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  1. Looks good. The current tables are from way back.
  2. Changed Status to Closed
  3. From the testings and looks to it, this is more of a "latency" or cell lag issue? o,o
  4. I have 0 skills in video editing... any one who can create? I could pay in $
  5. Hades

    Streamer's Stream

    Implemented @streamer command for Streamers to be able to claim the stream egg scrolls when they want during each week!
  6. Alright. It seems most are supporting and have confidence in our server, very happy for that. I will push our 2nd marketing budget, after we have the continue quest chain of "Academy to Paradise group and Kingdom Class Guild quests." I think this is critical for new players that arrives to our server, it's a very good quest chain to help the new players like our server, very unique zero content for low level players.
  7. Hades

    You are missed.

    Miss You is gone, no longer misses you! 😄
  8. Hi, will check on this one. It should be phyical damage +20% and magical damage +20%, and these 2 bonus should not appearing in the status window.
  9. Without buff: With buff: Thank you for the report, will correct this.
  10. Hi, thanks for the report. Will correct this issue.
  11. Changed Status to Resolved
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