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    Hello r0nians, I can say that looking at the state of the beta, we're now at 40-60% completion. In terms of completion and tests done and still being done. We are still aiming for a June 2020 release (any point on june, 1st to 30th). So please don't ask us when yet since even we, the staff don't know exactly. 🤣 As we dive in below, here is the state of beta as we arrive at its 3rd week: OFFICIAL CONTENT Transcendent Classes/Rebirth Quest/Skills: - All are looking good and are now at Zero effects. We assure that all skills have 99% accuracy (looking at you spiral pierce, pressure and sonic blow! 🙄), why 99% and not 100%? since there was a lot of guesswork and mathematics involved in how to translate the source (skill descriptions, just plain 'ol words) and videos into a working code. Example: "Damage compensation depends on target's size is increased.""Changes damage formula. New damage formula : (150 + (50 x skill level))%Atk.""Deals additional damage depends on user's base level." How do you translate this into code? Specially the first line and third. It didn't say specifically, how it is affecting the formula itself, and the final damage output. Won't it make damage on Large monsters more "more" or less "less"? it just said compensation, but from the word usage of compensation, maybe it's to improve, but how much? Missing values are the real challenge since it'd make the damage inaccurate. From the third line, it definitely increases the damage as the user's base level comes up, but, again, by how much? (I blame gravity for this 🤣) Wrapping up the skills section, I can say that all are on their Zero-mechanics and 99% accurate. Note: Oh, and you can use the skill descriptions now in game as source since all are now updated. Malangdo: (Wiki page will be added) - Consists of the town itself, 2 new dungeons, a mini boss and one MVP monster, and a few items. For an example... Hugel/Odin/Abyss: (Wiki page will be added) - Hugel will come first before the 2 new transcendent content dungeons/instance but this will come at beta to ensure availability of content for Transcendent Classes on release. Einbroch: - This will come outside of beta so stay tuned! (maybe 1 month to 2 months after release? will need to confirm) CUSTOM RAGNA0 CONTENT DWM Quests: - This part of Lif is looking good and will just keep doing better. This will undergo some changes on the list of tasks come Day 1 of release. Though it still has some unintended bugs, they're minor and we are still improving it as a base for future additions. Idea is still to support daily tasks done by a player and will stay that way until the end of times. Daily Gacha: - Free useful items. 'Nuff said. See my updated post below to check the items! (Now located at prontera 165 300) Hard Mode Instances (existing, not including the future ones): - I've said on my previous post ("Updated Lif") that all instances are gonna have a new hard mode with new mobs and skill usages. I've come to say officially that only Poring Hard Mode instance will be implemented with these unique mob mechanics due to a system limitation, you see, MOB IDs are not infinite, and implementing new monsters include using IDs that are unused for now, so the more we have these "new-skill-using-monsters", the more we use IDs that can be used for future official content. However, this is just for now, since an improvement within the instance scripts can be made where it won't use official mob ids, but into the future since it'll require some restructuring of the current one and the resource and time should be made available to other content first. - Due to the issue above, for now, multipliers will be used for the mobs and boss to make it more interesting and harder for transcendent update. (Please see the previous post "Updated Lif" for a complete rundown for multipliers) - And yes, we see that "Easy" and "Normal" both has similar chest rewards in the future, we are contemplating if the chest on normal mode will follow the mechanic of chest rewards of Hard but with the items of Normal mode. Stay tuned! - Overall, balance of hard mode is 99% accurate