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    Hi fellow 0nians. With more players joining our sweet little server, it's inevitable that a few annoying ones will come along... Just to clarify of what ever anyone is spreading rumors about our way to handle reports... Ragna0 will guarantee rule enforcement and give everyone a stable, progressive and friendly server. We do not care where any 0nians are from, what language you speak, if you are a boy or a girl, tall or short, black or white, WE ONLY CARE if you follow our community guidelines or not. Feel free to report anyone who tries to act funny and want to destroy our organized server. Please enjoy the game, and be nice to each other. It's really hard in 2019 to create a good RO community with a good mechanism. If you like Ragna0, and want to protect it, then help me, let's spread positive to the online games, and kick out all dark shit 😉 Excuse my last word 😛 Amatsu patch was recently released, and more content is in progress! 😄 Thank you once again for choosing Ragna0 and trust in us to develope a really good server for you to enjoy your afternoon with! Regards!
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    No sugar-coating stuff, no BS, no speculations, and just pure statements from my point of view? I have proofread this whole reply and I made sure to be as honest as I can get without "flaming". If you think this is flaming, then you can't take criticism. Unprofessionalism - As a player of a server, I expect the admins of the server to be professional. The word does not specifically mean you can't be casual with your players. The players do not expect you guys to be robots answering their questions with only yes or no, but never in my long years of playing RO have I seen GMs behave like you guys. * Refining Thread Image 1 - Minato stating "can't touch the safe refine" Image 2 - Stroheim posts right after Minato stating "no decision has been made yet" GMs are supposed to be on the same page. It was clearly said that you guys were having internal discussions but why is it that one of the GMs still go out of his way basically rejecting the suggestion when you guys actually haven't reached a conclusion yet? At the end of the day, most people were happy because the suggestion made through, but the fact that Stroheim had to cover for Minato's confusing reply to the thread should not have happened at all. I don't know how you guys actually go by your day and go through the suggestions in your forums but doing whatever you want whenever you want is not the way to go when it comes to these situations (delete the Minato's reply next time so it doesn't look confusing to the people that actually followed through with that suggestion). * Card Recycling Thread & Battlegrounds Thread Image 1 - "This sounds interesting :o" Image 2 - "This is possible :o" It's so frustrating to suggest things to this server because of how it is handled. Miscommunication from the thread mentioned before this one, now Hades is posting open-ended replies. Yes it sounds interesting and yes we all know it's possible because other servers have done it before. The point of suggestions are accepting and declining it. If it's too radical or out there, say so and close the thread. No one gives a flying shit if it sounds interesting to you or it's possible for you, we want to know if you're actually going to do it, if you're actually thinking of implementing it, or if you're going to do it in the near future. Don't leave us hanging. I don't know about the other threads but the one I suggested, I put time and effort into writing that thread out. You replying like that kinda hints at me that you didn't even read it. * Guild Dungeon Teleport Thread Image - Hades replies and closes the thread with proper remarks This right here is what I expect from every suggestion thread. You said why it's not possible, it won't get implemented, and why it's so hard to do. Why not treat every suggestion thread like this? * Discord Image 1 - I understand that the Game Masters play the server too, but when you sign up to be the face of the server, "jokes" like this should be left unsaid/untyped. You do know that there are rumors that people leave the server because of Minato? I don't care if it's true or not, but when shit like this does happen it's not good for the server population. Minato, if you are going to do shit like this, I suggest disconnecting your GMing from your being a player of the server. Use a different name and use a different Discord. Even if the image is taken out of context, things like this should not even exist at all. Image 2 - Threesome 1? Really? Is your Discord just a big fucking joke to you guys. haha xd that one's funny nice. Image 3 - Diablo asks a genuine question on Discord #questions and Minato assumes and confirms if it was a "meme question"? The way it looks to me is that you thought he was an idiot for asking such a dumb question like that. If a GM is going to make fun of a player for asking a question in a space where questions are to be answered, as a player, I wouldn't even bother asking at all so I don't get ridiculed by a person who runs the server. You even posted a gif like it was a fucking joke and by the way, never answered the question. Image 4 - Simple question. Is the miyabi doll hat quest implemented? What's so confusing about that, that you need to reply with "eh?". I'm sorry if there's a language barrier but I just don't understand why things like this are handled this way. The question was answered a couple lines down but I just can't fathom why does it take for the player to ask twice to be taken seriously. * Reddit - The man who runs r0 is bashing another server, at the same time advertising his own server. This is pathetic. Atleast don't use the same account or same name as you have in this server man. Make it seem like another player is bashing it so it does not ruin your credibility, so it doesn't ruin the server's chances of reeling in people. I can't put into words how fucking sad this looks. You asked, I delivered with proof. Tell me I'm wrong that these aren't the reason the server has such a low population + bad reputation.
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    Hi, 0nians! It's officially 1 month since we public released the game, the access to the server and the acceptance of donations to the server. It was shocking month for us, we had a hell of a ride, up and down, left and right, but most importantly, we are moving forward. Many of you may have been displeased by some updates, but I still urge your attention as we will release better updates more and more in the future. Thank you all donors! This is also a thank you letter for all the donors in the past month, very supportive and many many of them. We have received good amount of it and there are around 300 USD left over after the costs of all expenses for the server, so I decided to give them to charity. Well, many of you may wonder.... why? Why can't he keep it for the future, or what if server needs money in the future, or invest the money to the server etc etc... This is not a stunt or some show, it's a well thought idea that I had from the very beginning. We all live on this wonderful planet, we give and take, may as well share a little support from our server. I did not do this on my own, this is a team effort. The donation towards the following charities are made by Ragna0, the whole server 🙂 This is a continuance project, and hopefully will last very long. Thank you again, all donors, you made a little more impact to the world than you thought! PS. I'm not a charity person... this is the first time doing it, I hope I made the right choices for this time. If anyone has a good project or so, we could support that the next month! Unicef USA For the love of our children. The UN Refugee Agency For the sake of world peace. Defenders of Wildlife The impact we have made with our progress to our beloved mother earth.
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    Thank you all for participating! I seems most wants to spend pure ZENY than "extra item". Also the zeny is too high is heard and expressed by MANY. The new decision plan is Enriched Ore: 5x Original + 500k zeny HD Ore: 1x E. Ore + 750k Zeny
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    It's great to see that spaces like this are available for players to express themselves without concern. Being as direct as possible: 1) I'm new to the game, so I couldn't say for sure about the mechanics itself, but I notice that some new players get a little disoriented when they start. Although Ragnarok is an old game, many people knew it years ago (in my case in 2004 ~ 2005) and spent a lot of time for getting in touch again. Although there is a website, forum, discord and Wiki (very good by the way), i feel that some guidance is lacking inside the game so that the novice player has knowledge about these channels. I played for weeks, until Hades personally told me to join the server. Whenever I can, if i have any doubts from a novice, i recommend the site, Wiki and Discord, but maybe there could be an NPC, a "sign" in English/Portuguese, something inside the game, pointing out to the newcomers the existence of these channels. Something simple, but that would certainly be important to retain players. I personally stayed at Ragna0 because i liked the mechanics, but more importantly, because i had contact with the community in Discord. If it weren't for that, if it weren't for Hades having invited me personally (at the time i don't even knew what Discord was), i probably wouldn't be playing here. 2) Communication. As a private server, I don't have a high expectation of professionalism, as there are several limitations. There is no company behind supporting it, nor so many ways to capitalize on the server, but many problems could be avoided if communication was done in a more serious way, in the correct channels and in a more polished way. I don't know the exact number, but most players are not native speakers, which means that "official" matters need to be said with a certain formality and objectivity, with no rhetoric or irony, so as not to generate confusion. Sometimes discussions are conducted in Discord, which is terrible, as not everyone can read the hundreds of messages said there. In addition, the forum is the best place for debate, as there is a different pace for presenting ideas. It would be interesting to use (as in most cases it has already been used) official and closed channels (forum and Discord) for posting (read-only), thus avoiding direct debate, and it would also be interesting to institute a spokesperson, as this would avoid internal contradictions between the staff team. There may be other points, but those that come to mind first are these.
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    Hello, this is a guide under construction. Any criticism and help is welcome. The goal of this guide is give some tips about how to get a good start in Ragna0 and start to understand it's features. Here are some tips: 1)Make more than one account. Here in Ragna0 you are able to open 2 games at time, that means that is possible to level up 2 accounts at the same time, with characters that help each other, like a priest and knight, making leveling easier and less costly. Personally i have an account to each character because that way if i want to use my Hunter with my Crusader, i am able to do it. Also in the future by doing this, it's going to help you to participate easier in instances since sometimes a certain class in missing to do it well. So my advice is to make the accounts, write them down with the username and it's class. 2)Always make a merchant character. Having this class is going to help you in many ways. You don't need to level up it a lot to get acess to it's perks: 3)Leveling There are few leveling guides on this forum. : This one, and This one ( more oriented to Knights). Your character also comes with a , you can open one every 5 levels ( 5,10,15,20 ...) they contain a lot of healing itens, that are character bound, and also Status and skill reset discount cupons. The higher your level it gets more expensive to reset your atributes, but with these cupons, you get 10% discount with each of them, so you can even get a skill reset and stat reset for free! I don't know exacltly what come from each first aid packet, but i think it would be nice to list the drops here by level, if someone have it tell me to post here. When in doub't to find a certain monster, you can search it using a renewall ragnarok database, like http://ratemyserver.net/ ( don't forget to put mark this option) or you can use the navigation tab ingame : There are a lot of quests that you can also do and receive some itens and xp(they are repeatable), we have a Wiki and in the section of Locations/Quests you can find them sorted by place. Sometimes it's also good to level up in a place that you desire a drop, that way you will be doing two tasks at once! 4)Option Gears! Here in Ragna0 the gears ( Weapons, armors, shoes and garmets) dropped from monsters usually come with options! ( Hats, shields and acessories doesn't come with options). There is this guide about Option and you can find this one in the Ragna0 Wiki aswell. They glow in different collors when dropped by monsters, so you know they have options when u drop them ( Monsters cards also glow, in purple, making better for you to see it when you drop it !): These option gears makes the difference in the build that you're aiming to but they can also make the difference to someone else, so the best thing to do is to keep them until to maybe use someday or sell to some player, because here in Ragna0 All weapons are sold in npcs for 10z, so it's not worth to do so :). Soon i will also do a guide on how to drop option equipaments easier :). 5)Attendance Check When you Log in or click in the Attendance Check you are going to receive this message: That is the remaining time online that you will have to be to receive a reward! When the time comes, click on attendance check, click on the item and go to your mail. English isn't my main language and i never really had any proper study on this subject, so i apologize for any mistakes i made, and please fell free correct anything wrong. I will be doing a portuguese guide aswell since a lot of Brasilians also strugles with english. I hope this helps 🙂
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    Hi, 0nians. Our little destiny to save the world continues, and this time we arrived in Brazil! It wasn't hard for me to find a good charity to help, because google exists 😄 The amount of donation isn't that great, well mostly because, our budget is not super high right now and we still plan to host our server AT LEAST 10 + years. Thanks to all donors to the server. The past months, we have received many donations and plus minus income outcome, we are a bit behind in the total vault. Worry not, I decided to spend a bit of my own pocket to make sure our path of well being for the world continues!!!! I have selected a little help for needed children by GlobalGiving, let's hope this project will kick off soon and the help is delivered! Let's hope that in future, Ragna0 becomes a well known and well loved server by many more! Then we will be able to help even more! 😄
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    Idea description: I feel like we should just bring back the old refining rates where it would be safe to use regular ores up to a certain point (+4 for armors, +5 for level 3 weapons and so on). I know that we are trying to stick to kro zero as much as possible, but then in kro zero, people have much better access to the special ores (enriched/hd) because you can actually roll gelstars for ores and other stuff through the special toolbox. (http://roz.gnjoy.com/news/probability/View.asp?category=1&seq=1304&curpage=1). I believe they don't even have to deal with refining to +4 since enriched ores are super cheap in the official server. With those said, I believe that we should somehow make up for it since we dont have those stuff in our special toolbox lottery. People are probably gonna argue that you can just farm zennies and use enriched all the way. I am not gonna deny that since it's possible but it just takes extremely long especially for new players who aren't geared yet. And also, considering how old the game is, most of its players are probably in their mid 20s (?) which means that most of them has work in real life. This doesn't allow most of the players to grind hardcore aside from maybe a few who has a lot of free time. "casual player should be happy with middle gear" is what i read from Hades in the ragna0 discord server, so this probably would get rejected, but is worth the try. I just think that we should make this game a lot more enjoyable to the casual players. Zero is all about that +7 and +9 gears, and without those, it's pretty meh. How urgent is this rate 1-10: 10 Will it affect our economy? yes because it would be cheaper to refine things to +7 and +9. (less enriched/hd used) Will it affect any of our core systems? well ya cause my suggestion is about changing the rates If we deny it, what might happen? we will lose casual players/people rage quitting If we accept it, who does it benefit the most? everyone in the server basically (old players might complain as they have already finished their gears on the current refine system) but i believe it will be better in the long run You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: yes it will make lives easier. ex. imagine as a new player, having gears on +4 would help a lot with pvm since you get a decent amount of def if you actually get all of ur gears to +4. it will also make the server more attractive i believe since breaking gears to +1/2/3/4 is one of the major turn offs in my opinion. i know the rates are official but we obviously dont have what they have (p2w mechanics) so we cant completely follow their model. Final thoughts: I feel like this would not really affect the game in any way negatively + it's still gonna be grindy af since you still have to actually go through refining from +5 to +10. I firmly believe that this will make everyone's lives easier since cheaper refine costs and more access to def gears early on for newbies. I just want what I think is best for the server. let me know what you think
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    I see no issue 😮 Perhaps adding a level 60+ Poring Village, a harder version 😮 With no EXP reward?
