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  1. Not a good idea. Doing: 1) Use 1 shotting skill 2) Flywing to negate all incoming damage 3) Autoloot deposits items into your inventory Is very overpowered. And in fact.. we also have an infinite flywing available making this all the more broken.
  2. Ragna0 database says Swordsman / Knight / Crusader can use it.
  3. With Jewel Shield equipped, crusaders are not able to use any shield skills that require a shield equipped. Shield Boomerang, Auto Guard... etc
  4. In the ragna0 database, it says Mage / Wizard / Sage can use it.
  5. Due to how there is an EXP penalty when you kill monsters far from your level, players who wish to optimally level are forced to kill specific monsters. Of course, this is a kRO Zero mechanic which some people like and others don't like. The problem though is that kRO Zero has a level cap of 120, while Ragna0 has a level cap of 99. This means that monsters that are Lv. 100+ like many of the monsters in Glast Heim, Magma2 and Niffleheim are not viable options to kill for EXP due to the huge reduction of EXP gained. Some monsters, like Loli Ruri (Lv. 109), Raydrics (Lv. 115), and Wanderers (Lv. 120), Tengu (Lv. 120) are so high level that even at Lv. 98, the player is still getting a EXP penalty when killing these monsters. Also note that these monsters don't even give a lot of EXP. In their written respective order, their base EXP is as follows: 4352, 3503, 5286 ,11044 Meanwhile, Harpys (Lv. 83) which are a lot easier to kill than the before mentioned monsters, gives Base EXP: 5385 (plz don't nerf Haryps lul) My suggestion is to reduce most, if not all monsters that have a level of 100+ to 90'ish. These areas are difficult. Impractical in most cases to solo. Let us group together to do these areas without having our EXP penalized.
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