for transcendent. Will just undergo some minor tweaks for good measure. (Special thanks to the group of @Topless for testing the instances in the early days of the beta and to all unnamed individuals/group who's checking out our instances until now!) - State of Jello Fragments is better than Aesir's state. Refining: - Blacksmith Blessing will not likely make the official launch and will be replaced byHD Oridecon HD Elunium the MVP drop table of Great King Poring. Edit: Still having internal discussions. (5/18/20) - The one on DWM reward will likely be replaced by enriched ores. State of Zelstar: - Farming for zelstar at normal rates is untested yet and will likely result to culture shock for all players, so I advise not to get used to "Zelstar Farming" as the main source for everything, will give feedback on this on "State of Beta II". Basically, we'll be reverting to normal rates on our last 3-5 days of beta. Cash Shop: - We will still be continuing our no "P2W" mechanic (NO CASH SHOP ORES LIKE SOME OTHER 'SERVER' THAT I SAW FOR THE PAST MONTH!), but we recognize the fact that some of you would want exclusive cool/cute costume headgears that can be bought via cash for uniqueness and bragging rights, so we'll be introducing "Costume Sets" on our cash shop in the future. A collection of specially handpicked costumes (Top/Mid/Lower) for a fair price. Will also be expanding the individual cash shop costume headgears that can be bought individually. Hourly Events: - We are still looking into additions. Stay tuned. - Current PVP hourly event looks good. (Will look into the info about the rewards) Note: I still hate that airship event, but it is working so.... Union System: - Structure is ready for future content addition. (Shop/Quests) Account-bound achievement System: - This will still come and a WIP. Stay tuned! Battlegrounds Zero: (THIS NEEDS TO BE TESTED, SO PLEASE TEST!) - Since this content is not available on official Zero, we'd need to test this more, please test this out! War of Emperium Zero: - WoE Zero will be tested in the coming days, will be available hourly for testing purposes, still finalizing. - Castle Treasure drops are finalized however, will be updating this post as more information is available. Stay tuned! - Advanced War Items are now implemented. See https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/War_of_Emperium for complete information. Example of an Advanced War Weapon: Advanced War Jamadhar [1] Note: Castle Treasure Chest drops are gonna be... unique and satisfying, so better call your War-minded friends to destroy all opposition. 😉 MVP-option-dropped-item buff: - Still coming and still a WIP. NPC location movement: - Some NPCs are moved to mimic kRO:Zero. List will be made available soon. Expedition Gear Essence QoL: - Still coming and still a WIP. (For those who don't know, we plan to exclude the level 1 essences and only include the level 2 into the pool of the first slot to ensure that T1 > T4 in terms of quality.) Costume Availability: - Forgotten Box revamped. (Drops Costume Ticket Box at 1%) - Daily Gacha (can get Costume Ticket Box at 10% daily, but there are a lot of other items so technically not 10% but...) - Good 'ol Event Coin Lottery (probably gonna take a second look at the dismal rates...) - Union Shop (easy to get basic costume headgears) Surprise Mechanics that WILL help EVERYONE: (Stay tuned for more information!) - Clue: Ducks? - Clue: Blessings? (Not BSB) Marketing: V4P is still pending. Website is still under construction. We have started paid advertising on facebook. FB: https://web.facebook.com/Ragna0-123596305706871/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChsNMs221xzZ7AdJD45ci3Q (Please subscribe as we need 100 subs to have our own custom URL, thanks!) Discord Icon will always change depending on what content/event we have. First iteration, 1 out of many to come: First ever teaser: Disclaimer: Does not represent Zero Odin Temple instance but the valkyries of Odin as a whole. Post will be updated once more is available. On behalf of the staff, @Hades @Stroheim and @Holly, we thank you for your continued support, the best is yet to come!