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    Thank you for the honest feedback guys. We are going through the points mentioned and discuss internally before announcing our decisions. So please give us some time before we respond to the points raised. *You can still reply to this topic as we are monitoring it
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    Guild Name: Ludens Server joining date: joined on different times but the guild was created around last month Active Members: 1. Hoarfrost (Guild Leader) 2. Ihsan 3. Robin Hood 4. TazSG 5. CeleMerch 6. Waffley 7. pocari 8. Toxrticity 9. Rydia 10.Rythm 11. Surya Pro 12. Butt Boy 13. Azure 14. Libra 15. healno 16. Diablo-sama 17. Alcacer 18.Shido 19. adogcat 20. Tyrone 21. VanAstrea
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    Hi 0nians, we are in the midst of reorganizing and delivering new content. Following are our incoming features & their tentative timelines: Paradise (Eden) Group Quests Introduction quest from Academy. Champion hunting quests (Rewards Exp) To be implemented on 14/10/2019 Kingdom 1-1 Guild Quest New Exp dailies New class specific equipment set New Leveling map. To be implemented on 14/10/2019 Amatsu Quests Headgear Creation Instance To be implemented 28/10/2019 Louyang Quests Headgear Creation Instance To be implemented 28/10/2019 Yuno Magma Dungeon equipment. To be implemented Early November. Malangdo Dungeon Quests To be implemented Late November. To keep reported bugs at a minimum, we decided to implement: Biweekly Hotfix Maintenance Mainly Item & Mob & NPC fixes To be performed on Monday & Thursday every week. Onian Test Team & Test Server Test server to be 'Open to All' on 21/10/2019 Major patch release in Test Server prior to release in main server. New channel 'Testing Report' in Discord for testers to report their findings. Test server commands @blvl @jlvl @job @heal @monster @killmonster Test server features Item giver NPC Leveling To make leveling friendlier, we plan to make the following changes: Zero quests have their Exp reward boost by 50% Death penalty reduced from -10% to -5%. To boost value of instances & fever fields, we decided on the following modifications: Instance Rewards Instance rewards boost beyond official caps. New minimum reward amount: Current maximum limit New maximum reward amount: 3x Current maximum limit To be implemented on 14/10/2019 Equipment Crafting Reduced requirements of crafting Zero Headgears by 30% To be implemented on 14/10/2019 Fever Field Reduced Boss summon requirement. Details coming soon. To be implemented on 14/10/2019 To provide eventful activities, we plan to enable the following: Battlegrounds Classic KvM, Tierra & Flav. To be enabled in early November. GM Team Recruitment Stay tuned for more details!
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    REALLY?! LOL I was really against the character wipe. BUT after that bug was brought up, it made more sense to just wipe everything. Yeah, sure. The enchant was fixed, but did they at least rolledback their levels/exp? Let's not waste the server's potential just because a group of idiots wants their pixels to remain.
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    Hello r0nians, I can say that looking at the state of the beta, we're now at 40-60% completion. In terms of completion and tests done and still being done. We are still aiming for a June 2020 release (any point on june, 1st to 30th). So please don't ask us when yet since even we, the staff don't know exactly. 🤣 As we dive in below, here is the state of beta as we arrive at its 3rd week: OFFICIAL CONTENT Transcendent Classes/Rebirth Quest/Skills: - All are looking good and are now at Zero effects. We assure that all skills have 99% accuracy (looking at you spiral pierce, pressure and sonic blow! 🙄), why 99% and not 100%? since there was a lot of guesswork and mathematics involved in how to translate the source (skill descriptions, just plain 'ol words) and videos into a working code. Example: "Damage compensation depends on target's size is increased.""Changes damage formula. New damage formula : (150 + (50 x skill level))%Atk.""Deals additional damage depends on user's base level." How do you translate this into code? Specially the first line and third. It didn't say specifically, how it is affecting the formula itself, and the final damage output. Won't it make damage on Large monsters more "more" or less "less"? it just said compensation, but from the word usage of compensation, maybe it's to improve, but how much? Missing values are the real challenge since it'd make the damage inaccurate. From the third line, it definitely increases the damage as the user's base level comes up, but, again, by how much? (I blame gravity for this 🤣) Wrapping up the skills section, I can say that all are on their Zero-mechanics and 99% accurate. Note: Oh, and you can use the skill descriptions now in game as source since all are now updated. Malangdo: (Wiki page will be added) - Consists of the town itself, 2 new dungeons, a mini boss and one MVP monster, and a few items. For an example... Hugel/Odin/Abyss: (Wiki page will be added) - Hugel will come first before the 2 new transcendent content dungeons/instance but this will come at beta to ensure availability of content for Transcendent Classes on release. Einbroch: - This will come outside of beta so stay tuned! (maybe 1 month to 2 months after release? will need to confirm) CUSTOM RAGNA0 CONTENT DWM Quests: - This part of Lif is looking good and will just keep doing better. This will undergo some changes on the list of tasks come Day 1 of release. Though it still has some unintended bugs, they're minor and we are still improving it as a base for future additions. Idea is still to support daily tasks done by a player and will stay that way until the end of times. Daily Gacha: - Free useful items. 'Nuff said. See my updated post below to check the items! (Now located at prontera 165 300) Hard Mode Instances (existing, not including the future ones): - I've said on my previous post ("Updated Lif") that all instances are gonna have a new hard mode with new mobs and skill usages. I've come to say officially that only Poring Hard Mode instance will be implemented with these unique mob mechanics due to a system limitation, you see, MOB IDs are not infinite, and implementing new monsters include using IDs that are unused for now, so the more we have these "new-skill-using-monsters", the more we use IDs that can be used for future official content. However, this is just for now, since an improvement within the instance scripts can be made where it won't use official mob ids, but into the future since it'll require some restructuring of the current one and the resource and time should be made available to other content first. - Due to the issue above, for now, multipliers will be used for the mobs and boss to make it more interesting and harder for transcendent update. (Please see the previous post "Updated Lif" for a complete rundown for multipliers) - And yes, we see that "Easy" and "Normal" both has similar chest rewards in the future, we are contemplating if the chest on normal mode will follow the mechanic of chest rewards of Hard but with the items of Normal mode. Stay tuned! - Overall, balance of hard mode is 99% accurate for transcendent. Will just undergo some minor tweaks for good measure. (Special thanks to the group of @Topless for testing the instances in the early days of the beta and to all unnamed individuals/group who's checking out our instances until now!) - State of Jello Fragments is better than Aesir's state. Refining: - Blacksmith Blessing will not likely make the official launch and will be replaced byHD Oridecon HD Elunium the MVP drop table of Great King Poring. Edit: Still having internal discussions. (5/18/20) - The one on DWM reward will likely be replaced by enriched ores. State of Zelstar: - Farming for zelstar at normal rates is untested yet and will likely result to culture shock for all players, so I advise not to get used to "Zelstar Farming" as the main source for everything, will give feedback on this on "State of Beta II". Basically, we'll be reverting to normal rates on our last 3-5 days of beta. Cash Shop: - We will still be continuing our no "P2W" mechanic (NO CASH SHOP ORES LIKE SOME OTHER 'SERVER' THAT I SAW FOR THE PAST MONTH!), but we recognize the fact that some of you would want exclusive cool/cute costume headgears that can be bought via cash for uniqueness and bragging rights, so we'll be introducing "Costume Sets" on our cash shop in the future. A collection of specially handpicked costumes (Top/Mid/Lower) for a fair price. Will also be expanding the individual cash shop costume headgears that can be bought individually. Hourly Events: - We are still looking into additions. Stay tuned. - Current PVP hourly event looks good. (Will look into the info about the rewards) Note: I still hate that airship event, but it is working so.... Union System: - Structure is ready for future content addition. (Shop/Quests) Account-bound achievement System: - This will still come and a WIP. Stay tuned! Battlegrounds Zero: (THIS NEEDS TO BE TESTED, SO PLEASE TEST!) - Since this content is not available on official Zero, we'd need to test this more, please test this out! War of Emperium Zero: - WoE Zero will be tested in the coming days, will be available hourly for testing purposes, still finalizing. - Castle Treasure drops are finalized however, will be updating this post as more information is available. Stay tuned! - Advanced War Items are now implemented. See https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/War_of_Emperium for complete information. Example of an Advanced War Weapon: Advanced War Jamadhar [1] Note: Castle Treasure Chest drops are gonna be... unique and satisfying, so better call your War-minded friends to destroy all opposition. 😉 MVP-option-dropped-item buff: - Still coming and still a WIP. NPC location movement: - Some NPCs are moved to mimic kRO:Zero. List will be made available soon. Expedition Gear Essence QoL: - Still coming and still a WIP. (For those who don't know, we plan to exclude the level 1 essences and only include the level 2 into the pool of the first slot to ensure that T1 > T4 in terms of quality.) Costume Availability: - Forgotten Box revamped. (Drops Costume Ticket Box at 1%) - Daily Gacha (can get Costume Ticket Box at 10% daily, but there are a lot of other items so technically not 10% but...) - Good 'ol Event Coin Lottery (probably gonna take a second look at the dismal rates...) - Union Shop (easy to get basic costume headgears) Surprise Mechanics that WILL help EVERYONE: (Stay tuned for more information!) - Clue: Ducks? - Clue: Blessings? (Not BSB) Marketing: V4P is still pending. Website is still under construction. We have started paid advertising on facebook. FB: https://web.facebook.com/Ragna0-123596305706871/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChsNMs221xzZ7AdJD45ci3Q (Please subscribe as we need 100 subs to have our own custom URL, thanks!) Discord Icon will always change depending on what content/event we have. First iteration, 1 out of many to come: First ever teaser: Disclaimer: Does not represent Zero Odin Temple instance but the valkyries of Odin as a whole. Post will be updated once more is available. On behalf of the staff, @Hades @Stroheim and @Holly, we thank you for your continued support, the best is yet to come!
