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  1. Maedren

    War of Emperium

    The most striking thing about WoE (besides pvp) are the rewards. before officially launching WoE it would be nice to completely fix BG. I want to believe that the rewards (pvp gear) are going to be the same. On the one hand, you can play BG, earn coins and buy and improve your pvp equipment. On the other hand, you can play woe, farm the guild dungeon and get coins to buy / upgrade your pvp equipment. On some servers (mostly in fact), simply by attending WoEmakes you deserving of some reward. It also helps to encourage attendance. People love hats. If they reward assistance with some type of currency or a box where they can get tickets or something, I think it would be a good thing. but, first fix the bugs (and BG). and unban my main discord account.
  2. Maedren

    Patch 2 Preview

    be careful with ctm hats. reduce the cost AND boss summon requirement, can be too much.
  3. @Tiburcio @Cladeus i never said pet evo is useless. wtf. if you like the true experience, go play the korean server. On the other hand, i never said that things have to be easy, it is obvious that the endgame gear has to be difficult to get. but right now it is almost impossible for several reasons that have already been commented enough. and also, the things I propose are not things that have to be followed to the letter, they are SUGGESTIONS. So, Mr. true experience, less complaining more suggestions please. pd: safe refine certificates are instances rewards in the original game btw. and blessings can be crafted with zeny and mythrils. is not a "easy" way for a private server, are true experience.
  4. as @Hades said before: core mechanics are skills & gear. everything else can be customized. I hope he keep thinking the in the same way.
  5. If this server avoid making changes to maintain a "true experience", then say goodbye to him. You cannot work on player retention if there are no players to retain. At most, you can try to attract more new players and then try to retain them. In addition, that "true experience" of which you talk, is designed for a server with thousands of players and with P2W mechanics, not for a private server like this.
  6. Someone said once that in kro:z, champions mob drop mythril. Maybe something similar can be implemented. for example a very low drop that increases a little depending on the monster level . thus it would cease to be restricted to instances and fever fields. obviously you have to make this material more useful. As Minato says, adding this kind of material to champion monsters would be great (not just mythril).
  7. on Discord we were discussing the possibility of making a promotional and introductory video for people who do not know what the heck Ragnarok Zero is. So, as a community we have to try to do a job together. For that we will need different talents. -We need gameplay recordings of each class and different builds (unedited). -We need someone who can edit a video. -We need a narrator. -And we need a good script. If you want to go a little further, we could make a version of the video in Spanish, to target on a new audience. but for that we need the server to have support in that language. that means, at least one other member in the staff. or not, we have discord. Anyway, I think the video should clarify that Ragnarok Zero is practically a new game. That is not renewal or pre. It has many changes. Then talk a little about the new content and class balance. If I forget something or have ideas let it know. If you can help with something much better.
  8. Obviously they are not suggestions that should be followed to the letter. But it is a point to start from. and in general those are the most important points. there are many others that must be treated. but I feel lazy to write right now so I probably do it tomorrow.
  9. I know admins don't wanna talk about server pop and endgame grind. But, sice a month (or more), this is the everyday topic. and how to blame us? These are the most important parts of the game (and the server), they simply cannot be ignored. and I know that I tend to be a bit aggressive with my comments, but I have come to the conclusion that it is the only way to be heard, otherwise they only tell us "we are working on it" but that work never comes, or it does a truly disappointing way. anyway, that's is not today's topic. is endgame grind (and a lil server pop). First of all, instances rewards sucks. you will ask why. Well, the goal of making instances day by day is to gather enough materials to craft expedition gear. which is the endgame equipment. With the current rewards, it takes you about a month to upgrade a piece of equipment from tier 4 to tier 3. unless you have an army of characters and do instances multiple times a day, which would reduce the time to two weeks, one week? and on the other hand, in the "hard mode" the ideal is to form a party and complete the instances to obtain more and better rewards. but that is only in theory, because obviously, in most cases the rewards will be divided among all the members. unless they are a guild and everything goes to a character that ultimately would be practically the same. and the rewards al very low. And yes, I know. It is the endgame equipment, the most powerful. It is not supposed to be easy to obtain. but it is here that the population of the server has an impact.There is no market, there are less than 50 people playing. and you have to take in count double logins. nobody is going to sell materials, and if they do, they will do it at ridiculous prices and the market will become a museum. I know that they try to make the server as faithful as possible to the original. But that won't work here. We don't have thousands of players. And the original game is designed to be p2w. We are a private server, we have the possibility of improving where the original game fails and bring changes without so much bureaucracy. don't be a pussy. So the first proposal is obviously to reduce the costs of endgame items. This includes expedition gear and some hats, really, nobody is going to kill 100 erzsebets, extra jokers to get a drop of 3% and 100 of other bosses. I've killed about 10 and I'm fed up. make calculations, use the brain and calculate how long it would take an average player to obtain such equipment. The second proposal is to make mythril the currency of the server. Currently it already has some uses such as blacksmith craft, pet evo, enchantment reset (this is expensive af). go further. make mythril downgradeable. the possibility of using mythril ores instead zeny for a reset. mythril ores+oridecon/eluniums for enriched/hd ores instead zeny. things like this, would make mythril a much more useful material for both early game and endgame. In addition to that it would be more desired and reactivate a little the economy of the server. because right now it's something like "oh look, another mythril. useless rock" and you throw it at kafra. The third proposal is to do something (if possible) with the instances. Besides that the rewards obviously have to be increased, I have had several crash instances. The game disconnects me and there is no way back. In situations like this you simply miss a full day of endgame grind. and the fourth proposal is something that scares them. add certificates and blacksmith blessings for god sake! As I said before, right now it is practically impossible to access endgame equipment, much less refine it and even worse enchant it. Imagine how many months it will cost you to have all your tier 1 equipment and to be broken at +5 using enriched ores. "Oh shit, I need another three months to try again" "Oh shit, it broke again" the blessings are expensive, in the original game they cost two million zeny and two mythril and can only be used in equipment +7 or higher. but believe me that it is better than farm another three months. In addition, some instances (to which we still do not have access) drop certificates that ensure a piece of equipment reaches a certain refine rate. obviously it's only in hard mode. and obviously it can be adapted to the server in some way. Hades went on to say that it's like cheating, but I don't see another way to have real access to endgame equipment. or at least a way that is not grind for months and beg all the gods when you manage to have your base piece of equipment, unrefined, without enchanting ... And finally, this is likely to be reflected in a better economy, attract new and old players and Ragnarok returns to being that competitive game that is supposed to be. and excuse any misspelling. As you can see, it is not my native language. PD:mvp griefing rule sucks, I hope you do something about it.
  10. It is now never. The server will never be ready enough. There are a lot of updates ahead and therefore a lot of bugs to fix.
  11. Maedren

    MvP Griefing

    GMs do not think deeply, they only add things that the community asks in the hope of keeping them happy. now just need to come, close the topic and voila, all silenced, matter resolved.
  12. Maedren

    MvP Griefing

    lol this is shit. server is dying and add more restrictions? good luck with that.
  13. Maedren

    MVP Griefing

    someone had already asked in discord if that could be done (use sw / pneuma to prevent another player from hitting the mvp) and Stroheim said "yes." because MvP are free for all. by the way, in the last ss, that priest is my friend, and he started using safety wall in the mvp because YOUR PRIEST used pneuma to prevent me (with my hunter) from hitting him. the day before we were killing the desert phreeoni again and another party arrived and they tried to kill us by throwing us mob. and we don't come crying to the forum. If you do not want that to happen, bring a sage and use land protector. my friend and I, we will not cry.
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