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    Artos' no BS guide to Rogues This guide's purpose is to help new players to either Ragnarok or to Ragnarok Zero mechanics that wants to play as a Rogue I'll try to be as straight forward as possible so I'll cover only the basics about progressing your character, this is not a training guide. Step 1 : You've just become a thief --Stat build progression-- To keep things simple, I suggest you to follow this "build", ((Agi = Dex + 10)) untill you reach 90 Agi and 90 Dex. Just keep them 10 points apart then add 1 point to each one of them at a time. Begginig -> >> >> etc... You can use yourNovice Main Gauche [3] untill lv 25, which is when you're getting your first Bow Step 2: lv 25 onwards and your first Bow --Go to Payon cave level 2 and kill Soldier Skeletons-- -> -> -> Kill these guys : Untill you get this boi Crossbow [3] with a good option(+ATK or +Flee) or just get any crossbow and continue leveling Step 3: lv 45 onward and your Gakkung grind --Go to Payon cave lv 4 and kill Sohees-- Get some Arrow of Wind if possible and start hunting these cuties for a good Gakkung Bow [2]. You'll be using this weapon for leveling and possibly even hunting MvPs if you find a REALLY good one. Try getting the highest stat for either one of the following options --Options to look for-- All of these options will serve a purpose for your Rogue in the world of Ragna0. For example, if you're able to easily one-shot the mobs you're farming, you might consider using a high +MaxSP bow instead of a +ATK one, there's also options that can be used to clear instance Bosses. After Attack Delay can be taken when you need to grind a specific monster that can't be mobbed properly, etc. ps: Don't forget to do the Poring Village Instance before lv 60. The next step assumes you're already a rogue and have lv5 Raid skill. Step 4: lv 60 onward and using Raid properly You're now a rogue! Congrats! Now you have access to your mobbing skill: Raid . I'm going to talk about how to properly use it in order for you to not rage quit out of your Rogue and make a Knight instead! Raid in Ragna0 has a range of 7x7 around the caster(You!), which means you don't have a whole lot of space to work with. Basically, you'll want to start using Raid as the monsters are coming to you, if you take too long you might get hit and then die horribly. Besides that, I have an amazing tip for you, which is the command @lgp and @square. These commands are built into the game and will allow you to keep track of Raid's range very easily. In order to achieve the following look, type in chat these commands: @lgp : Activates LGP mode @square 3 : Creates a square 3 spaces away from your character, making a 7x7 box which is exactly Raid's range @circle : To deactivate the circle around you that is in LGP by default. The blue square indicates the maximum range of your Raid . Example: Now that you're a master at using Raid, we can move on to the next step! Step 5: lv 60 onward and your Desert Gear --Go to Morroc fever field-- -> -> -> Get yourself some Fire Arrow and procceed to kill every monster in this map. Specifically, you want to target these guys (Desert Frilldoras, they're earth type in this server as well so don't worry about bringing anything other than your Fire Arrows). They drop the loot you'll need to progress your character further, which is Desert Leather Suit [1]. The Desert Leather Shoes [1] are dropped by every mob and are the items that look like Shoes [1] on the ground when unidentified. --Options to look for-- Basically MaxHP, MaxSP, DEF and Resistance% are valuable. For strictly grinding on a "not hard" area, a double MaxSP line is the best option for boots and armor. Flee/Hit can be options for when you're looking to MvP hunt with your Rogue, but this guide will not cover that. %Resistances to look for are: Undead, Demon, Shadow, Neutral, Demihuman atleast 5%. Example: Step 6: lv 75 onward --Sleeper and Harpy farming-- You're pretty much a pro now! Congrats! The next gear I suggest you to farm is anHarpy Card and Sleeper Hat [1]. You can find these mobs at the fields near the city of Yuno. They're both great ways to make some easy money and get valuable loot. At this point your rogue should be set for success! Hope you liked the guide and let me know if I got anything wrong. Good Luck and I hope you enjoy your time with this amazing class!