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    Hello r0nians, First of all we want to thank you for your continued support and the trust you've bestowed upon us. The initial plan when the server concept was brought up is to present the zero experience outside korea. It was a bold and challenging move, that we embraced thinking we could provide the most accurate experience of zero mechanics possible. Over the course of time we then realized that the zero mechanic by itself wasn't gonna cut it, since it has pay to win elements imbued unto it to function properly. We tried many many ways, including hearing player feedback to adapt and make the experience truly awesome for you guys. There were multiple adjustments made and we tried a few unique approach in order to try and solve the issues. Trying to create a model that could bring zero mechanics into life and better, keeping everyone entertained and didn't include pay to win mechanics. Each of them had their successful and fail moments, but each time we made one of those attempts, we pleased some and displeased others. That ended up creating an atmosphere that scared away new players and veterans alike over the course of the months. Analyzing our player traffic numbers, even after the flock, we kept seeing a stable income of players coming to our server and leave after a few days. We tried really hard to change that number, but no matter what we do, the numbers were kept the same. We got new players interested and they left after a while, before even getting to know or understand how meaningful zero changes were. After several deliberations, we reached the ultimate conclusion that we couldn't bring back those new bluebirds that flew away before getting to know our server, there was too much "bad blood" spilled that prevented the core and quality mechanics from shining. So we made the difficult decision of opening up a new server and change even more of the core zero mechanics, based on feedback we had and our own ideas. We could've simply wiped up our legacy (now named Aesir) server, but that wouldn't be very respectful with the ones that stood with us until the end, then we made it stay as a legacy server so all those memories and stuff you battled hard to earn are there for you to keep and relive, anytime you want if you chose to do so. But we still had to move ahead. We still wanted to bring the zero mechanics to life, now with a new concept and with a new vision we chose to embrace. We didn't sit back idle while things got worse, we strive to improve, we strive to bring the best experience we could. All of this wouldn't be possible without your continued support, so for that, once again we deeply and humbly thank you all and ask you one more time to embark with us on that journey. Let's go one more time on an adventure.
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    This is what I was afraid about. Your reply shows that you don't understand what professionalism is. Not once did you address the fact that the server is being called out on the main topic I layed out for you. From all your replies, I can also tell that you took all of it as flame because not once did you take criticism. I was not looking for an apology. All the posts underneath my original post weren't looking for apologies. This is a matter of how I, and apparently some that surprisingly agreed with me, see how you guys are handling the server. I don't give a fuck if you are "sorry not sorry" and honestly, if I were a new player and seeing how you responded to all the topics, I would cringe. I'll cut to the chase because you guys haven't even responded to 90% of the posts here and took a whole day for one. Refining Thread - Nice, you're just going to keep confusing the people about your views v Hades + other GMs views. If you are going to address Hades and Stroheim and not the topic starter, then why would you post in the topic at all? I feel like you guys should really be in a voice call or atleast a group discord where you guys can discuss this freely. Card Recycling Thread - I was hoping Hades would respond to this one and possibly change how he handles suggestions. But since you are answering for him here, instead of saying "this sounds interesting" or "this is possible", why doesn't he put what you put? Here let me give you an example of how you just answered me but instead towards a suggestion. "Thanks for the suggestion! We will be looking at how the community receives it and how badly it is needed. We're currently checking on this but this is definitely doable development-wise." Guild Dungeon Thread - This is how I know you guys don't communicate. Another player brought this up to Hades and he himself said that he will correct it and he thought the same way on how the mapflag works on guild dungeon. Proof. Discord Image 1 - "This was done on our personal discord AND NOT ON r0 DISCORD". That's all you can say? You are not sorry for that one? Thank god I'm not BR because I would be fucking fuming right now. Also, there are worse screenshots? Oh God, thanks for letting the whole server know. Like I said, separate Discord for GMing, separate Discord for shitposting. It not only preserves the server's image, it also preserves yours. My apologies if it was in a personal Discord and not the RO Buddies Guild Discord (where people joined and looked for other r0 people to play with). Discord Image 2 - Like I said, haha xd. Professionalism. Discord Image 3 - Grasping face value information. Got it. Thanks for letting me know. Now lets just see how else everyone else will see how you answer these questions on Discord that hasn't read this post or doesn't know you at all. Discord Image 4 - "The chat is cropped, so it can be taken out of context". All the chats are cropped man. Anything can be taken out of context. This specific response shows that you don't even want to bother looking it up yourself and would just resort to saying "Sorry but you can't use that for argument's sake". You can only say that when you have proven my argument is out of context. Proof that you should've looked up yourself. Pre-text & Post-text Thanks! Reddit - Wait, I thought you were answering for Hades? You left this one out. 😮 I love this server, by no means am I trying to destroy it. I am trying to make it to the point that people like Senkrad and I and all those who liked and agreed with my post, should not feel this way. Also, I may have generalized GMs and the other people who read this that are involved in the Server/Discord somehow, but I do want to acknowledge that professionalism does exist in the GM staff. Special shoutout to @Steph and @Stroheim for being level-headed when it comes to portraying the server.
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    Olá compatriotas de R0, como vocês estão? Jokers Aposentados Nossa querida guilda, surgiu em 2012 no bRO-Asgard, e aposentamos oficialmente 2015. Após alguns anos de amizade, voltamos a jogar juntos aqui no Ragna0. Somos basicamente compostos por amigos que se conhecem a uma caralhada de tempo. Valorizamos a amizade, parceria, educação, igualdade, humildade e principalmente a diversão! Desde que o senhorito (a) seja um ser humano decente, não seja cuzão ou sabe-tudo, tu provavelmente se dará bem com a gente. De coisa séria já basta a vida adulta, sai fora. Nosso principal objetivo no servidor é se divertir: PvM, MvP e bastante risadas no up. Instancias e Up: Nosso horário Oficial de Instancias é entre 23:00 ~ 00:30. Geralmente começamos as 23:00 e terminamos por volta de 00:00. Gostamos bastante do up em Magdun e Amatsu, e sempre damos uma passada lá após as instancias. Durante a tarde sempre temos alguns players online, upando solo ou farmando algum item, portanto fique a vontade pra se juntar a eles. Caso tenha alguma dúvida, ou queira conversar conosco: HeatGuy#0319 - Grande Líder da Revolução da Aposentadoria As 3 pernas do líder: Kalistratus#7353 Mikachu! sz#6291 Izaya#5234 Nosso Discord está aberto para qualquer jogador brasileiro que desejar upar ou trocar uma ideia. Venha conhecer a galera: https://discord.gg/cMQ5MgB English ver.
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    Self Introduction Intro A long lasting event for every new member to our sweet community, I mean why are we here? To connect and to make us known to each other. Don't be shy...feel free to make a self introduction under this topic, let's see how many we can get at the end of time! If ever any of your information needs update, feel free to edit your reply! Formula (Note: You don't have to reveal everything, only the parts were you feel comfortable with.) IRL Nick Name: Character Name: Main Job: AFK Town: Guild: Year Born: Gender: Personalities: Fruit that you Hate: Animal that you Love: Favorite single player games: Goal in Ragna0: What were you doing 1 hour ago: Other stuff you may add yourself here: Insert few selfies: (if you want) Insert your favorite meme: Little Gift Will grant a small "Introduced" forum medal to your profile! Will send you a Clothing Dye Coupon to your mail box, if you attach a selfie! (Yep, I'm curious of how handsome you look!) Make sure you spell your Character Name correctly.
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    Hi there! I know the server hasn't even officially launched yet, but I thought I might as well get in on the ground floor 😉 bit outdated, eh? SideQuest is a guild that has existed on two other servers before this - we do a bit of everything really, but this time we won't be a WoE guild (members are totally welcome to WoE with other guilds though!). If you want a chill community that does a bit of everything, give us a go! And even if you don't want to actually join the guild, feel free to join our Discord anyway 🙂 more people to chat with are always good! We do have a few requirements: a decent grasp of English, as that will be needed to communicate with everyone; we're a social bunch being respectful of other people and generally following the server's rules being social (i.e. actually talking to other members), because why even join a guild otherwise? 😉 using Discord actively and checking mentions regularly, because that's where the voice chat, guild-specific announcements and general shenanigans are happening joining our Discord at https://discord.me/sidequest (note: this link only works in your browser, not Discord itself); ask for a guild invite in the RO category and we'll get it sorted What you can expect from us: guild parties as often as possible lots of fun on voice chat with guildies (and if you want to join in on non-RO things, other community members as well) a Discord server about more than just RO (though it's all neatly categorised for easy muting of other things) - other games, various media, whatever you can think of really a generally laidback and helpful community of ~160 members who play other games you might like as well 🙂 See you all ingame! ❤️
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    Why not just simply increase the card drop rate to a more reliable rate (e.g. 0.1%) instead of making this complex custom system? I'd rather have a simple solution instead of a complicated solution that could result in more bugs, potential exploits and or crashes/freezes. and a few points on the OP's post: 1- This won't solve the market situation at all. The truth is, there isn't enough players willing to farm rare items to sell to anyone, specially when zeny has little to no value in this server. 2- How about monsters that have the same card but different mob id, (Goblins, Venatus, Dimiks) having it only count on a single monster defeats the purpose no? 3- How are you gonna program this part: Does this mean if you pick up the card? or just by having the monster drop it? What if you pick it up and the party's shared item system decides to give it to another person? What if the monster drops it and you're unable to pick it up (stuck on portal, etc), what happens when you drop the card with one char and pick it up with another, or how about when someone else "steals" the card from you? I find it unnecessarily hard to program it without having a way to exploit it. 3.1- If it allows to obtain the card regardless of naturally dropping, it could result in a massive card stock and potential Deviling/Angeling/Ghostring cards, in which you know what'll happen to the WoE/BG scenario.
