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    Well... Ragnarok Transcendance I think.
  2. Does Resolved means fixed or scheduled to be fixed?
  3. In this video you can clearly see the ninja equiping the Moonlight dagger to fill up her SP when hitting a monster with Blaze Shield, the same doesn't work in here, also the original item description says nothing about needing to physically attack, just HIT monsters. Option A: It is a bug on official ragnarok zero that they didn't botter to fix. Option B: It's the intended behavior and the translation fucked up for the item on the emulator. I'll go with option B, that kind of stuff happened in the past more than once.
  4. My stats with all the set items equiped and a total of +12 refinement level: Without the cape: It should do as the description says: High grade Kingdom Boots, High grade Kingdom Suits Set BonusAll Stats + 2, MaxHP + 400, MaxSP + 40When refinement is 12 or more, ATK + 30, MATK + 30. its giving something like +1 all stats and such
  5. Currently the item Huuma Calm Mind [2] 13304 drops from Kapha (1406) without 'Random Options' as it's always has. It shouldn't. It should have Random Options and drop from Karakasa 1400 and Swift Karakasa 2789 as far as I know. While I was unable to find any official sources to support that I found a video that shows the item with said Random Options (Level 61-99) and another that shows Karakasa droping a Huuma Shuriken, as I said, no official sources, but by elimination process, there's no other option besides Karakasa. Level 61-99 Options: 대형 적에게 물리 데미지 25% 증가 (ATK against Large Mob %) 인간형 몬스터에게 물리 데미지 18% 증가 (ATK against Demihuman Mob %) Image taken from this video: Karakasa shown droping a Huuma Shuriken in this video:
  6. Made another one in Item reports, could you please delete this one? couldn't find a way (don't use forums that much) The correct topic:
  7. I totally agree with it. The idea of the server is follow ragnarok zero, and without kZero gear is just a glorified old times re:startISH. I'm not trying to put the server down, and I know that they will implement it in time. I hope.
  8. Why should they buff crit not following official kro? You can't just add customization to make the class you like better.
  9. MVP yes, mini-boss no. Also, the most powerful cards are rebalanced already.
  10. Ingame Name : Heijin Jin Roh Reached level 95/70 Comment : Tried to include everything in just one screenshot, might have more, but that's all I care for now, cards in the storage and equiped (soul enchanted shoes and teleport clip)
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