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    First of all, I want to clarify that this is not a guide on "how to level up your character" (although we will see a little of that). It is a series of tips and facts that, based on my experience, will help you improve or have a clearer idea of what to expect or how to improve a blitz beat build. and second, excuse any misspelling. as some know my english is not quite good. But I know that you will find goodness in your heart to forgive me. Changelog: 05/24: -added Sniper thoughts and build. -removed smokie egg (doesn't exist in Lif) Pros & Cons -Easy and lazy playstyle. -Ignored Def. -Easy and cheap get starter. -No SP problems. -Can solo most of the content (no MvP oc). -Damage is always neutral. -Eat arrows like a wh... -single target skill (most of the time). -bless/agi dependant. -stats dependant Stats The most important stat for a blitz beat build is agility. Agi is both your defensive and offensive status as it provides you with: -damage -attack speed -flee In a blitz beat build you want to stack as much agility as possible. And on the other hand, luck Luk only increases the frequency with which your falcon will attack. more luk equals higher probability. You also have some extra benefits like: -attk -resistance to some ailments - critical strike chance Don't underestimate the damage of your basic attacks (especially at low level). Believe me, with the speed at which you attack, even if it doesn't seem like much it makes a difference. And what about the Dex? you may wonder. Well I can only say that dexterity is a waste in this build since the damage it adds to blitz beat is ridiculously low. The attack speed bonus is practically non-existent and with your other buffs the "hit" is not a problem (until you face the high endgame but we will see that later). Leveling up Even though Dex isn't a good stat for a blitzer, don't even think about trying to level up with base dex 1 or you're going to cry blood. the best option would be to raise at least 30-50 base dex (in case you don't want to spend on reset). Remember that your blitz beat will start hitting 5 times until you are job lvl 41 or higher. So you can skip Luk until being a hunter. Plan very well the areas where you will hunt for exp, especially if it is your first character. This is closely linked to the equipment you want to obtain later. some recommendations would be: (lvl 30+) payon dun lvl 2: here you can find your first decent bow, a Crossbow [3] from soldier skeletons and an Apple of Archer from skeleton archers. kill black mushrooms whenever you can, they can give you Alcohol and Detrimindexta. there is a champion in the area. save your Bag of Zelstar. (LVL 30+) -Poison spore: go geffen> mjolner dead pit> 1 map down. is just a low lvl area to lvl up, but, you can get optioned Shoes from the champion and Karvodailnirolfrom regular mob. save your Zelstar. (lvl 50+) -Greatest general: save all your Trunk and craft a Sakkat , here you can level up to become a hunter. you can get Hunter Bow. you probably want one with damage as you level up and one with attack speed when you switch to blitz beat. Keep in mind that with Hunter Bow you will need weapon elemental converters. Save all your Zelstar, please don't spend them on hats, it's a trap! (lvl 80+) -Goat: If you are aiming for a Wanderer Sakkat [1], this is a great place. In addition to the exp being good, there is a very good mob density. and drop most of the items you need for Black Dyestuffs. there is a champion in the area. (lvl 80+) -Clocks: you will need many Elunium, this is a good place if in addition to that you need more Trunk. there is a champion in the area. (lvl 80+) -Glast Heim Churchyard: A Bathory Card makes this place easier. Dark priests give lots of exp and Skull. kill the wraith too, you will need the Fabric. there is a champion in the area. Gearing/building the character i will skip all the archer stuff, and focus on the moment you start playing as a blitzer. remember, you have to be job lvl 41 for your skill to hit 5 times. In your stats you want: Luk : 45-60 (total). Dex: 30-50 (base). Agi: as much as posible. You can use optioned agi equipment, but you want to aim for somethink like this: Crossbow [3] (18%+ after attack delay) ( Hunter Fly Card ) Desert Leather Suit [1] (flee +15) (+7) (Venatu Card) Desert Leather Shoes [1] (flee +15) (Male Thief Bug Card) Muffler [1] (agi+4) (Bapho Jr. Card) Falcon Claw Falcon Feather Cat Hand Glove [1] (Creamy Card) Ghost Bandana or Sakkat or Wild Rose Hat [1] (many options here) Binoculars or Tengu Mask Green Petite Egg or Wanderer Egg Extra recomendations: -Don't push too hard to get this items. remember, is your basic gear. -you can lvl up to 99 with this set with no problems. and will be an amazing help after rebirth. Your desired stats as hunter are: -full Agi -90 bae luk -rest dex From this point, you can slowly upgrade your gear. here some options: Thunder Bow [1] this is the best in slot bow you can have so far. You want it +9 and is your main priority. as random options you want attack speed. theres two options, +1 flat attack speed or 5 ~ 10 after attack delay. what's better? well, most of the time are the same thing, BUT, if you are stacking a lot of after attack delay, after attack delay +10% should be better. Your garment can be Ancient Cape [1] (agi +4)Expedition Manteau [1] with agi/flee enchants. Loli Ruri's Shoes [1] (flee +15) (+9) or