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    I've written this script to track and process EXP calculations on Ragna0. Right now, it'll show the following data: Numerical current EXP and required EXP Cumulative EXP made in that session EXP/h EXP to next level (TNL) Estimated time to level (ETA) PS: You can reset the session via its tray icon. This tool works on the network layer, grabbing packets from your network device in a specific port and interpreting them, which means it'll not distinguish the application that will receive those packets, so dual client users may find trouble if both characters are receiving EXP. Also for this reason, Gepard Shield won't detect it, so it's 100% safe. Have in mind that this was supposed to be for personal use, so it's not much polished and user-friendly; Some people could have issues running it - feel free to use this thread to troubleshoot. All you have to do is install winpcap (linked below as 'Required files'), extract the executable anywhere and run it as administrator. Download link Required files And for those who are skeptical, want to know how it was made or just want to make their own changes, here's the sauce. The required library is included as comment in the first lines: Source code
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    This Guide will only cover Armor and not Weapons, also only the most important Armors. You find where all the Option Gear drops on the Wiki. Since Monster Level doesn´t matter for Armor Options we gonna focus on the fastest and most profitable Maps. If you have Questions regarding Options on Equipment check out my other Guide or hope on my Stream! Bodyarmor Full Plate[1] The Rest of the Body Armor are pretty bad in comparions to Desert Gear which you find on moc_fild17. Garment Muffler[1] Manteau[1] Shoes Shoes[1] Boots[1] Crystal Pump
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    Feature Updates Zero Academy Welcome to a new Royal Criatura Academy that is based of official kRO:z, many of you have never seen before! This feature's highlight is the higher base EXP reward, compared to the old one we used to have. A new design of the map inside the Criatura Academy. A new main quest, and few changes on the side quests. Rodex mailing feature has a new restriction, to only being able to open a mail when you are inside a town. This due to the work overload for the mailing pigeons, now safer to only being able to access new mails with you are inside a town. Kunai Merchant Kashin in Ninja guild in Amatsu now sells Kunais directly for 25z each. Enabled Cell No Stack, to prevent players to stack up vendors on top of each other. Enabled @refresh command, although this is not 100% permanent feature, we are monitoring and see how it works out. Crit damage now deals full potential damage, always maximized. (Refined weapons still adds a small variance.) Turtle Island is now accessible. Amatsu Dungeon is now accessible. Monster Updates Corrected Variant Maya having a deadly skill, that wiped party in an instant. Added Dark Grandcross skill to Variant Maya. Removed card drops from monsters inside Izlude Deepsea level 6. Added Swift Sohee to Payon Dungeon. Skills Fixes Corrected a minor issue with Brandish spear for not being "ranged physical". Corrected Suffragium and Impositio priest buffs being a "map wide", it should be "screen wide". Throwing Mastery bonus now applies to the Throw Kunai and Throw Huuma Shuriken skills. Corrected damage virtual display issue for skill Backstab, should be 2 hits display instead of 1. Lord of Vermilion no longer breaks Freeze (ice) status. Corrected a bug on Mr. Kim ensemble buff. (was not working at all.) Corrected a bug where song buff and dance buff could not stack. Corrected a bug for Siegfried ensemble buff not working as the skill tooltip says. Corrected a virtual bug when casting Don't Forget Me dance skill. Corrected missing bonus in Dance/Song Lessons skills. Bard / Dancer can now buff themselves song/dance without being in a party. Corrected damage formula for Shield Boomerang. NPC Bug Fixes Corrected an issue with "Monk Job change" with missing party check. Disabled few unwanted maps from being accessed by the World Airship feature. Fixed a critical bug inside Ant Hell instance, the massive poisons. Fixed Poring Village instance missing EXP rewards from killing the bosses. Disabled "Mercenary NPCs". Corrected Card remover's error message. Updated 1st job change "weapon refine quest". Fixed many bugs in our Game Events. Fixed a bug with Geffen repair bridge quest. Item Bug Fixes Corrected Jewel Shield's job restrictions. Corrected weapon level of Thunder Bow, Owl Duke Stick, Staff of Blue Flame, Royal Knight's Greatsword, Royal Knight's Lance & Prison Watcher. Disabled unreleased cards from OCA. Corrected a minor bug in Yggdrasil's Staff, missing full heal. Corrected a missing Long Ranged attack bonus for Infinity Drinks. Corrected Yggdrasil Essence heal rate, minor reduce. Added Swordface to bead list. Corrected Wizardy Staff not giving correct MATK. Corrected Khalitzburg Knight Armor job requirement issue. Client Patches Added new navigation to work with the new academy. Synced our monster search in Navigation with kRO:z latest files. Updated our item descriptions, include many corrections. Added new academy maps.
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    Give Beta Testers some rewards for playtesting and wipe everything. Making everyone start from zero creates a lot more hype for the server's launch and increases population. I doubt wiping only Zeny, Random options or Refines would work. People would use all their Zeny to buy certain items and resell them after a Zeny Wipe or just stockpile a bunch of mats and gear.
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    Lif Zero Beta Server We wipe after Beta is done! Release date: No definite date set, we'll release until we're ready to release. Thanks! (Could be 2 weeks minimum from May 1, or as far as 1 and a half months) Quick rundown: Yellow means feature exists on legacy and has some modifications. Green means completely new on Lif. White means no changes or no further info. General Exp Rates: 5/5/3 (1000/1000/100 Open Beta Rates) +5% exp for every party member (Max of +55% on a full party) Penalty Level-difference penalty (upper & lower) No item drop penalty Death Penalty: Reduced from 10% to 5% Newbie Friendly In-depth Tutorial on Zero Features & Server Features (WIP) Navigation to crucial Town NPCs (WIP) Quest NPCs (Union, Kingdom, Dailies) Crafting NPCs Prontera Castle Command to check info on mob amount & location (WIP) First Aid Kit content revamp (Newbie friendly package) (WIP since a newbie friendly 7-Day reward has been implemented) Kingdom Coin boosts (For newbie QoL improvement) Higher availability of Battle manuals Boosted existing daily quests all around Midgard Daily/Weekly/Monthly Quests include Battle Manuals and more as rewards Daily Gacha (Lottery) (DONE) UniqueID based Includes rare items (CE, OCA, Refinement Ore) Buff Potions, Healing items MvP Ranking (Weekly) MvP options buffed (more common 3 options) (WIP) Points per MvP kill: Instance MvP excluded Weekly Ranking rewards (claimable via NPC) Instances Separate ‘Easy, Normal, Hard’ modes for all Zero instances Customized Hard mode will feature end game drops and will require not just good equips, but the best tactics! Hard Mode mobs will surely kill you if you're not prepared! Modifiers is activated for Normal, and is using Easy mode as base. Separate CD for all 3 modes (this is to not waste a day and improve time-gated gear progression) (WIP) Weekly Instance Ranking (fastest completion) Alchemist/Blacksmith Ranking Reset monthly For giving chance to aspiring Smiths/Chemists! Rewards to top 10 monthly PvP/BG/WoE PvP Part of hourly event rotation Announcer Weekly PvP ranking & rewards for rank obtained BG Minimum 3/4/4 (KvM/Flav/Tierra) to begin Happy hours (2x Rewards) BG Shop (Additional items WIP) WoE To release within weeks of server reopen (TBD) WoE Point for participating (TBD) Refinement To improve attainability of +7 gears and retain rarity of +9 above. To introduce Blacksmith Blessing (System implementation pending) Can be obtained from DWM Quests and Hard mode instances. Revisited cost of Enriched ore. Cost reduced from 500k to 250k zeny. Refinement Events (rate increase event, TBD and WIP) Retaining +4 safe limit Daily Weekly Monthly Quests (DWM Quests) Hunting, Item collection, Instance completion. Daily Rewards: Exp (BMs +50%), Refinement Ores, Potions, etc. Weekly: List is in game (can be changed and more to be added!) Monthly: List is in game (can be changed and more to be added!) Zelstar Zelstar Pouch Higher drop rate from champions: 1-40: 15% Zelstar Pouch 40-70: 20% Zelstar Pouch 70+: 25% Zelstar Pouch Drop from MvPs Normal-Easy MvPs: 1x100% Zelstar Pouch Normal-Med MvPs: 1x100%, 1x50% Zelstar Pouch Normal-Hard MvPs: 1x100%, 1x50%, 1x50% Zelstar Pouch Fever MvPs: 3x75% Zelstar Pouch Instance MvPs (will vary) Obtained at high cost/random from the following: (Official list to follow) Events PvP BG WoE Quests Attendance Union Union token boost (other quests for union token to follow in the future) Better navigation Darkness Shadow related NPCs to moved to Morocc Union shop items (structure complete - additional updates in the future) Events New event every 2 weeks (TBD) Hourly Events to include PvP (mentioned above) Addition of new hourly events (Pending WIP / TBD) Achievement System (Pending WIP) Account based Better rewards Others (Pending WIP) Max level aura quest Zero crafting material adjustment (TBD) Expedition Equipment enchant cost reduction (WIP) Channels for PvP, BG, Events, Instance (able to join/leave) 3 new Pet Evolution pets: Rigid Nightmare Terror, Cat o Nine Tail and Am Mut. ...More details soon! Cash Shop 50% battle manuals from hunting pack will be replaced by the 150% ones Costume eggs containing random content (Pending WIP) Costumes, Buff Potions Individual cash-shop-only costumes (Pending WIP) Consumables (High cost, Account bound) (Pending WIP) All Cash Shop items (except CE) will be obtainable ingame. (Official list to follow) Transcendent Patch Trans skills updated to Zero 1.0 (DONE!) Malangdo (WIP) Abyss Lake (To follow in an update) Hugel / Odin Temple Instance (WIP) Lighthalzen / LHZ Dungeons (To follow as a future update) New equipment sets and items attached to the areas (To follow as a future update) Customized r0 content (in-depth topics): • DWM Quests • Created to have the tasks/actions done by the players be rewarded somewhat, be it just farming or hunting for ingredients for Zero-exclusive gears. Tasks are catered around the daily life of players in our server and to augment the rewards they gain on that action. Note: DQ = Daily Quests / WQ = Weekly Quests / MQ = Monthly Quests Some more examples: This structure would continue for more additional content in the future and would also include daily/weekly/monthly instance completion to fully augment the player's rewards when completing different difficulty instances. (instance completion is in WIP and would be available on Day 1 Official) • Instances • In the past, the rewards and the server population doesn't match and we learned the hard way that Zero setting needs a lot of tweaks to cater for below 1000 population, and thus, for the sanity of the players, we implemented the chest per member system and produced the best results on gaining exclusive loot daily on the existing instances. Now on Lif, we fully embraced that it needs more tweaks to have better overall experience for the players. We'd be separating cooldowns for each difficulty since the items gained from them are different (e.g. Normal = Exped T4, Hard = forging/exped materials), this is to not waste time of players in creating more than 3~4 characters just to have a designated run for each (1 char for normal, 2 char for hard, etc). And we will be implementing a proper "Hard Mode" for all existing instances and future ones. Also, to make things a little spicier for all normal mode and hard modes of instances (except poring), we have introduced modifiers on it. Modifiers will multiply the MobHP, MobAtk, MobAmt, BossAtk, BossDef, BossMdef, BossHit, BossFlee inside. Easy will be the very base for normal mode. Meaning, if in @mi poring has an hp of 1, in Normal, it will have 4, and 40 on hard. (Note: It won't show on @mi itself, only the Easy stats are shown) Difficulties were scaled back (by name) to make room for more (Poring has its own Hard Mode now): Legacy ----Past-----> Normal Hard Lif ----Now-----> Easy (Base) Normal Hard Poring Hard Mode Modifier MobHP x1 x4 x40 x1 (unique) MobAtk x1 x3 x6 x1 (unique) MobAmt x1 x3 x5 x1 same as easy BossAtk x1 x2 x7 x1 (unique) BossDef x1 x1 x2 x1 (unique) BossMdef x1 x1 x2 x1 (unique) BossHit x1 x2 x3 x1 (unique) BossFlee x1 x1 x1 x1 (unique) BossHP x1 x3 x10 x1 (unique) Hard modes are being tuned for Trans job classes. Poring hard mode (and all other hard mode instances) has its own set of mobs to cater for End-game challenges Current configuration as follows (subject to change with/without prior notice for tuning purposes): Enhanced Poring/Drops/Marin/Poporing would drop Jello Fragment Stones at 45% Guardians (Amering/Goldring) is "Boss-like" in terms of drop and behavior. Great King Poring is the boss of all porings and would drop the party dead if they're not