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  1. Hades

    Patch Notes 1.94

    @Ladraozinho You can use different characters from the same account to farm. You can get 500 in few days if you use other characters! This event is charterer based 🙂
  2. Hades

    Kill Steel

    Changed Status to Resolved
  3. Changed Status to Resolved
  4. Changed Status to Closed
  5. Hi. We are aware of this. But, it's not possible with our engine, so we decided to skip this. It's a lot of work to make this happen, perhaps in future when we have less to do, but I doubt it 😛 I will close this report.
  6. This will be corrected in the coming patch 1.93
  7. Changed Status to Resolved
  8. Changed Status to Resolved
  9. Hades

    Charity #2

    Hi, 0nians. Our little destiny to save the world continues, and this time we arrived in Brazil! It wasn't hard for me to find a good charity to help, because google exists 😄 The amount of donation isn't that great, well mostly because, our budget is not super high right now and we still plan to host our server AT LEAST 10 + years. Thanks to all donors to the server. The past months, we have received many donations and plus minus income outcome, we are a bit behind in the total vault. Worry not, I decided to spend a bit of my own pocket to make sure our path of well being for the world continues!!!! I have selected a little help for needed children by GlobalGiving, let's hope this project will kick off soon and the help is delivered! Let's hope that in future, Ragna0 becomes a well known and well loved server by many more! Then we will be able to help even more! 😄
  10. Hades

    Patch Notes 1.92

    Features War of Emperium - beta Our WoE is finally here, after several polls and comments by community, we decided to add 2 schedules with 1 castle each for a start. Wednesday 02:00 to 03:00 Castle: Repherion Saturday 14:00 to 15:00 Castle: Swanhild The beta will be held for a month +, after beta we will make needed adjustments and Treasure + God Item quest adjustments. Attendance Calendar 2020 5x Battle Manual 5x White Potion Box Boarding Halter Box 3x World Mobility Ticket 5x Angelic Egg Scroll 5x White Potion Box 3x Life Insurance 1x Oridecon Box 1x Elunium Box 10x Angelic Egg Scroll 5x Thick Battle Manual 2x Bag of Zelstar 5x Yggdrasil Seed 1x Infinite Flywing Box 15x Angelic Egg Scroll 5x White Potion Box 2x Neuralizer 2x Convex Mirror 10x HE Battle Manual 20x Angelic Egg Scroll Classic Mini Boss spawn The classic Mini Bosses such as Angeling, Toad etc will now have natural spawn with the same respawn time for 30 minutes. Item Updates Improved Zelstar drop rates by ~ 2x the previous. Bag of Zelstar drops 3~5 zelstars. Added Zelstar to buying store list. Updated Angelic Egg Scroll content Pet Updates High Orc evolution needed Orc General Token reduced from 50 to 5. Battleground Updates Added BG start / end announcements. Misc Bug Fixes Combo Finish + Asura Strike can be activated even with 1+ spirit sphere. Disabled all unreleased Cards and corrected small minor issue with OCA. Corrected Def+15 enchant for not giving DEF. Corrected minor issue with Rogue's Essence II lv1 Corrected minor issue with Crusader's Essence II lv2 Removed 7 day death penalty protection item. Restored Union Buff Icons. Corrected Devotion + reflection issue. Corrected issue with Two Hand Quicken, Spear Quicken and Adrenaline Rush, was not giving full aspd bonus. Patch Files Item description update other lua files.
  11. Fixed this, confirmed that officially the reflect should work on both skill and normal attacks.
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