Expedition Greaves [1] if you are using expedition set. agi/flee enchant should be awesome. Expedition Armor [1] with blitz beat enchant is the very best option. you can use Expedition Mail [1] foe extra after attack delay. Wanderer Sakkat [1] is the best in slot. other option is Chung's Bao Bao [1]. you can put a Nightmare Card orDeviruchi Card to avoid blind. Red Union Ring [1] this is the best left acc you can get and you want in +7. dont forget Kukre Card. Card Options What's the best card for my weapon? well, that depends. Blitz Beat is not a new build, and, as you may know, there's many popular cards like: Familiar Card or Magnolia Cardor my favorite:Hunter Fly Card. Familiar is amazing to improve your defensive mechanics. a blinded enemy will never hit you. Magnolia is quite good early on combined with Bongun Card. And Hunter fly is pure sustain. you can stay hunting longer, you dont need potions anymore (with proper flee). Bapho Jr. Card is amazing, but, if you have a +9 garment, Nine Tail Card is better. Far Beyond the build back in the day, Wanderer Sakkat [1] didnt exist. enriched ores as well and make an expedition armor, and get the desired enchant was just imposible. so, i being very excited with all the "new" stuff that can improve the build, as trans class and new buffs as well. So, whats new? -You can have more base Luk, that means more proc chance. -Your max aspd is 191 now. -More base agi means more damage and flee. -A higher max lvl means more flee. Let's take a look to the buffs: Magic Bottle Speed Potion Power Drink Challenge Drink Finest Course And is ok, you may not built around this buffs, but you can easily fill your build. up to flee +50, luk +20, agi +10, after attack delay 10%, aspd +1... thats a lot of juice. remember i said something about hit/crit chance? well, when you reach the high endgame (magma3 for now), you 1 base dex is not enough, you ned hit... or crit. you have tons of Luk, and some gear pieces gives you crit chance, so, al lvl 90, having the basic gear plus a thunder bow, you will have arround 50 crit chance. With this new buffs a lil more, but. there's another buff you can add: Abrasive Tool Crit builds are easy now. 3 zelstar each 30 mins? pretty affordable if you follow my advice and you went away from the hats. Content So, what kind of content can this build do? Here is a video of my hunter on aesir server runing magma 3 . is not max lvl and have a basic gear with some upgrades. im using some zelstar buffs. At lvl 90+ having the basic gear you can easly solo: -dark priest -turtle dungeon -niffelheim -raydrics -anollians Remember, is a farming build. About the damage How much damage can this build do? With the basic gear and full agi: 1.8k ish With Thunder Bow [1]: 2 - 2.2k With armor enchant: 3.5 -4k With all the good stuff: 4.5 - 5k (maybe ) (im currently lvling/gearing a char on beta, will update this with a video) Sniper As Sniper, things are a little different. Dex is much more relevant then before and we have acces to new gear and playstyle. Here a video testing an hybrid blitzer/sharpshooting build. same stats, different gear. the gear i'm using is: Blitzer Thunder Bow [1] (aspd+1) + Injustice Card Expedition Armor [1] (blitz enchant )+ Venatu Card Loli Ruri's Shoes [1] (flee +15) + Matyr Card Muffler [1] (agi +4) + Bapho Jr. Card Wanderer Sakkat [1] + Nightmare Card Falcon Claw Falcon Feather Vesper Gear 03 [1] + Kukre Card Injustice card as sniper is much more relevant then hunter. we have more dex, that meas more base damage and also helps to reach max attack speed with less investment. We still can focus on agi/luk build, but, the damage increase is not that great and buff our hits is more efficient. SS Lava Leather Suit [1] Lava Leather Shoes [1] + Firelock Soldier Card Lava Leather Muffler [1] + Orc Baby Card White Serpent Ring [1] + Zhu Po Long Card Hunter Bow (24% crit damage) Tengu Mask Frozen Rose Sleeper Hat [1] The damage output is ok. Of course this are not the best items, many can be easily replaced (in both builds). But the versatility is amazing. Also made a test with some bows. please dont waste your money in a +9Yin Yang Bow [2] + The Paper Card x2. is probably one of the most expensive weapons in the game. You have easy acces to any element, but a +7 Hunter Bow (24% crit damage) deals similar/more damage and is super affordable. You can see the comparison Here.
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    Nice guide @Maedren! Not the best equipments for end game on my ScreenShot, but just to show how powerfull the Blitz Build is, with buff potions + buff priest. Using Injustice Card on the Thunder Bow. Could be using +10 status foods, the full Expedition I with AGI options, the Red Union Ring... With the right equipment it is relatively easy to get ASPD 191. One option is to put 100 DEX 100 LUK and 90 AGI, so just by changing the equipment you are able to use the Sharp Shooting build.