careful enough. Note: Boss and mobs from Drake instances has been slashed by half to be in-line with lower instances, now balanced. (5/18/20) Skill usage (and loots maybe?) are still being fine tuned, without proper preparation, a party wipe is expected. • Union System • This is a unique system and is being further polished because this feature has a future if done right, would now work without a guild and consists of unique quests (has tons of space for more!). Shop is also being polished to push players to do these quests for their token. Will be selling basic starter costumes for newbies and very helpful potion buffs (not all potion buffs are available, there are specifics that are only available for one or two union that is not available with the other) Note: I know, alien item detected, that's a 3-Day infinite fly wing. (All prices are subject to change without prior notice for fine tuning in beta) • Eden Quests and Midgard Daily Quests buff • Did you know that you can get food items when you complete a champion hunting quest on Eden HQ? And also, did you know in kRO:Zero that it's normal for a character to have a bazillion buff icons on the side? Now the food item rewards received are buffed. +5 stats below +6 stats above Quintupled in quantity Tripled in quantity Now, NPCs on Eden are more than generous to reward these food buff that will surely help you everyday! Did you also know that there are daily quests around midgard? Almost all official daily quests around the world are buffed when completing their daily quest (finish it the first time, and the 2nd time you finish it, you'll get Battle Manual. There are a lot of very easy daily quests around midgard, complete them if you want more free BMs to help you in leveling! (some are buffed with Finest Course too!) • Refines and stones • Blacksmith's blessing are to be implemented but will be tuned to be only obtainable in a number of unique ways to further help +9. Enriched ore acquisition cost is also reduced from 500k to 250k to streamline and have +7 gears more attainable quick. HD ores will retain their 750k acquisition cost to somewhat retain the value of +9 and above equipments. [function is still pending implementation, full implementation can also be withdrawn, internal discussion still on going] Current thoughts on BSB: to further cut the time needed for +9 acquisition but not overdo it to destroy the +9 prices, it's still RNG. • Zelstar Random Machine • Now, we have tweaked the machine to give out all items 'randomly' with no strings attached, in the past, it has a percentage rate that comes with every item, now it's totally random, you could actually now get these ores if you try your luck! However, this comes at a cost, from 1 Zelstar per try, it's now doubled at 2 Zelstar per try, to keep it a little balanced. May introduce more items in the future for it since the structure is already good and set! • Cash Shop • Hunting Pack (30 Days) has received an upgrade and will now give out x2 Thick Battle Manual instead of the usual x2 Battle Manual. This is due to the fact that Battle Manual are now easily accessible via quests in game, and to differentiate the items and give more value to Hunting Pack (30 Days). Finest Course and other similar items will still be available for purchase as the items are available and now more abundant in game (will still be untradeable). We will be also creating "Costume Eggs" that consists of a number of exclusive costumes and will be specially curated by the staff, and of course, will remain untradeable. Individual Costumes would still be sold similar to the existing ones like Costume Helmet of Siegfried. Hundreds more will be made available in game and a few cash exclusive ones. • Hourly Events • We acknowledge that the current hourly events implemented on the legacy server sucks (looking at you airship rescue!) and thus will be implementing more engaging hourly events that will have the community together. • Costumes • Current thought: Will likely give more sources for Costume Event Boxes. Currently leaning on having linking forgotten boxes feature into costumes. (Added 5/3/2020) Forgotten Gift Box drops revamped: https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Fever_Field (at the bottom of the page, added 5/10/2020) Daily Gacha: (Added 5/14/2020) Will give you one item on the list below daily! So login everyday to get free stuff, who knows what your fortune would bring? 😉 (unique ID based, unexploitable with duals) List of items: Normal (70% rate) Rare (20% rate) Epic (10% rate) x10 Light Yellow Potion x1 Old Purple Box x1 Old Card Album x10 Light White Potion x1 Token Of Siegfried x1 Enriched Elunium x10 Light Blue Potion x1 Dead Branch Box x1 Enriched Oridecon x1 Battle Manual x3 Seasoned Sticky Webfoot x1 Thick Battle Manual x15 Event Coin x3 Autumn Red Tea x1 Costume Ticket Box x10 Event Coin x3 Assorted Seafood x5 Event Coin x3 Smooth Noodle x5 Fried Grasshopper Legs x3 Chocolate Mousse Cake x5 Grape Juice Herbal Tea x3Mixed Juice x5 Steamed Crab Nippers x5 Frog Egg Squid Ink Soup x5 Honey Grape Juice x5 Fried Monkey Tails x1 Elunium x1 Oridecon • Marketing? • A working V4P is still in pending state, the issue here is that a proper "callback function" from the voting website to our website should be implemented, without it, like some servers out there, the player would just click the link and poof, vote points would magically be added to the account without verification that the server was voted completely on the said voting website. Please bear with us! Streamer deals, we currently have deals with streamers and is looking for more (I think?) Facebook marketing will be launched to tap into countries where social media is numbawan. Please write a review on RMS (when we officially launch) to regain our top 1-3 spot on the low rate server list. Promotions are still being cooked and ideas are being generated by the staff regarding marketing. If you have any suggestions regarding this one, please do post it on our forums and tag me directly! Customized features that may be implemented waaaaay into the future: (Added 5/3/2020) - Adventurer Rank - A modern take from other games, you may know it as "Seasons" (from Call of Duty, Division 2, etc.), it will consist of seasonal tasks to do for leveling up a rank (think of something like "RankS E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS, SSS+), every rank up would net you some exclusive items from that named season. - World Boss Instance - As the name suggests, would be open maybe twice (or thrice?) daily and is an instanced dungeon, that can house all of the server's population (or a number divided in several instances?) Could feature some familiar bosses with different AI mechanics and would feature good loots. Note on beta and bug reporting: A special channel will be created on discord for bug reporting to fully expedite the process (bypassing forums for now). Some item descriptions (such as the hunting pack) are not yet updated. .....aaaaaand that's all that I could share for now, from our entire staff, @Hades, @Stroheim and @Holly, we thank you for all your support, see you all on our open beta!
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    Hi 0nians, It has been almost a year since our initial launch, and we hope that you enjoyed it. Our initial aim was to bring the Zero experience to the RO fanbase. However, we found that some changes in Zero mechanics were required to cater for population difference with the actual Zero. While we will release more zero content in future, we may adapt them with player interests in mind. As for our future, we plan to release a new ragna0 server called 'lif' which will be a Transcendence server (Max Level 120). Marking a new beginning, it also comes with improvement and tweaks to the overall PvE experience. We are currently in development of the new server, which will be released as Open Beta for a week or two to test the new features (wipe new server, lif before release). The existing server will be called 'aesir' and will receive regular event patches. Website registration will be disabled (in future will be reenabled for 'lif'.) For those who stayed and kept believing in us, we owe it to you guys. Rest assured that we'll keep on improving the experience! The following are our plans for the new server 'Lif': General • Exp Rates: o 5/5/3 • Penalty o Level-difference penalty (upper & lower) o No item drop penalty • Death Penalty: o Reduced from 10% to 5% Newbie Friendly • in-depth Tutorial on Zero Features & Server Features • Navigation to crucial Town NPCs o Quest NPCs (Union, Kingdom, Dailies) o Crafting NPCs o Prontera Castle • Command to check info on mob amount & location • First Aid Kit content revamp (Newbie friendly package) • Kingdom Coin boosts (For newbie QoL improvement) • Higher availability of Battle manuals (thru events) • Daily Gacha (Lottery) o UniqueID based o Includes rare items (CE, OCA, Refinement Ore) o Buff Potions, Healing items MvP Ranking (Weekly) • MvP options buffed (more common 3 options) • Points per MvP kill: o Instance MvP excluded o Weekly Ranking rewards (claimable via NPC) Instance • Separate ‘Easy, Normal, Hard’ modes for all Zero instances • Separate CD for all 3 modes (this is to not waste a day and improve time-gated gear progression) • Weekly Instance Ranking (fastest completion) Alchemist/Blacksmith Ranking • Reset monthly • rewards to top 10 monthly PvP/BG/WoE PvP • Part of hourly event rotation • Announcer • Weekly PvP ranking & rewards for rank obtained BG • Minimum 3/4/4 (KvM/Flav/Tierra) to begin • Happy hours (2x Rewards) • BG Shop WoE • To release within 1-2 weeks of server reopen • WoE Point for participating Refinement • To improve obtainability of +7 gears • To introduce Blacksmith Blessing • Revisit cost of Enriched & HD ores • Refinement Events (rate increase) • retaining +4 safe limit Daily Weekly Monthly Quests • Hunting, Item collection, Instance completion • Daily Rewards: Exp (BM), Refinement Ores, • Weekly: Equipment • Monthly: CE, OCA, etc Zelstar • Zelstar Pouch (random 10-20 Zelstars) • Higher drop rate from champions: o 1-40: 15% Zelstar Pouch o 40-70: 20% Zelstar Pouch o 70+: 25% Zelstar Pouch • Drop from MvPs o Normal-Easy MvPs: 1x100% Zelstar Pouch o Normal-Med MvPs: 1x100%, 1x50% Zelstar Pouch o Normal-Hard MvPs: 1x100%, 1x50%, 1x50% Zelstar Pouch o Fever MvPs: 3x75% Zelstar Pouch o Instance MvPs (none) • Obtained at high cost/random from the following: o Events o PvP o BG o WoE o Quests o Attendance Union: • Union token boost • Better navigation • Darkness Shadow related NPCs to move to Morocc • Union shop items Events: • New event every 2 weeks • Hourly Events to include PvP (mentioned above) • Addition of new hourly events Achievement System • Account based • Better rewards Others • Max level aura quest • Zero crafting material adjustment • Expedition Equipment enchant cost reduction • Channels for PvP, BG, Events, Instance (able to join/leave) • ...More details soon! Cash Shop • 50% battle manuals from hunting pack will be replaced by the 100% ones • Costume eggs containing random content o Costumes, Buff Potions • Individual cash-shop-only costumes • Consumables (High cost, Account bound) • All Cash Shop items (except CE) will be obtainable ingame. If you have any feedback, you're welcomed to share it.
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    Hi r0nians! Just wanted to let you in on some customized things (some are revamps) that are coming for Q1 2020. First is redefining our achievement system. For me this is very under utilized at the moment and will be creating more achievements/revamping some current achievements. The idea is to have some side rewards while you're farming for stuff. Example would be for instance completion. Title of achievement: Rewards: Task required: Unwelcome in Orc Village [Orc Hero Agent] Title kill orc hero 10 times (1087) Public enemy of Orc Village Costume Orc Hero Helmet (13677) kill orc hero 20 times (1087) Demon of Orc Village Costume Large Orc Hero Helm (13882) kill orc hero 30 times (1087) Example for MVP on kill tasks. Title of achievement: Rewards: Task required: God of Sun? [Sun Descendant] Title / Costume Sphinx Hat (13636) kill amon ra 10 times (1511) Hunting the Haunted Lady [Haunter] Title / Costume Heart Wings Hairband (14234) kill white lady 20 times (1630) Demon Meeehhhhh [Prince of Goats] Title / Costume Majestic Goat (13540) kill baphomet 10 times (1039) Example for MVP on kill tasks inside instances. Title of achievement: Rewards: Task required: Twilight of Deepsea Aliens Costume Seagod Protector (14455) kill deepsea coelacanth 10 times (20081) Twilight of Deepsea Aliens (HC) Costume Firinto Scarf (20032) kill deepsea coelacanth 15 times (20081) Twilight of Deepsea Aliens (HC+) Costume Aqua Ten Gallon Hat (20112) kill deepsea coelacanth 25 times (20081) Twilight of Deepsea Aliens (HC++) [Fisherman] Title / Costume Little Aquarium (20325) kill deepsea coelacanth 40 times (20081) HC/HC+/HC++ denotes difficulty, possible to add more in the future. Example for monster on kill tasks. Title of achievement: Rewards: Task required: Ghosts Everywhere! Costume Whispher Mask kill whisper 666 times This structure would be the basis for tasks to be added in the future. Union System Revamp: Reserved. Daily Attendance Revamp: Reserved. Forgotten Box Revamp: Reserved. Daily/Weekly/Monthly activities: Reserved.
