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    I just became ranker (Florencia rank 10) and started testing the heal amount of potions vs syrups when I noticed something strange. The following are the numbers I got. Normal White Potion: 1312 hp healed Ranked White Potion:1365 hp healed Ranked Condensed White Potion: 1572 hp healed Now pots have a 20% hp heal difference (Base heal +/- 10%) between the lowest value and the highest value. This means ALL of these numbers come from the exact same calculation and have the same heal range. Meaning there is no bonus for being ranked. Steph (ranked 2nd) helped me confirm this with the following numbers she obtained Normal White Pot: 1190 Ranked White Pot: 1396 Normal Slim White: 1292 Ranked Slim White: 1323 Again all within the 20% heal range normally present in potions. This also shows there is no bonus going on.
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