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  1. Hades

    vending website

    @JPO a new website is under construction 😛
  2. Why do we need to block an area? Simply gave him a 1 day ban, hoping that he will understand.
  3. Changed Status to Resolved
  4. Hi fellow 0nians. With more players joining our sweet little server, it's inevitable that a few annoying ones will come along... Just to clarify of what ever anyone is spreading rumors about our way to handle reports... Ragna0 will guarantee rule enforcement and give everyone a stable, progressive and friendly server. We do not care where any 0nians are from, what language you speak, if you are a boy or a girl, tall or short, black or white, WE ONLY CARE if you follow our community guidelines or not. Feel free to report anyone who tries to act funny and want to destroy our organized server. Please enjoy the game, and be nice to each other. It's really hard in 2019 to create a good RO community with a good mechanism. If you like Ragna0, and want to protect it, then help me, let's spread positive to the online games, and kick out all dark shit 😉 Excuse my last word 😛 Amatsu patch was recently released, and more content is in progress! 😄 Thank you once again for choosing Ragna0 and trust in us to develope a really good server for you to enjoy your afternoon with! Regards!
  5. After 3 days, it's auto unbanned. No need to write an appeal. After 3 days, it's auto forgiven.
  6. Disagree. Our rule is very clear. You are welcome to kill it, but don't disturb others to kill it as well. I also don't see why the big group of people would disturb a SOLO player.
  7. This deserves a permanent lock of the account.
  8. @JPO the link you posted is a late update. We will add it to Ragna0 is 2020 February.
  9. Hades

    MVP Griefing

    Changed Status to Resolved
  10. Hades

    MVP Griefing

    1. dsan's streamer title is removed. This type of stream and miss leading community to think that it's ok to act "funny" is not welcome. 2. 2 of them banned for 1 day 3. Topless banned for 3 days
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