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  1. I second this! We should be more generous for Newbies for them to feel more progressive especially on the first days. Or else they run!
  2. Changed Status to Resolved
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  4. Hi, this is normal.
  5. Hades

    Patch Notes 1.94

    @Ladraozinho You can use different characters from the same account to farm. You can get 500 in few days if you use other characters! This event is charterer based 🙂
  6. Hades

    Kill Steel

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  9. Hi. We are aware of this. But, it's not possible with our engine, so we decided to skip this. It's a lot of work to make this happen, perhaps in future when we have less to do, but I doubt it 😛 I will close this report.
  10. This will be corrected in the coming patch 1.93
  11. Changed Status to Resolved
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