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    Hi 0nians, we are in the midst of reorganizing and delivering new content. Following are our incoming features & their tentative timelines: Paradise (Eden) Group Quests Introduction quest from Academy. Champion hunting quests (Rewards Exp) To be implemented on 14/10/2019 Kingdom 1-1 Guild Quest New Exp dailies New class specific equipment set New Leveling map. To be implemented on 14/10/2019 Amatsu Quests Headgear Creation Instance To be implemented 28/10/2019 Louyang Quests Headgear Creation Instance To be implemented 28/10/2019 Yuno Magma Dungeon equipment. To be implemented Early November. Malangdo Dungeon Quests To be implemented Late November. To keep reported bugs at a minimum, we decided to implement: Biweekly Hotfix Maintenance Mainly Item & Mob & NPC fixes To be performed on Monday & Thursday every week. Onian Test Team & Test Server Test server to be 'Open to All' on 21/10/2019 Major patch release in Test Server prior to release in main server. New channel 'Testing Report' in Discord for testers to report their findings. Test server commands @blvl @jlvl @job @heal @monster @killmonster Test server features Item giver NPC Leveling To make leveling friendlier, we plan to make the following changes: Zero quests have their Exp reward boost by 50% Death penalty reduced from -10% to -5%. To boost value of instances & fever fields, we decided on the following modifications: Instance Rewards Instance rewards boost beyond official caps. New minimum reward amount: Current maximum limit New maximum reward amount: 3x Current maximum limit To be implemented on 14/10/2019 Equipment Crafting Reduced requirements of crafting Zero Headgears by 30% To be implemented on 14/10/2019 Fever Field Reduced Boss summon requirement. Details coming soon. To be implemented on 14/10/2019 To provide eventful activities, we plan to enable the following: Battlegrounds Classic KvM, Tierra & Flav. To be enabled in early November. GM Team Recruitment Stay tuned for more details!
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    "Wait who the heck are you? Y u doin dis?" I've been a dev for 3 (or 4? don't remember) servers in the past (from 2010 to 2012). Mostly I handled all issues and decisions alone (even if I'm not the financer, I stronghand them!), all my servers had no problem getting content updates, but sadly, they all closed because of me being inactive in marketing to all those servers (and all of them are high rate stuff so....). So I know how servers die because I see it happen before my eyes. Also played a lot of servers (mid rates, high rates) that had a lot of population but somehow didn't survive. I regularly consult (when I was a dev) rAthena forums to check new things and get some scripts and customize it for my server, and created them from ground up when needed to. Up to you if you'll believe me or not. Starting off with a run-down of the issues that plagued our society.. I mean our server: Communication Bugs, bugs, and bugs! Content Us being a private server. r0 Cares! Staff? Communication? - This thing right here is somewhat in the 20% range of the issue, there was no some sort of transparency about when things are going to be fixed, when things are going to be added and whatnot, stuff like that. Not even a post regarding why a content was delayed/out from a promised patch (looking at magma 3), a post regarding a severely downed population, a post regarding blah blah. We know that the admins have life outside those 'commits' of codes, but the community doesn't wanna be kept in the dark (for the early life of a server anyway, when it becomes stable enough, this is not that needed daily). If the player-base didn't even 'revolted' on discord, do we even get to know the things you planned? Not sure. A simple post regarding the 'WHYs?' would suffice and I think the community would not be so mad about it. And of course, the official statement of what the future holds. We'll be expecting this! Bugs, bugs, and bugs? - There were a lot of this from what I saw (from cooldowns of skills and falcon damage that requires 'src' modification, and down right to item effects on item_db.txt). A lot of play testers would squash them bugs, and I do commend your plans to have the recruitment phase include testers on the test server. Just follow-through on that and these would be gone! (about 20% too of the issues, now at 40% combined) Content? - Right. 1 map, 1 word, 1 number. M-A-G-M-A 3, what happened to this? A lot of us were looking forward to it, besides the option revamp that came about a month ago. For me this is the start of the fall, a lot of your player-base saw this as one of the reason they'd leave (and so they did, but from all of these combined). Instances are not rewarding enough (will follow all this up on the 4th point), a lot of item content were locked behind that +9 upgrade, even though options dropped are better than the 1st month, no real end-game was found. Plus, being a little blind on future content + the 1st point above made it a lot worse. Battlegrounds, what are you planning to do about it? Malangdo, how will the enchants affect the items and whatnot? At the most, to cure this, follow through the promised schedule of content releases, if not followed, 1st point above would be followed, define the 'WHY?'