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    Olá r0nians, posso dizer que olhando para o estado do beta, nós estamos em torno de 40~60% de progresso. Nós ainda estamos almejando por um lançamento em Junho 2020(30 de junho ainda é junho). Então, por favor não insistam, pq nem mesmo nós da Staff temos exatidão de data de lançamento ainda! 🤣 CONTEÚDOs OFICIAL Transcendent Classes/Rebirth Quest/Skills: - Todos estão parecendo muito bem, e estão agora com os efeitos do Zero. nós afirmamos que todas as skills estão 99% precisas(olhando pra vocês spiral pierce, pressure e sonic blow! 🙄 ), porque 99% e não 100%? Como houve muita matemática e muita aproximação envolvida. em como traduzir a fonte(descrições de skill) e videoos, em um código que funcionaesse. Exemplo: "Compensação de dano dependendo do tamanho do alvo foi aumentada." "Muda a fórmula de dano. Nova Fórmula: (150+(50x skill level))%Atk." "Causa dano adicional dependendo do level base do usuário." Como se traduz isso em código? Especialmente a primeira e terceira linhas? Não foi dito específicamente como afetaria a fórmula antiga, e como afetaria o dano final. Não existia uma base a ser seguida, talvez fosse para aumentar, mas aumentar quanto? Esses valores "perdidos" foram o desafio real, pois faziam o dano ser incorreto. Da terceira linha, defintivamente refletiu um aumento de acordo com o level base, mas de novo, aumenta em quanto? (eu culpo a gravity por isso 🤣) Finalizando a sessão de skills, podemos dizer que todas estão com suas mecânicas de acordo com o zero e 99% precisas. Nota: Ah, e você pode usar as descrições de skill ingame como fonte visto que todas estão atualizadas! Malangdo: (Página da wiki será adicionada) - Consiste na cidade, 1 dungeon com dois andares, um mini boss e um novo MVP, e alguns itens. Por exemplo... Hugel/Odin/Abyss: (Página da wiki será adicionada) - Hugel virá antes dos dois conteúdos transcendentes mas isso virá no beta ainda, para garantir que haja conteúdo transclasse no lançamento. Einbroch: - Virá depois do beta, talvez 1 ou 2 meses depois do lançamento, então fiquem ligados! CONTEÚDO CUSTOM DO RAGNA0 DWM Quests: - Essa parte do Lif está bem legal, e vai continuar melhorando. Vão haver algumas mudanças na lista de tarefas até o dia 1 do lançamento. Mesmo que ainda existam alguns bugs, eles são menores e nós estamos efetuando melhorias nisso para uma base pra adições futuras. A idéia é ajudar tarefas diárias do jogador e continuar assim até o final dos tempos. GACHA DIÁRIO: - itens usáveis grátis. Auto explicativo! Veja as imagens abaixo para checar os itens! (agora localizado em prontera 165 300) Hard Mode Instances (existentes, não inclusas as futuras): - Eu disse no meu post passado sobre o update do Lif, que todas instâncias teriam um novo hard mode com novos monstros e usos de skills novas. Eu venho oficialmente dizer que a instâncias dos porings será a única implementada neste modelo devido a limitações de sistema. MOB ID's são finitos e temos uma quantia limitada de ID's que podemos usar em novos monstros, a cada novo monstro e id que usamos é um id a menos que temos sobrando para implementar novo conteúdo oficial do jogo para vocês. entretanto isso é por enquanto temos meios para melhorar isso num futuro, porém temos outras prioridades e não podemos alocar recursos nisso - Devido a isso, por enquanto, as instâncias no modo hard utilizarão modificadores nos monstros e chefes para torna-las mais interessantes - E sim, nós sabemos que as recompensas do modo fácil e normal tem recompensas semelhantes, nós estamos estudando se o báu do modo normal vai seguir a mecânica do báu do modo difícil! - De modo geral, o modo difícil está 99% preciso para o poder das classes transcendentais, apenas passarão por mudanças menores. (Agradecimento especial ao grupo do @Topless por testar extensivamente as instâncias nos primeiros dias de beta, e a todos os outros que vem checando as instâncias durante o beta) - Estado das jello fragments está muito melhor que no Aesir. REFINO: - Blacksmith Blessing TALVEZ, não seja lançada de fato. caso não seja, será substituído