I can attack the next monster right away. Seems related to your second scenario.
  2. Just removing the counter would be better.
  3. +1 to this suggestion It adds more order to the vending map, which is what the Governor of Alberta wants.
  4. It appears the maps that are disabled are also disabled on the worldmap that we have access to ingame. Use Ctrl + ` to open it. There is also a search feature on the worldmap you can access by clicking the arrow near the search bar. It will open the "Navigation" window, which you can use to search for monsters. Voted no since we have this already basically.
  5. -1 to this suggestion, Hades will add them when he plans to. Its not like there are people with full accounts of 99s waiting to trans right now
  6. RMS says High swordsman/ Lord Knight/ Paladin
  7. I'm glad the governor is reasonable 🙂
  8. That still enables the "kill and loot without moving" as a hunter if you're only looking for 1 specific item, which is a fairly common practice.
  9. Why do we need to be forced into lanes? 1. They arent big enough 2. There arent enough Why not just let us vend anywhere in Alberta? You can't vend right next to an NPC as it is anyway.
  10. Initially I too was bummed about not having autoloot, but after playing for a bit, Area loot is good enough.
  11. That is absurd, and does not stop the issue of too many being dropped. Which is the point of this poll. Voted yes for .01% drop rate
  12. I think before deciding to "Stick to official" as much as possible, Hades should take into consideration that lots of people play on pServers BECAUSE its not official. Official servers are too barebones in most cases in terms of QoL and customizations, and players move to pServers because they want more options while playing. If people are already quitting over such insignificant things like costume hats not being in the game, why not add them? It would do nothing to harm the server, nor advance anyone further. On the topic of knights, sure they are really strong right now because of how Brandish works, but when have knights ever NOT been strong? Its just exaggerated because there are no other classes that can even compare because it's pre-trans. Losing 10% on death seems foolish to be honest. That could be hours of playing if you're slow, and seems to be extraordinarily harsh on people who d/c in the middle of doing something.
  13. I completed the monk test, but it did not turn me into a monk...... After I answered the final set of questions, the jerk did not turn me into a monk, I got the Knuckle Duster for being job50, but remained an acolyte This is really annoying and I don't really want to continue after this nonsense -.-
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