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  1. https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3453-kro-mass-skills-balance-1st-2nd-and-transcendent-classes-skills/&do=findComment&comment=5331 Here's some more evidence, from the same thread. Also: if there is still any doubt about the description, check other classes' pages on roz's website and compare the wording when the skill ignores enemy's FLEE explicitly with this one.
  2. As I've been pointing out for months, backstab's "ignore FLEE" attribute seems to be a questionable and most likely erroneous one. And this is something huge, considering a couple weeks back 60%+ of the MVPers were BS rogues, now with WOE coming it's time to give some attention to this matter. Consider the following: http://roz.gnjoy.com/news/update/View.asp?BBSMode=10016&seq=53 This is the page for kRO:zero information about Rogues. In this passage it says it increases hit chance based on the skill's level: 스킬 시전 시, 스킬 레벨에 따라 일정량 명중률에 보정을 받는다. => When you cast a skill, depending on the skill level, you will receive a certain amount of accuracy. Now, there is also Divine Pride's kRO patch translation, from which most -if not all- skills are already implemented and working exactly like that (in ragna0): https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3453-kro-mass-skills-balance-1st-2nd-and-transcendent-classes-skills/ 9.2 Back Stab - Changes skill mechanism, moves to target's back immediately and deals damage. Can't be used while under Hiding state. ✔️ - If user equips dagger, increases hit to twice. ✔️ - Increases skill accuracy depends on skill level. ❌ - Adds 0.5 seconds cooldown. ✔️ Ragna0's description: Attacks a target from behind, dealing up to 700% damage that does not miss. Looks like there is some inconsistencies here.
  3. I'm unsure about who's the guild leader, but its name doesn't require further explanation.
  4. The 60s buff for +20% damage on Throw Arrow/Musical Strike on the Bard & Dancer's Essence II Lv2 isn't working properly, while the other attributes work just fine. I'm getting +50 extra ATK, from the first line (+5 ATK for each level of Dancing/Musical Lessons learned), passive +20% damage on Throw Arrow/Musical Strike, possibly 4% long range physical damage (hard to measure due to the default damage variance) but not the last one, that's supposed to be an extra +20% damage on Throw Arrow/Musical Strike for 60 seconds after casting [Encore]. As it reads: The issue probably lies on the fact, upon casting Encore, you'll actually use your previous Dance/Song for a few SP back. There is not much evidence I can come up with since there is no visual indicator for this buff, but here's the (lack of) difference on the damage output: Damage with no [Encore]: Damage after casting [Encore]:
  5. It's not like in a party you'd be able to ignore the effects of LP, pneuma or aspersio (to overwrite endows)... You're not supposed to bring an extra person just to counter OTHER PEOPLE instead of just countering the MVP.
  6. You guys (more than any other 0nian) knew that using LP to disable other people from dealing damage is considered griefing - you've already been warned about this. From dsan's POV it's possible to see you've spent some time discussing whether I'm a GC or HC crusader even before Drake spawned. And the reaction of some of you after Porquinha casted LP made it even clearer that everyone there knew it was griefing. You knew I was gonna record, thus the "hello youtube" chats and the fact dsan, as a joke, said he would "advertise his stream on youtube" (sic) by the end of it. There is no way you can bend this and make anyone believe that LP was there for Drake's idle teleport. If you expect them to lift your ban, at least show some respect and be honest about it, act like a grown up and admit your mistake - trying to fool the staff doesn't help a bit. Here's my understanding of the situation: Porquinha wanted to play the clown in front of his friends, did something wrong for a bit of goofs and laughs (which is the most common thing about human behavior: being a nuisance when in group); Topless got caught in the cross-fire for being involved in the previous dramas regarding griefing; Dsan had his streamer's privilege revoked due to bad behavior - something he agreed on when joining the streamer program, so it was 100% fair. You can't be a toxic person and represent the 0nian community at same time, even if toxicity isn't an offense worth of a ban. Just from the clip (if you speak portuguese), you can tell there are other people more guilty of influencing Porquinha than Topless, people that trashtalked before and after. If those went unpunished, you should too. My advice is: drop the bullshit. Accept Porquinha had total idea of what he was gonna do and what the consequences were. Dsan, as a community representative shouldn't have remained on his side in this situation nor made fun of it; and the rest of the party should've talked sense into Porquinha not to do that (really, what a dumb idea). You underestimated Hades' judgement, played it risky and got the consequences. Trying to divert the discussion or justify the use of LP in that occasion looks like an obvious attempt to get away with a rule violation. I don't believe the GM staff is that naive, there is no argument capable of saving everybody in this one. Não é como se você pudesse estar jogando ao invés de escrevendo, amirite? Brincadeira. Você parece se importar com o joguinho e não acho que seu comportamento in-game reflete o que você disse 1 paragrafo acima, mas acho que é compreensível - em grupo de amigos é normal ficar 10x mais bobo/idiota e acabar não percebendo o incômodo que está sendo pra quem está fora das brincadeiras.
  7. As you can see in those clips, this surely decreased the chance of missclicking, even when the minions stood on the same cell.
  8. The title & video are self-explanatory. This guy has been using an edited version of MVPs' models to make them be drawn larger in his client, making it easier to target them amidst summons and other foes. There are several other occurrences in that stream VOD in which other bosses are affected by this cheat.
  9. nanaboo

    MVP Griefing

    Hm, I think the table have turned
  10. Nuff said, Drake has no AOE for LP to be effective other than to disable other players. Also attached a replay file for a third POV. LP.rrf
  11. Eww. Not even worth the effort then.
  12. *procede quotando* Vejo que você tem QI de 2 dígitos, então vou explicar: o que o Hades disse foi pra mudar o rank da guild que diz "foda-se" e não o nome dela. Brainlet.
  13. Thanks, Sherlock. Agora suma daqui, macaco.
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