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    Where to start... this is a question of integrity. As a player, like many others, who has regularly donated to the server to support what I believed was a server run by GMs who actually gave a damn and repeatedly told players “we won’t wipe”. Let’s face it, this is a wipe, no matter how you look at it. I like many others have invested more hours into this server then I would like to admit. This is like a smack in the face. Not only does this shed light on the fact as to why we haven’t received a significant patch in months, but many of the suggestions for improvements will be implemented into this new server. If r0 was a beta it should have been advertised as such, cause let’s face it that’s what it was. Instead the server was advertised as a progression server which would receive regular updates and regular content patches. For the past 3 months the GMs have gone silent. And now come out with “we are starting a new server, sorry to those on the previous server you wont receive updates”. Who is to say this same thing won’t occur to the new server if/when it sees a dip in the playerbase? What assurances can the GMs give? And at that point why would we believe them because we’ve been told several times this server wouldn’t wipe and would continue getting content regardless of playerbase. Thats it for me, I have lost faith in the GMs and won’t be playing on the new server and I hope those who supported the previous one are compensated for the money they have put into it to keep this server going but lets be realistic, there is no reason to believe this new server won’t see the same fate. Its a damn shame...
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    Edit: Please note that this is not a suggestion post, but rather a analysis of the current system and some of its shortcomings. I am hoping this post motivates discussion surrounding the end game content of r0. Edit again: I decided to put forth actual suggestions to solve these issues, they are in the fifth reply to this post. Alright, so after several months and seeing how the poring instance has become a point of contention among players here I wanted to take a realistic analytical and mathematical look at the poring instance and expedition gear as a whole to give people a better idea of the benefits and negatives of the current setup and hopefully get a constructive discussion moving on potential improvements that could be made that would benefit the server as a whole. I will break this down into a few key issues first and then expand into a mathematical analysis of expedition gear and the requirements. First: The poring instance itself is a "low level" content area which is completely necessary to our current top available end game gear. Now speaking as a player who has played RO for nearly 15 years off and on this sends up red flags. The level 60 cap on the instance has both positive and negative implications. The positive implication is it allows newer players with very little gear to grind out a significant amount of zeny with minimal effort once a day per character in that range. The Negative and reality of it is the server population is not nearly high enough to support the demand of the Jello Stones from newer players alone. In fact the vast majority of Jello stones and fragments that come on the market come from a handful of players who have an army of lvl 60 characters they farm the instance with daily or at least on the most profitable days. This causes massive burnout both leveling a army of low level characters and running the same instance content over and over again causing a significant drop in player retention. Second: The experience issue comes up every time poring instance is brought up in discussion. The need to clear your experience bar every time you run a character through the instance so you don't over level them is poor game design. The simple solution would be to remove the exp from the instance or lessen it greatly to help relieve this issue but that would directly affect players who actually wish to use the instance to gain significant amounts of exp on a daily basis to assist in leveling alts for low time investment. The more complex solution would be to allow players to turn off their exp gain via a NPC or have a NPC that removes all current exp gained for their current base level. Neither solution is great and both have their flaws, but the issue of players mindlessly suiciding armies of alts to be able to re-run the content needs to be addressed. This just adds to the time sink that is farming the instance which no one actually wants to have to do. The easiest solution may be to just raise the level cap to lvl 70 or 75 as the exp gained in the instance would allow players to run a handful of them before having to "reset". Third: On kRO jello stones/fragments are largely obtained from the Gelstar Lottery which turns RMT directly into Zeny. Meanwhile in r0 the Zelstar Lotto results in untradeable consumables. This has caused a significant lack of outside sources of fragments. Yes you can get Jello stones/fragments from the lotto, or at least we have been told you can, after turning in well over 500 Zelstars I have yet to receive anything other then a consumable or discount ticket from the Zelstar lotto so I cannot confirm this other then stating the rates of non consumables is far to low. The current Valentines day even has a trade in of 300 "x" hearts (x being stone, burning, immortal or wooden) for a chance at a random jello stone, 5 fragment box, or rather useless chocolate box. This can be done up to 5 times per day. This was both a interesting and viable option for farming jello stones and I feel needs to be expanded upon if the current poring instance stays the way it is. Allowing players another (albeit potentially slower means of farming stones) needs to be addressed. The concept of the Zelstar Lotto was supposed to include fragments at a decent rate but that has simply not been the case. Forth: The daily rotation of jello fragments causes bursts of people doing the instances on the most profitable days and ignoring it the rest of the week. I for one, only ever run poring instance on the Sunday night to Monday night transition as I can run the instance twice with each character I can. Once after midnight on Monday morning before the 4am server instance reset, and once after. This effectively doubles the number of characters I have to run the instance for the particular fragments I need. I have little to no motivation to run the instance any other day of the week because it doesn't benefit me at all. This again is poor game design. It supports playing for several hours to get the most done possible at one point in time and then ignoring the content the rest of the week because it no longer applies to you. With that in mind lets take a look at what is needed to actually make a full set of Tier 1 expedition gear: Body Armor: 10 stones, 50 crimson/azure/shining crystals, Needs to be +9 to be viable (the average pieces of gear needed to make a +9 is roughly 6 using Enriched to +7 from 4 and HD for +8 and +9) So for a +9 that is 60 stones and 300 of each crystal on AVERAGE to get a +9. Boots: 9 stones, 50 crimson/azure/shining crystals, for the +27 refinement bonus on the set assuming you have a +9 chest this can be left at +7. Average to make a +7 is slightly less then 50% but for ease call it 50%. So 18 stones, and 100 of each crystal. Garment: Same requirement numbers as boots and should also be +7 for the refine bonus of 27. 18 stones and 100 of each crystal. Accessory: 19 stones, 50 of each crystal. Due to the stone requirement being so high I suggest leaving your accessory at +4 to get the refinement bonus (9+7+7+4=27) Total AVERAGE requirement to get a singular full set together: 115 stones, 550 of each crystal. edit: this would put the average cost with refining considered as well for a full tier 1 set at +27 refine to be somewhere in the range of around 170mil (based on 1mil per stone, refine costs of 40mil for the +9, 3mil average for the +7s, and 5k per each crystal) This does not include the cost of rolling enchants which can get excessive very quickly if you are aiming for a specific enchant on all 4 pieces of gear. Expect another 40mil+ for enchanting, likely more then that for excessive min-maxers. For a SINGLE characters end game gear setup assuming the average number of fragments received from each instance is around 3.5 (this number may be incorrect and is a assumption based on both personal experience and what other players have told me their average numbers are) you would need to run a total of 164.3 poring instances or 165 poring instances to make your gear for one character. This is in addition to the instances needed to run to obtain the crystals. Now assuming you are running poring instance at a fairly decent pace and clearing the instances in around 8 minutes that is nearly 22 hours of poring instance, just for one component of the gear required. Conclusion: We have multiple sources of game burnout here, the content is not repeatable without significant effort, it is not rewarding outside of endgame gear and needs to be run at low level to be run at all. If the GMs wish to address player retention and why players are coming in and not sticking around: This. Poring instance is daunting and not fun. No one wants to run it over and over again to try and make their refined pieces of gear. The entire mechanic would be completely fine if the server had 5000 players on it and a thriving market which could support this sort of content, but at some point the GMs have to recognize that we don't and likely never will have that size of a community. Address the issues and hopefully keep this server from falling into oblivion.
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    Here on Ragna0 players can choose between several gears with many options for their builds. The hard part is to summarize all this information to check if your build needs adjustment or new gear. @battlestats is a custom command where players can check the sum of their options on gears. Many servers implement it, showing on chat several information that are not shown on ALT+A like: - Total ATK Power (Based on Atk Formula) - Total MATK Power (Based on Matk Formula) - Total Defense % (Based on hard DEF Formula) - Total % delay after attack reduction - Total +% damage on X Race - Total +% damage on X Element - Total +% damage on X Size - Total % Reduction on X Race - Total % Reduction on X Element - Total % Reduction on X Size This can be helpfull to bugfix gear combo sets or hidden properties
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    Hello, I've recently joined the server and have been playing for 5 days so far, but here are some of my thoughts and observations about the server so far. Background When I first started out on the server as a Swordsman, I noticed monsters would drop gear more frequently than normal, and soon found out about random options. However, since there's a random factor to the gear, a lot of times the gear is junk and probably discarded. As I eventually hit levels 50~60 and about to hit Knight, I was trying to find better gears to use but I wasn't able to easily find information on where to get the next set of gears, until some friends told me to level at Desert Hodes after changing to Knight (they never mentioned gears). It was only after my attempt at levelling at Desert Hodes that I found out about the Desert set drops which I thought was a pretty useful set for level 50 requirement when I was level 60+ at the time. Eventually I found out about Lava set too from friends, but that's a level 75 set you would obtain from Magma Dungeon F3 which is a end-game map. I currently have a level 84 Knight, 58 Blacksmith and 57 Priest, with my Knight being my only "fairly geared" character and I'm trying to gear my Knight up to do other content like instances. Gear image Observations 1. Gear progression is difficult/limited I see a huge gap to progress from Desert to Lava or Expedition set due to the difficulty change in the maps to obtain the gear. From looking at item descriptions, gear refine is extremely important to obtain refine bonuses at +7 and +9. However, I've looked around at methods to obtaining ores for refining and it seems like the only ways to obtain Enriched ores are 500k + 5 of respective base item, otherwise you spend 20 Zelstars per Enriched ore of your choosing. Moreover, HD ores are only obtainable through Flamering at 750k + 1 Enriched ore. Zelstars are relatively difficult to obtain due to the nature of requiring Champion mobs to spawn and the RNG factor of dropping the Bag of Zelstars. At this point I do have 45 Zelstars, but it is only worth 2 Enriched ores. The cost of obtaining 500k to convert 5 Ori/Elu to 1 Enriched is pretty high and extremely tedious, more so when trying to obtain HD ores, making refining a very arduous process for any player. The potential of an item with decent random options breaking before reaching +7/9 also make players hesitate to use anything less than Enriched and HD ores once they are available to be used. If we do a comparison between Desert and Lava sets, the Desert set seems to be generally more useful than Lava set, since it provides neutral damage resistance compared to Lava set which provides only fire elemental damage resistance. This leads to a problem where Lava set does not seem to be very useful for its difficulty in obtaining as a generic set, meaning that Expedition gear is the next generic set for progression after Desert. Looking at the methods of obtaining Expedition gear, the Tier IV gears are obtained from the Orcs Memory and Prontera Culvert (Normal) instances. However, only 1 chest is obtained per run, making it a difficult decision of splitting loot among party members as not everyone benefits from participation and pushing players towards attempting to solo the instance. Soloing the instance seems to be a very tall order, requiring a lot of investment into gear, refine and cards given the damage that is dealt by monsters. I have found a video on Orcs Memory from kRO:Z which shows the gears of the player at 1:45 and fighting the boss from 1:52 onwards. From what we can see from the gear, it looks like the player's using Thara Frog, Raydric Card, 2 +9 and 1 +4 armor (total: 30% demi resistance, 20% neutral resistance, +340 additional DEF). Compare this to a video recorded from Ragna0, at 2:55, the boss fight starts. If we do a similar method of identifying mitigation, the Rogue has 40% demi resistance, 15% neutral resistance and +540 additional DEF through refines and +45 DEF through Expedition Robe and its refine bonuses. If we account for the difference between the shields used in kRO:Z vs Ragna0, it's another additional +120 DEF. Despite such a significantly large difference in mitigation, the Ragna0 version of the instance still does more damage than in kRO:Z. This leads me to believe that the stat values of the mobs are likely to be incorrect. While I am uncertain if wrong mob stat values are consistent across other instances, I'm certain that players who have been around longer know if it is and can pitch in based on their experiences. 