. (30% of the all the issues, now at 70% combined) Us being a private server? Hell yes! - Coming from the unrewarding instances stuff, the drops from these instances should be buffed by 200% (x3) at a minimum, even with a good population, it'd still take a lot of time to get "Best-in-slot" items, so better not shy away from giving away these badly needed item requirements (plus they'd break anyway at plus 1, so... you get my point). Lower requirements for those lovely CT mid gears, louyang/amatsu HGs, and other endgame stuff (maybe not for expedition stuff since instance drops buffed would balance things out), we're a private server, not a kRO:Zero that's being handled by Gravity. Custom stuff to improve some Q-o-L of players (storage at adventurer's inn? custom achievements that can be used for newbie and old-timer satisfaction? more ways to gain event coins and costumes??? Maybe!!!) But then, custom stuff should be threaded lightly, and not ruin that 'Core Zero Mechanics'. So use at own discretion with your community agreeing! (15% of all the issues, now at 85%) r0 Cares? We do! Really! - This is not about the donation to charity stuff, but rather, how the player-base perceives that the administration cares for it community, one example is this is the first server that no in-game GM, did not even do some sort of event (GM initiated event in game), I've been here in the 5th week, so do correct me if I missed it on the first few weeks, but there wasn't any from that 5th week onward (not counting that NPC event where we get the costume stuff). We knew that the 2 GMs are part of the core developers, and not having a GM specializing in events do affect the community somehow. I hope you do some sort of this thing or recruit one that specifically handles this type of task. And also back from point 1, having some sort of transparency means that you somehow care about your community of players. (10% of the issue, now at 95%) Staff? Staff... - This is not that big of an issue, but it's here since it seems that all content/things to be done for Zero can't be handled by 2 Core Developers, glad that you'd be adding 1 of 2 planned. I hope they'd pass, and I also hope that if the number of working devs here doesn't make you lazy enough to think that they're here, they can handle it themselves, 4 people is better than 2 out of 4 working. So that's that. (that's 5%, currently at 100%) • Wild Card Stuff • (will be adding stuff here as an idea struck me) - We do understand that sometimes, no matter how well you keep things on a timely manner, a system/schedule would still fail no matter what, there's not a single system in the world that has a 99% up time. The same goes with the stuff going on with the server, be it the updates, unexpected server crash, unexpected delays of updates. But when that happens, a compensation to your player-base would be well received, and believe me, they'd thank you for that and be more understanding with shortcomings (be it as small as 10 event coins, or as big as pieces of bubble gums/field manuals!). These here are some things I observed, I'm sure that there are some things I missed but do point it out on the posts below! Thanks for reading this! TL:DR? nah, read it all if you care enough for the server. 🙂 PS: We're somewhat excited for the things to change, atleast I am, please don't break out hearts again for the last time. I'm thinking this would be the last time before the 90% of the community totally gives up on this. PSS: How the heck do we put a signature on your posts again? I mean the one with the picture below every post? Anyone? Please let me know. Thanks! @Hades @Stroheim
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    The issue isnt that big that right now, the numbers are fine to try and catch up to. But what about when the rank 5 blacksmith has 25k points and decides to stop playing. Most servers, including official servers have either point degrading system or fairly regular point reset. This server right now is at a point where a decision needs to be made as to which system is used. We can either have a fairly regular reset (3-6months) or do a regular interval degrade system (I didnt consider doing it specifically to inactive accounts but hades mentioned in discord this could be a possibility). Simply ignoring the points will cause more of an issue later as 5 option items are only obtainable by crafting as a top 5 ranked BS. This isnt something that is small and should just be ignored... looking at non zero servers a top 10 blacksmith will give you an additional 40 mastery atk... on this server it can mean 50% more boss damage... These options and their availability locked behind players who are no longer playing doesnt seem to make a whole lot of sense.
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    I find your opinion rather interesting. I can only play on weekend and think this would help me alot. I would still not get full build anytime soon, but it feels like i would have some assurance of my little time. Why do you think it wouldnt benefic us with little time and only those with more time? Due to the time limit to complet the "quest"?
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    Self Introduction Intro A long lasting event for every new member to our sweet community, I mean why are we here? To connect and to make us known to each other. Don't be shy...feel free to make a self introduction under this topic, let's see how many we can get at the end of time! If ever any of your information needs update, feel free to edit your reply! Formula (Note: You don't have to reveal everything, only the parts were you feel comfortable with.) IRL Nick Name: Character Name: Main Job: AFK Town: Guild: Year Born: Gender: Personalities: Fruit that you Hate: Animal that you Love: Favorite single player games: Goal in Ragna0: What were you doing 1 hour ago: Other stuff you may add yourself here: Insert few selfies: (if you want) Insert your favorite meme: Little Gift Will grant a small "Introduced" forum medal to your profile! Will send you a Clothing Dye Coupon to your mail box, if you attach a selfie! (Yep, I'm curious of how handsome you look!) Make sure you spell your Character Name correctly.
