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  1. Hades

    Deser Leather Robe

    Changed Status to Resolved
  2. Hades

    Deser Leather Robe

    Hi. Thank you for the report. It will be fixed in the coming patch, the desert leather armor was not working correctly as well.
  3. Hades

    Pet bonus bugged

    Hi. Currently, it seems it only effective it the pet turns Loyal once. Will look into this.
  4. Hi, when you logon the game, does it say you have the Packs? What is your character name?
  5. Hmmm, they could get points even made by the new Refine UI? or Refiner NPC? 😮 O,o
  6. Hades

    Shadow Leap

    Hi, have you tried maybe in Pyramids walls? I don't think that texture in Lutie is made as "wall".
  7. Hi. The delay between you "click on the mob, walks to it and actually attack", depends on your ASPD value. The higher, the quicker it will attack when reaching to the monster you clicked on.
  8. I think not only the card, but also the equipment and the drop rate in general for all Champion monsters. you need to hunt 100 to summon 1. I will discuss and release a proposal plan of how much boost they should receive. We will not follow iRO.... that's kinda OP... 5% with 3x is 15% ....
  9. Hades

    Cant log in

    Hi. This issue will be fixed after our coming 1.4 patch.
  10. Hi, when you launch the patcher, try to use a VPN with a different IP to patch. It's important that you have the game fully patched.
  11. Hi, server were offline for maintenance.
  12. Hades

    Vote Points

    Hi. We don't have voting features introduced yet. Will do it in future.
  13. Hi, it's outside the Adventurer's Inn, in Prontera.
  14. Hades

    Patch Notes 1.35

    Feature Updates After several protests in regards of not enough Vending spots in Alberta, the Chief of Alberta is now introducing the Market zone! The vendors can open on any spot within this Market zone. Please read the Vending Notice sign. The ingame /w commands will no longer include the Auto Vendors as online count. This means, it will take awhile for us to reach a new online peak 😄 Magic Beads enchanting list is now up to date with kRO:z. Jawaii is here! You can now travel to Jawaii from Izlude, only couples can enter. Champion kill count has been added, it will now display the kill count before each champion monster will be spawned. New basic PvP Arena added, the entrance can be found in Prontera, Payon, Izlude and Alberta. Misc Bug Fixes Corrected few minor issues within the new novice quest in regards of wrong navigation information. Corrected the exit from the Pet tame quest in academy to the correct map. Fixed the Kunai maker not working properly inside the A.Inn. Fixed Morroc and Lutie missing town mapflag, causing opening mail issues. Corrected the issue with champion sohee not spawning. Corrected issue with minor SnR event warping back to prontera issue. Corrected issue with Maiden in Prontera not spawning correctly. Fixed Poring Hunter event's incorrect fake mob name. Fixed the Card remover did not drain zeny when failing. Corrected the Hunter Job quest requirement, where it wanted unreleased Desert Wolf Claw. NPC Updates The prices for forging materials at Christopher is updated. Furry Chef inside A.Inn no longer sell cooking equipment, you have to enter the Prontera castle for buying them. The Nightmare Pyramid warper NPC has left Midgard... Monster Updates Updated the Fever Morroc Field monster skills. Updated the Fever Payon Field monster HP and skills. Updated the Fever Geffen Field monster HP, Skills, monster amount and MvP spawning. Updated monster spawn on many dungeon and fields to match kRO:Z and our navigation info. Mini Boss spawn feature added based of kRO:z Phendark, Rybio and Zealotus now spawns normally. Updated Glast Heim monsters HP. Skill Updates Corrected issue with Acid Terror having 3x damage. Corrected the Guild Storage Permission skill not adding extra storage slots, asap. Corrected Sage's Endow skills duration to match the skill description. Removed the fail chance for endow skills. Corrected Impositio buff bonus not showing in Status window. Throw Kunai now requires dex, no longer 100% hit. Instance Updates Fixed Izlude instance not spawning Thorns. Updated Prontera Culvert instance, more rewarding and the instance boss now gives good EXP. Item Updates Updated Battle Manuals given daily from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Corrected Encyclopedia and Divine Cross wrong MATK bonus. Corrected Hunter Fly Card not giving bonus. Added missing card slot for Khalitzburg Knight Armor. Rename tickets can now be put into storage. Old Money Pockets from Achievement now gives 1k to 5k zeny. Fixed Royal Knight Greatsword for being 1 handed, should be 2 handed. Corrected a bug with Fever Sandman not dropping desert boots.
  15. Hades

    Swift Sohee

    Changed Status to Resolved
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