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  1. Bump! Still taking in folks for some well-coordinated guildplay. We are usually active during NA/Canada timezones, but everyone is surely welcomed! What we have been up to lately.... Endgame leveling parties (normally fever hodes, niff1, and magma 2 WITH KIMS) Gears and cards hunting (sometimes as a party) MVP runs, both normal and fever Loot farming ...and other less frequent activities (new char party, brewing sesh, instances, etc)
  2. Jerry

    Ragna0 endgame?

    Going to add insight to what Blain said. Assuming you have full-time work or are a full-time student, it will take you couple months to acquire the gears if you want to be WoE-ready, not to mention making money here off common loots can be a challenge. I think people hang out in guilds to accelerate their progress, whether in leveling or gear progression. I heard BG gets released here FIRST before WoE. So that is something to be stay tuned for.
  3. RO Buddies is a guild that was started on iRO Chaos by a group of irl friends back in the early 2000s. We played many low rate private servers over the years and made many great memories. We are bringing RO Buddies back for Ragna0. We are an international guild focused on leveling and MVP runs and we pride ourselves on coordinated team play and having fun. If you would like to join us we have a couple of requirements: Be an active player Understand English fluently (speaking is not required, listening is fine) Use Discord regularly Here is our discord link: https://discord.gg/Z27AcMz You can also message myself in Discord (Jerry#0423) for inquiries and invitation. We'll see you there!~
  4. Jerry

    Self Introduction

    IRL Nick Name: Jerry Character Name: Kris Main Job: Priest AFK Town: Prontera (West Kafra) Guild: RO Buddies Year Born: 1993 Gender: M Personalities: Introverted af Fruit that you Hate: Durian Animal that you Love: all cute lil doggos Favorite single player games: Pokemon Goal in Ragna0: numbah 1 farmer What were you doing 1 hour ago: trapping residentsleepers Other stuff you may add yourself here: i look 15, pls dont jailbait me Insert few selfies:
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