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    The issue: Currently several of the players on the blacksmith list are no longer active. This has caused significant issues in trying to find someone to make a blacksmithed item with 5 options or to buy a blacksmithed item with 5 options. In fact I have not seen a blacksmith shop go up in alberta in well over a week. The solution: A point degradation system should be put into place. Somewhere around -10% of the points currently accumulated by everyone on the list active or not should suffice in evening out the playing field. At 10% per week after 10 weeks here is what the list would look like if everyone stopped making smithed items in that time: Batforge: 847 Kreygasm: 495 CeleMerch: 484 AgniAstra: 411 Cheat: 387 Unknown: 362 Mamalon: 258 Majestic: 254 VastDM: 209 PedagangAsongan: 142 As you can see, those at very high points would lose significantly more points then those near the bottom, with Batforge dropping 1583 points where PedaganaAsongan would lose 268 over a 10 week period. A flat number degradation of say 40 points per week would deter new players/players lower on the list from pushing up the list while not reducing the points of those already very high on the list efficiently. I feel a % based system would be the better of the two options. Keep in mind: the numbers listed above are if every player on that list is now inactive which is not the case, I know of atleast 3-4 who are still active and will likely climb and over take those above them who are inactive. What would this do for the server?: Ultimately the goal would be to slowly degrade inactive players off the list while not overly punishing those trying to climb the list. This would be a consistent way of reduction vs the other option which would be a point wipe every few months to refresh the list. It would also encourage players who are already high on the list to move above those who have become inactive. Why does this need to change: Currently without any system in place to degrade points the likelyhood of anyone spending the time to both level a blacksmith and farm materials to climb the list by making potentially sub-optimal items to do so is very very low. I feel having a 10% weekly degrade on points would encourage those who are wanting to make a pure forger to do so. Side note: The same needs to be done to the alchemist list, although I feel like the alchemist list would be better off with a 5% degradation simply due to how easy it is to accumulate a large amount of points there.
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    Your argument is not very clear or solid. May you please elaborate on why "it's their right," to stop feeding the market's demand? They are not officially authorized to control the market, and I think that everyone deserves a fair chance to join the market. Furthermore, the inactive players will be unaffected by the degradation because they do not even play anymore. We should think about those that are being directly affected, and think about those that are actively supporting the server. You mentioned that the materials are more expensive, and there are few available for purchase. Additionally, there are few crafted items to purchase. The point of the degradation is to encourage more production and activity in the market. If there are reasons and incentives for players to craft and farm, then the state of the economy will improve. However, your argument encourages inflation in this stagnant, capitalistic economy. Lastly, your suggestion to "git gud," or "just quit," is not very positive or productive. In fact, this statement contributed little to our discussion other than display your opinion. I am looking forward to your response! 😊
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    I feel like this is missing a /s at the end. You literally just outlined the entire reason why point degradation or regular resets are necessary.
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    I agree with all of the options that you presented to have the points degrade over time. It should also be applied to both blacksmiths and alchemists. As it is currently, it discourages others from joining the ranks. People join and leave servers frequently, and some stay for as little as a month. If the ladder of the ranks continue to increase, players that join much later on may find that it would be too much time to invest. Additionally, if most people that are ranked are not even playing anymore, it affects the amount of weapons being produced on the server. Overall, I think that blacksmiths and alchemists are good for the server's economy in general. I also think that allowing new and old players to keep up the competition will increase the activity, and maintain one of the interesting aspects of being a blacksmith/alchemist. It seems that some of these opposing arguments are targeted towards those that have a blacksmith alt-character, but I would like to remind everyone that some of us play crafting classes as our main class. We do not want persons, groups, or guilds to monopolize weapons, equipment, or cards. We are trying to consider the whole population, and the future of the server! If some people put so much time into farming and crafting, they can do it again and prove that they belong in the ranks.
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    Also something that should be noted, currently the only way to get BS points is crafting lvl 3 weapons with 3 ores, on official servers you gain 1000 blacksmith points for upgrading lvl 3 weapons to +10. In the short term a degrade system may seem harsh, but in the long term when upgrading for points is introduced it will be very necessary.
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    This is an interesting feature, but I disagree with the suggestion. I do not think that this server is the kind of server that would implement such a highly customized feature. This game in general is supposed to be a grind-heavy game. I understand the frustration of killing 6k+ mobs and receiving no reward, though. I also understand that some games may have a feature like this by default. This feature would significantly benefit those that have more time to play. Many of us can only play for a few hours a day. As an alternative, I suggest increasing the rates to 5x (actually, I believe all rates should be 5/5/5). This maintains an equal opportunity for all players, while keeping the challenge and great reward of card hunting.
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    Greetings 0nians! We have decided that 'MvP griefing' is to be listed as an punishable offense as of 23/9/2019. Reports made after 23/9/2019 will be scrutinized and action taken. While MvPing is free for all, any behaviour that is perceived to annoy / disturb the progress of killing MvP is not allowed. Example: Safety Walling on MvP to prevent a melee player from killing it. Pneuma on MvP to prevent ranged player from killing it. Luring mobs to a player killing an MvP Our server rules have been updated to reflect this change: https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Server_Rules *Any report received on this matter must be accompanied with replay file as proof.
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    ^ This seems like a more plausible idea. I completely understand that farming 6k mobs and not receiving a card by then sucks but remember what game you're playing. Don't be so quick to increase the probability of obtaining the card due to either laziness or lack of dedication. It's a low rate server for a reason. If everyone had an assured shot at receiving a card after so many mobs at the cost of zeny, it would be a slap in the face to all the real dedicated players on the server who have struggled killing 6k+ mobs just to obtain 1 card. I'm not saying it's a terrible idea but I think there are more important things to worry about then the card drop rate.
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