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  1. iLEE

    Good times.

    Absolutely one a kind server. Lets make this last a very long time fellow 0nians!
  2. iLEE

    Self Introduction

    IRL Nick Name: Lee Character Name: iLEE Main Job: Flex (Taking my time and building a few characters) AFK Town: Geffen Year Born: 1990 Gender: Male Personalities: EX Chav, Present family man (2 kids) Animal that you Love: All Favorite single player games: Final Fantasy series Goal in Ragna0: Have fun, take my time and make it last longer than usual. What were you doing 1 hour ago: Waking up. Meet my wife
  3. I am in favour of this proposal providing it is reasonable 🙂
  4. iLEE

    Vote Points

    It would be whise to introduce the system within a reasonable time scale since its a way of marketing the server.
  5. So Ive noticed since I started playing that there is a strange delay from clicking a mob to attack, and actually hitting the mob at all unless reclicking the mob. This is also noticable when killing one mob and immediately clicking the next. There appears to be a delay of some form. To put into simple terms: Example 1 Clicks mob to ATK Runs to the mob No ATK Reclick mob to ATK Character ATK's Example 2 Clicks mob to ATK Kills mob Quickly click on other mob to ATK No ATK Reclick mob to ATK Character ATK's This is the same if I Hold to kill mobs or Click to kill. Its been suggested on Discord that it may be client related. I have ran over 15 ping checks throughout the week and I have 0 packet loss and a consistent 80-90 ping. The ping is not a factor of this issue since ive never encountered it on any pserver in the past.
  6. You guys should really join the Discord if you haven't already.
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