porHD Oridecon HD Elunium no drop do Great King Poring. - A presente nas quests diárias será substituida por minérios enriquecidos. ZELSTAR: - Farmar por zelstars em rates normais não foi testado ainda e muito provavelmente será um choque de cultura para todos, então eu recomendo que não se habituem muito ao "Zelstar Farming" como a fonte principal de tudo, um novo feedback sobre isso será definido no futuro. Basicamente, nós devemos reverter ao estado original das rates nos últimos 3-5 dias de beta. CASH SHOP: - Nós mantémos nossa política de não promover mecânicas P2W (SEM ORES NO CASH SHOP COMO EU VI EM ALGUNS SERVIDORES NOS ÚLTIMOS MESES!), mas reconhecemos que alguns de vocês querem fantasias legais/bonitinhas que podem ser compradas com cash pra diferenciar e se manter fashion, então nós vamos introduzir "Costume Sets" no nosso cash shop no futuro. uma coleção de headgears(top/mid/lower) por um preço justo. Também vamos expandir a lista de visuais que podem ser compradas individualmente. Hourly Events: - Continuamos buscando por novas adições, fiquem ligados! - Evento de PvP de hora em hora parece bom!(vamos procurar informações sobre recompensas) Note: eu ainda odeio aquele evento do airship, mas ele funciona então... UNION SYSTEM: - Estrutura pronta pra adição futura. (Shop/Quests) SISTEMA DE CONQUISTAS LIGADO A CONTA: - Ainda vai ser adicionado e é um trabalho em progresso! Battlegrounds Zero: (ISSO PRECISA DE TESTES, ENTÃO POR FAVOR, TESTEM) - Este é um conteúdo customizado, não existe no zero oficial, então nós precisamos que vocês testem! War of Emperium Zero: - WoE Zero será testada nos próximos dias, será disponível de hora em hora por motivos de testes, ainda finalizando. - drops do castelo estão finalizados entretanto, estaremos atualizando este post para informações, fiquem ligados! - Advanced War Items implementados. Vejam https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/War_of_Emperium pra informação completa. exemplo: Advanced War Jamadhar [1] Note: Drops de castelo serão interessantes e únicos, então podem chamar seus amigos sedentos por sangue! 😉 MVP drops com opçõesm elhores: - ainda virão, trabalho em progresso. NPC location movement: - Alguns NPC's foram movidos para refletir suas posições no kro: zero. Expedition Gear Essence QoL: - Trabalho em andamento. (aos que não sabem, nós planejamos excluir essências de level 1 e apenas incluir essências de level 2 na lista de possibilidades do primeiro slot, pra assegurar que T1 >T4 em termos de qualidade) Costume Availability: - Forgotten Box revitalizada. (Dropa Costume Ticket Box com 1% chance) - Daily Gacha (pode distribuir Costume Ticket Box com 10% chance diária, existem muitos outros itens, então tecnicamente pode não parecer 10%) - Event coin lottery, provavelmente serão checadas por conta das rates medonhas) - Union Shop (fácil obtenção headgears básicas de visual) MECÂNICAS SURPRESA QUE VÃO BENEFICIAR TODO MUNDO FIQUEM LIGADOS! - Pista: Patos? - Pista: Bençãos? Marketing: V4P em construção assim como o site. Nós começamos a anunciar no FB com anúncios pagos. FB: https://web.facebook.com/Ragna0-123596305706871/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChsNMs221xzZ7AdJD45ci3Q (Por favor se inscrevam, pois precisamos de 100 inscritos para termos nossa URL personalizada) Ícone do Discord Sempre vai mudar dependendo do conteúdo que nós tivérmos primeiro de muitos a vir: First ever teaser: Errata: Não representa a instância de Odin Temple do Zero, mas as Valkyries do Odin como um todo. Post será atualizado de acordo com mais conteúdo disponível. Em nome de toda staff, @Hades @Stroheim e @Holly, Nós agradecemos humildemente seu apoio, o melhor ainda está por vir!!!
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    Hello @althar20k, Thanks for your suggestion but.... Big. fat. NO. Sorry. It's made that way and not a bug. Sorry but without the suggestion, mage class is working as intended. cc: @Hades @Stroheim @Holly - in case you guys wanna see this and outvote me. But I know you guys will reject this.
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