2. Accessibility of cash related items A lot of KR MMOs are designed around their cash shop model, selling useful consumables or even gacha items which can give consumables at fairly low cost. If you look at kRO and kRO:Z videos, it's not uncommon to see players use consumable buffs. Given the way the game is designed around its cash shop model, attempting to have a relatively F2P model for a private server can be a challenge as a lot of players are unlikely to donate. For the players who are willing to donate, there must be sufficient cost-benefit for them to be willing to donate and the cash items should be tradeable for it to enter the market and be obtainable by F2P players who can now also enjoy benefits of cash items at the cost of their zeny and time. While some may argue and say "P2W", it's only truly P2W when its accessibility is locked behind a paywall without alternatives. One common solution done by many other servers is to include items that can be converted to CP to allow F2P players to be able to obtain cash related items. Looking at Zelstars, it seems like it was an attempt at allowing F2P players some access to cash shop items. However, the only way of obtaining Zelstars now is through champion mobs and is not a guaranteed drop as well. Moreover, the available options for using Zelstars are also fairly limited and appear costly. Some items like the Stat Reduction Potions seem redundant as players are more likely to use Neuralisers or the Reset NPC. This applies to the Zelstar Machine's loot table as well having these Stat Reduction Potions. On kRO:Z, they have a much larger pool of items in their Zelstar machine/gacha equivalent (see: link, first table) with a good chance (4.5% - 5.9%) of getting each type of useful consumables. Stat Reduction Box (스테이터스 감소 포션 상자) is obtained at 1% chance and opening the box gives 1 of the 6 possible potions. In kRO:Z's game intro page (link), it seems like 젤스타 is a commonly used material in exchange for Enriched and HD ores, even Blacksmith Blessings (BSB) since you can use them for getting HD. I believe Zelstars were created to model after it in a more F2P fashion. However, it seems like there's no alternative to making Enriched/HD using Zelstar, and BSB are non-existent on Ragna0. Conclusion Gear progression seems to go in cycles of short spikes then very long plateaus due to level requirements of farming maps for drops, gear options and difficulties of obtaining refining materials. Low and limited accessibility of cash related items due to availability being locked behind mostly Cash Shop and Zelstar alternatives are either a small subset through the Machine or very expensive through the Store. Gear progression difficulty seems somewhat intertwined with Zelstar usage options. Possible Solutions 1. Bring back the official 젤스타 + ore conversions, but using Zelstars as replacement and raising the requirements e.g (kRO:Z) 1 젤스타 + 1 Oridecon -> (Ragna0) 3 Zelstar + 3 Oridecon since we happen to be x3 drop rate 2. Temporarily remove Zelstar Store since it's not meaningful, and improve the Zelstar Machine's loot table. May increase the Zelstar cost as a by-product
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    Vou deixar minha opinião em português, graças a ajuda do rapaz que vai traduzir. Primeiramente parabéns pelo trabalho dos responsáveis pelo servidor, e parabéns pelas pessoas que comentaram aqui, bem interessante todos os comentários. Particularmente eu desde que conheci o servidor não acho uma explicação para ter poucos jogadores, no meu ponto de vista é um excelente servidor, sem p2w e uma comunidade pequena porém ativa e bem amigável, e tirando algumas pessoas, normalmente brasileiros não sei o motivo. O que faria para melhorar o servidor: a) Investiria em publicidade: melhor forma de chamar atenção de novos jogadores, e não depender de que já está jogando. Pois no meu modo de ver, não é função dos jogadores lotarem o servidor, por mais legal que seja b) Mais eventos: pelo menos todos os mês teria que ter um evento ativo para incentivar os jogadores a saírem do tradicional. Acredito que nada além de visuais e comestíveis como recompensas. c) Evitaria WoE e daria mais atenção a BG: acredito que não é o momento de ter WoE ou se quer testar no servidor "oficial", motivo principal não existe população para isso. Focaria em BG d) Como GM estaria mais presente no jogo: Caso fosse GM/dono do servidor procurarei estar online no jogo e fazendo eventos surpresas/esporádicos e) Iria remover esses benefícios da guilda: Com toda certeza isso era desbalancear o servidor. Eu tentaria focar em buffs diários e não recompensas, tipo a guild tem lvl x e tier y, agora os membros ganham 5% a mais de xp. E também, caso seja possível iria aumentar o número de pessoas em uma PT dando mais bônus de exp quanto maior for a PT (Max 15 ou 20 jogadores), essa última sugestão pode parecer boba, mas acredito que seja valida caso aumente consideravelmente a quantidade de jogadores. f) Discord/Comunidade: bom acredito que iria checar se a comunidade está realmente amigável, pois em muitos casos eu vejo um excesso de raiva na hora de dialogar dentro do jogo e no discord. E se em um servidor pequeno tem esse problema quando estiver maior de fato o problema será pior. Falta um pouco de educação, carisma e aceitar a opinião de outras pessoas. Muitas vezes respostas rudes são dadas de forma desnecessária. Na minha opinião. Bom é isso. Espero que ajude e sucesso para o servidor
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    Features Improved Refine Tables Added safe refine for weapon/armor to at least +4 See wiki Refinement for more info. Thanks for all feedback by 0nians. Zelstar has arrived! We discovered that Champion monsters carries precious gem named Zelstar. There are NPC in Adventurer's Inn interested in these gems. NPC Updates Jello Synthesis now offers an instant stone crafting for 250k Zeny. Gym Pass NPC has arrived to Payon. Bug Corrections Chain combo with strange delay is corrected. Blitz's Beat minor formula issue is corrected. Assassin Cross Sunset minor issue is corrected. Backstab increase accuracy based on level is added. Impositio Manus matk is now displaying in status window. Multiple hit on plant monster issue is corrected. Corrected Expedition zeny drain issue. Cash Shop Updates Added 3 Cash Exclusive Costume hat. Removed Gelstar from Cash Shop. Instance Updates Increased Jello Fragment Boxes to Sunken Ship instance. Client File Patch Added updated item description and other lua files.
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    Hello Ragna0 players! Ludens? We are a guild looking for anyone down to have a fun time in the server. We are also an active in Discord and somewhat knowledgeable to Ragnarok Zero mechanics. We have a variety of nationalities too; therefore, we don't care whatever you are, aslong as you can speak a decent amount of English. If you are a decent human being that doesn't flame or be an idiot, then you're a fit for us! Perks of joining us? Currently, we do GTB, Maya, and Orc Instances at 05:00 Server Time ( 21:00 PST / 13:00 GMT+8 ) consistently. If we get more members, we will eventually hold parties for leveling (i.e. Niff & Amatsu). We also have the great CeleMerch, one of the top blacksmiths in the server, residing in our guild ready to make you weapons in exchange for the materials. Questions? Contact Ruinous#5147, fran#9293, or Ihsan#7969 on Discord If you want to be a part of Ludens, come join us through the link below! https://discord.gg/xt8CWnN
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    I'd like to share my experience on this matter. I am playing for 31 days now, with 4 days of interruptions. On those 4 days I didn't play since each time before that I have broken an equipment piece upon refining from +0 to +4. Each time I farmed for that gear piece for my Knight and Priest either on my own or I bought it off the market. Due to being a new player I didn't have any backup equipment in case that gear piece broke. Each time I was frustrated as hell. Let me try to explain why the frustration is way bigger than it should actually be: 1. As stated on Discord and after looking at the DEF calculation, defense is nowhere as important as on Classic Ragnarok. Looking at the numbers, the difference between +0 and +4 equipment isn't as big as players hope it to be. Don't get me wrong, I believe there is a difference and it actually helps new players in their daily activities. It is the actual mindset of the playerbase, most players have played the game for years and the mindset is that as a newbie you run gear on +4 refinement. I doubt this mindset has or will ever change(d). 2. If an equipment piece breaks and there is no backup piece, due to server population there is no backup at all. Which means that it is not my funds (Zeny) that is too low to buy another equipment piece on the market but simply that theres none on the market. As a result I had to go back to buying a piece from NPC, Low-Grade Kingdom Equipment or very basic gear from market. Hopefully this example will help: Week 1: I started with Swordsman + Acolate and equipped both with Low-Grade Kingdom equipment until I had saved up 500.000 Zeny. Week 2: I bought basic gear with random options from other players on the market for 500.000 Zeny. Week 3: I leveled my two characters to 85/50 being Knight and Priest, farming 10M Zeny. a) With that amount of zeny I bought equipment like Desert Leather gear with rather bad random options. b) With the remaining zeny I bought equipment with better random options and elunium. The amount of equip on the way to +4 being broken was shockingly high. I am aware that this is due to bad luck, but bad luck doesn't help a new player from being really frustrated at this point. So at the end of week 3 I was left with the equipment stated at Week 3 (A) which doesn't fit the level of characters nor the amount of time (effort) put it into the game. TL;DR: I do approve the suggestion of having a chance of +100% upon refinement from +0 to +4. This improvement is basically directed towards newer player and lowering the entrance barrier that players experience after their first x days of playing. This suggestion is mostly about removing frustration rather than economics. The points stated by Lukien stated in this topic also apply valid. Yet I think those changes in the game economy seems to be too complex being lucked at by a new player or potential player. A new player doesn't want to spend 500.000 Zeny for Enriched Elunium in order to upgrade a equipment piece that itself may actually be only worth the same or even less. Which brings me to the point that lowering the cost of Enriched Oridecon and Elunium is too dangerous and does hurt the economy. It is mostly a zeny sink mechanism which is working quite well. In case the suggestion of having +4 safe refinement is rejected, I approve having alternate sources of access for Enriched items as a better way to go, looking at reward/risk. The longer I think about this topic overall I believe having +4 safe refinement and alternative sources of enriched items is overall the best solution.
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    Features Yuno exclusive content! Professor Pen can help you discover Memory of Lovers Vesper Core 01 [1] Vesper Core 02 [1] Vesper Core 03 [1] Vesper Core 04 [1] Three Cursed Swords Solve the mysterious puzzle and find the hidden blacksmith, to craft one of the following upon your requeset Cursed Grimtooth [2] Cursed Executioner [2] Cursed Mysteltainn [2] Magma Dungeon F3 is open! A dungeon exclusive for players level 75+, a new Fever dungeon! Follow the path in Magma Dungeon F2 to enter the 3rd floor. Make sure you are well prepared with a good party. Introducing new Lava Leather equipment. NPC Updates A new member has arrived to Adventurer's Inn, Azura! He can delete your unwanted Bound Items from your inventory! Drake Instance Treasure chest drops 1 extra Fragment Box of Jello. Event Updates Christmas events ends. Bug Corrections Corrected minor bug in Royal's Knight Lance. Corrected possible server crash issue. Corrected all Louyang quests minor bugs.
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    I wrote a review there for the server. But when he gives the option to do a deeper review on the RateMyServer forum, I didn't find the Ragna0 server topic ... Edit: I'm doing a forum review too! So let's all help by crowding the forum thread with our reviews!
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    I'll be adding a forum post regarding that.
