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  1. Maedren

    Self Introduction

    IRL Nick Name: Àngel Character Name: Maedren Main Job: Hunter AFK Town: Morroc Guild: none yet Gender: male Fruit that you Hate: none Animal that you Love: birds Favorite single player games: path of exile, diablo 2, grim dawn and RO. Goal in Ragna0: have fun. What were you doing 1 hour ago: asking for HUNTER FLY CARD FIX
  2. Maedren

    Smokie Egg

    Smokie is supposed to give you "+1 Agi" when he's Cordial and "+2" when he's "loyal". But only gives +1 on loyal and nothing when is cordial. and, the sprite is bugged too.
  3. Please add a buff icon with timer for elemental converters. is a kind of anoying not to know.
  4. Maedren

    Swift Sohee

    Swift Sohee is not spawning. i made this post here because there is not "mob report" or something, and the others sub forums ask me for ss and stuff.
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