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    "Wait who the heck are you? Y u doin dis?" I've been a dev for 3 (or 4? don't remember) servers in the past (from 2010 to 2012). Mostly I handled all issues and decisions alone (even if I'm not the financer, I stronghand them!), all my servers had no problem getting content updates, but sadly, they all closed because of me being inactive in marketing to all those servers (and all of them are high rate stuff so....). So I know how servers die because I see it happen before my eyes. Also played a lot of servers (mid rates, high rates) that had a lot of population but somehow didn't survive. I regularly consult (when I was a dev) rAthena forums to check new things and get some scripts and customize it for my server, and created them from ground up when needed to. Up to you if you'll believe me or not. Starting off with a run-down of the issues that plagued our society.. I mean our server: Communication Bugs, bugs, and bugs! Content Us being a private server. r0 Cares! Staff? Communication? - This thing right here is somewhat in the 20% range of the issue, there was no some sort of transparency about when things are going to be fixed, when things are going to be added and whatnot, stuff like that. Not even a post regarding why a content was delayed/out from a promised patch (looking at magma 3), a post regarding a severely downed population, a post regarding blah blah. We know that the admins have life outside those 'commits' of codes, but the community doesn't wanna be kept in the dark (for the early life of a server anyway, when it becomes stable enough, this is not that needed daily). If the player-base didn't even 'revolted' on discord, do we even get to know the things you planned? Not sure. A simple post regarding the 'WHYs?' would suffice and I think the community would not be so mad about it. And of course, the official statement of what the future holds. We'll be expecting this! Bugs, bugs, and bugs? - There were a lot of this from what I saw (from cooldowns of skills and falcon damage that requires 'src' modification, and down right to item effects on item_db.txt). A lot of play testers would squash them bugs, and I do commend your plans to have the recruitment phase include testers on the test server. Just follow-through on that and these would be gone! (about 20% too of the issues, now at 40% combined) Content? - Right. 1 map, 1 word, 1 number. M-A-G-M-A 3, what happened to this? A lot of us were looking forward to it, besides the option revamp that came about a month ago. For me this is the start of the fall, a lot of your player-base saw this as one of the reason they'd leave (and so they did, but from all of these combined). Instances are not rewarding enough (will follow all this up on the 4th point), a lot of item content were locked behind that +9 upgrade, even though options dropped are better than the 1st month, no real end-game was found. Plus, being a little blind on future content + the 1st point above made it a lot worse. Battlegrounds, what are you planning to do about it? Malangdo, how will the enchants affect the items and whatnot? At the most, to cure this, follow through the promised schedule of content releases, if not followed, 1st point above would be followed, define the 'WHY?'. (30% of the all the issues, now at 70% combined) Us being a private server? Hell yes! - Coming from the unrewarding instances stuff, the drops from these instances should be buffed by 200% (x3) at a minimum, even with a good population, it'd still take a lot of time to get "Best-in-slot" items, so better not shy away from giving away these badly needed item requirements (plus they'd break anyway at plus 1, so... you get my point). Lower requirements for those lovely CT mid gears, louyang/amatsu HGs, and other endgame stuff (maybe not for expedition stuff since instance drops buffed would balance things out), we're a private server, not a kRO:Zero that's being handled by Gravity. Custom stuff to improve some Q-o-L of players (storage at adventurer's inn? custom achievements that can be used for newbie and old-timer satisfaction? more ways to gain event coins and costumes??? Maybe!!!) But then, custom stuff should be threaded lightly, and not ruin that 'Core Zero Mechanics'. So use at own discretion with your community agreeing! (15% of all the issues, now at 85%) r0 Cares? We do! Really! - This is not about the donation to charity stuff, but rather, how the player-base perceives that the administration cares for it community, one example is this is the first server that no in-game GM, did not even do some sort of event (GM initiated event in game), I've been here in the 5th week, so do correct me if I missed it on the first few weeks, but there wasn't any from that 5th week onward (not counting that NPC event where we get the costume stuff). We knew that the 2 GMs are part of the core developers, and not having a GM specializing in events do affect the community somehow. I hope you do some sort of this thing or recruit one that specifically handles this type of task. And also back from point 1, having some sort of transparency means that you somehow care about your community of players. (10% of the issue, now at 95%) Staff? Staff... - This is not that big of an issue, but it's here since it seems that all content/things to be done for Zero can't be handled by 2 Core Developers, glad that you'd be adding 1 of 2 planned. I hope they'd pass, and I also hope that if the number of working devs here doesn't make you lazy enough to think that they're here, they can handle it themselves, 4 people is better than 2 out of 4 working. So that's that. (that's 5%, currently at 100%) • Wild Card Stuff • (will be adding stuff here as an idea struck me) - We do understand that sometimes, no matter how well you keep things on a timely manner, a system/schedule would still fail no matter what, there's not a single system in the world that has a 99% up time. The same goes with the stuff going on with the server, be it the updates, unexpected server crash, unexpected delays of updates. But when that happens, a compensation to your player-base would be well received, and believe me, they'd thank you for that and be more understanding with shortcomings (be it as small as 10 event coins, or as big as pieces of bubble gums/field manuals!). These here are some things I observed, I'm sure that there are some things I missed but do point it out on the posts below! Thanks for reading this! TL:DR? nah, read it all if you care enough for the server. 🙂 PS: We're somewhat excited for the things to change, atleast I am, please don't break out hearts again for the last time. I'm thinking this would be the last time before the 90% of the community totally gives up on this. PSS: How the heck do we put a signature on your posts again? I mean the one with the picture below every post? Anyone? Please let me know. Thanks! @Hades @Stroheim
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    I fully agree with steph's post. It's not worth the risk to let the server fester untill you think reait's ready, it won't be long before absolutely everyone quits, when that happens, people arnt going to want to join a server that is already months old and has nobody. I'm calling this a state of emergency. Hades dont let this slip through your fingers. Plenty of servers launch before they have all their desired content and the playerbase grows the ability to add content. We have about 30 people online (wtf) and some of those few were server developers that are willing to help however they can to add content to the server, push things along. Imagine if we still had 300 people online how easy it would be to get some of those people on board as developers if it were really that important. Basically @ hades I'm saying it's not important enough to wait for the content, because your team is small that's okay(but if it's that important please speed things up because your server is for sure dying while you think you are fixing it). A lot of people are smart, and can be up in arms about this bug or that update, this content they miss; but a lot more people are not smart, ragnarok is a social game and people will stay on a shitty server if there is a rich and vibrant community of characters to interact with. I think you have your priorities tunnel visioned. If you ask people who are still on the server as active players, why they are still here, I wonder what they would say? I dont think it would be because of content. My guess is that it would be because it's too late to jump ship because of the friendships and bonds they've already developed within the community. If they didnt have friends here, they wouldnt be here. Even people who solo farm all day will still brag to their guildies at the end of the day. I think that's the point of ragnarok first and foremost. Edit: you're also going to always want just a little more content. Don't fall for it, please look at what were saying. The server is ready for a population push, please! Edit #2: remember your good times news post? That's dead now. We didnt have content then, either. That was the business during that time, and we had even less then.
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    Note that my 0.1% was just an example of a more consistent rate of card drops. Also there's a big difference between a lazy player and a casual player, I doubt that the remaining casual players even wants the 0.1% card drop change. The main point of this server is how they want to make the server resemble as close as possible to their official counterpart. You seem to think that's the sole reason as to why such "casual" players decided to quit. Here are some more reasons the server has such a low amount of players: the slow pace of the updates, bugs that takes a while to fix, crashes/freezes that haunt your exp bar, lack of content (basically things to do in the server), the lack of server advertisement, the lack of proper documentation of the patches (it's a russian roulette on what's actually changed every patch). Imagine if this server brought such inconsistent/controversial changes (like the MVP Griefing lately) without any discussion with the community? That's another reason players will add to the "why i quit r0" list. However, despite talking shit about the server, this is still the only server that had the balls to follow Zero's path. Yes I understand that GMs are actual human beings with life and job, they can't do everything perfectly. Yes I understand that kRO Zero has low amounts of content. Yes I'm aware they're taking care of the server advertisement with the streamers. I don't care how long they'll take to add more content, as long as it comes as a content, not as a bug. But can the community wait 2 weeks for something? No they can't. Because what they want is entertainment. It's not because they can't gear or anything, it's because there's no reason to do so.
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    Greetings 0nians! We have decided that 'MvP griefing' is to be listed as an punishable offense as of 23/9/2019. Reports made after 23/9/2019 will be scrutinized and action taken. While MvPing is free for all, any behaviour that is perceived to annoy / disturb the progress of killing MvP is not allowed. Example: Safety Walling on MvP to prevent a melee player from killing it. Pneuma on MvP to prevent ranged player from killing it. Luring mobs to a player killing an MvP Our server rules have been updated to reflect this change: https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Server_Rules *Any report received on this matter must be accompanied with replay file as proof.
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    For people acepting 3m for an enriched ore This screenshot was taken from kRO:Zero:
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    I'd suggest increasing the amount of ori/elu needed while decreasing the zeny cost a bit, like 5 or 10 ori/elu for one enriched/HD. I agree with Lukien that the zeny cost seems a bit much for us.
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    I'd much rather make them less rare in the event lottery. There's a reason you can only get garment costumes in the cash shop, and that's so everyone has the same chance of getting them. Also: you would either have to make current costume ticket boxes untradable (as is everything else in the cash shop) or create a separate cash shop one. Either way, you'd end up with untradable costumes - since that's how our cash shop works, for good reason. If you put normal costume ticket boxes in the cash shop, you'd attach an inherent money price to them, and sooner or later the entire economy revolves around that; I've seen it happen over and over again. Tl;dr: instead of adding them to the cash shop, increase the chance of getting them through event coins.
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    Idea description: Implementing kRO zero exclusive gears would stop this myth of brandish spear being overpowered Why is it good? People think brandish spear is the best thing ever since sliced bread, little did they know they're just using old RO gears with random options; resulting with people jumping on the brandish knight bandwagon How urgent is this rate 1-10: 10 Will it affect our economy? Introducing newer gears would shift the market to farm kRO zero exclusive gears from higher-leveled monsters Will it affect any of our core systems? In a positive way If we deny it, what might happen? People will still think brandish is OP and their favorite class isn't as good If we accept it, who does it benefit the most? The server in the long run You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: This is an official™ kRO™ Zero™ feature™ Other inputs: Brandish is not even good
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    I voted to change it. Here are my best points for why: 1) Knights/GC Saders get 7-10m exp/hr. The graph is a little weird but I know 96->97 is 140m exp. It looks looks like 98->99 is 320m exp. Let's say 96->99 is 660m exp. That means 96->99 will take about 77 hours (660,000,000 / 8,500,000). No one wants to do that. The people that have done it, not on this server but others I'm sure also hated it. Yes, grinding in Ragnarok is the core of the experience but that doesn't mean it has to exist simply because that's how "it has always been". 2) You are content locked when you have experience points. We really only have 3 things to do right now: instances, mvp, leveling/farming. No one wants to do instances or mvp with experience. Let people get to 99 faster or get to the next level faster so they may do them. 3) I think most people that want to keep the EXP table as it is think their is something to gain, some kind of reward that's worth all that time to get to 99. Well let me tell you, if you value them imaginary internet points for getting to 99 well then yep you gottem. Realistically, there's barely any difference between Lv. 90 and 99. Maybe a few hundred HP and 5% more damage output. And finally, you supporters of keeping it as it is will not enjoy getting to 99 as it is. You will not have fun.
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    I voted to keep it, at least until Trans come's out. It doesn't bother me either way if we get it or not. Or we can vote to put Knights & Sader's on Currently Table and all other classes on the new one 😉 /gg Kappa
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    jesus christ this is a gold mine BRING JOB 5 ALREADY PLEASE
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