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    I did it in a hurry. xD
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    Yaaay! It took a lot of time but i wanted to do my best at this one! I was artblocked for a loooong time and this event made me finally draw again after so long! If you want to check out my other artworks, they are at my instagram (same name here, Blockbustard) :3 I hope you all enjoy it!
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    Enjoy 🙂 https://sketchtoy.com/69256109
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    So, finally finish drawning. It was more than a week on it and at last!! I got tired and out time. A Pixel Art made by mouse. It was vey vey hard to do it, almost give up a bounch of time, but now I am very happy that I just did. I would changed some stuffs and put more detail, but.....enough, got tired. Hope you like, guyz!
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    Idea description: Remove the level limit on poring Normal mode instance, so players have some instanced content to do on their own Why is it good? A solo content for players to farm their daily jellos if they dont have a group/ are looking to chill a little/ are short on time to play How urgent is this rate 1-10: Not urgent but a QoL update Will it affect our economy? May increase the avaliability of Jello fragments and stones Will it affect any of our core systems? Not Really You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: i do :3 Thanks
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    Skeggiold and Skogul soon tm
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    Here's my entry featuring Valkyrie and Valkyrie Randgris ;3
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    Official Patch log for Lif 1.1.0 starting here v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v Official Content: • Malangdo - some dungeon mobs turned into aggressive officially - daily quests with 24H cool down will now refresh at 00:01 server time (from a fixed counter) - quest rewards further increased to x3 - further enhancement on scripts • Yuno - fixed a critical bug on Emilia NPCs quest - disabled a buggy "cat" npc on yuno_fild03 - further enhancement on scripts - runaway book now spawning again - capture rate for runaway book now 100% • Izlude/Prontera/Geffen/Payon - further enhancements on quest scripts including and not limited to newbie quests • Glast Heim/Aldebaran - daily quests added • Quest NPCs - added a lot of new icon indicators matching official server • Novice land - porings will now not be extinct for newbies • Homunculus - autofeed now works (http://www.ragna0.com/forums/reports/skillreports/homunculus-wont-autofeed-r302/) - issue on exp fixed (http://www.ragna0.com/forums/reports/skillreports/homunculus-isnt-getting-10-of-the-alchemist-exp-r303/) • Rogue quest - mobs in the area will now reset every time a new player comes in • Cash - bells will now summon a cat kafra that only you can see by your side - cash boxes effect fixed (duration, and was fixed on the day after it was discovered, not really at this posting) • Skills - Raid skill fixed (http://www.ragna0.com/forums/reports/skillreports/raid-sightless-mind-debuff-time-lasting-only-7-hits-r290/) - Berserk skill sync'd with official zero (http://www.ragna0.com/forums/reports/skillreports/lord-knights-skill-berserk-not-working-as-intended-r305/) General: • Prontera Bounty Quests NPCs (DWM) quarantine lifted - now enabled (EDIT: TAKEN OUT QUESTS FOR INSTANCES FOR FURTHER CHECKS) - limits for each is also live • Monsters - 155 more monsters now has correct exp mirroring official - MVP tags on Deepsea Coelacanth, Giant Octopus, and Bone Detale corrected • We all love your achievements - fixed the issue wherein account bound progress is being "hardsaved" on first logout of your character - now fully working as intended - minor fixes on achievement ids • Union for the players - revamped hunting quests to be more logical and "easier" - cooldown fixed (3H/6H/12H) • U da real MVP/PVP - ranking will now reset monthly - added rewards on database • Fistsssssssss - Excruciating Fist sp cost fixed from 200sp to 30sp • You're all duckers - egg will now be deleted when "run-away" pet's master logs out • Assistant - warp for novices on 2nd floor academy changing to ninja changed to amatsu proper • Item fixes - Hades Insurance fixed to untradable - Orcish Axe now fixed getting equipped by Novices - Kingdom Guild Coin is now weightless - Bushy Moustache costume is now a lower headgear (from top) - Oak Mace [3] weapon level fixed to 2 (from 1) ================================== Official Patch log for Lif 1.1.0 ends here Pending stuff and things to come after official launch: (NO ETA) - WoE Treasure Chests still cooking (WIP) - aura quest for max level still cooking (WIP) - *censored* blessings (note: not BSB) (still WIP) - world boss mechanics/explanation (still WIP) - abyss lake official daily quests (still WIP) - WoE schedule will be discussed with the community - additional items on vote for points (will come after further improvement on voting system) - Transcendent quests will have its Mythril requirement on next next major update (Base Level 130 patch) (officially it requires 50pcs, on ours, it will be 10pcs) Next major official content: - Einbroch with related items/mobs/quests/dungeon/new fever field, no ETA for now (http://roz.gnjoy.com/news/update/View.asp?BBSMode=10014&seq=70&curpage=1) Next minor event/content: - "Festival of Neko": exclusive costumes that will only be made available for these series of content coming soon™ near you, no ETA for now Bugsmasher: • Enriched ores can still be used on +10~>+11 refine which shouldn't be the case (Still a known issue with no fast fix available) • Loli Ruri's extinction - still checking. Current active forum event: JOIN NOW! Current active ingame event:
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    Infelizmente não sou bom nessas coisas com o computador, então fiz a mão a mesmo. Não tinha lápis de cor para colorir hahaha.
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    My name and IGN is Jazzy, and I do chibi art for both in-game currency and a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee is equals to one head-shot avatar (chibi or non-chibi). If you'd like to know more about prices, please send me a DM through Discord = JazD801#7349 Thank you for stopping by!
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    Hi, guys! While I was looking for ducklings in town with some of my guildies, I thought to myself, "I could make a guide for this, hmmm", and voila! Here it is! Important Note To get your own Duckling, you must get your first 5 Ducky Blessings. After getting said items from the Achievement window and from your roDEX, walk to the right of middle Prontera until you find the Pet Groomer NPC. The NPC that you should talk to is the one with the Ducks around him. Good luck! To evolve your Duckling into Big Duckling, you need 20 Ducky Blessings. Towns
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    Important Duckling's Food is Shrimp which you can buy from Chef Assistant in Mid Prontera. Special Mentions Special Thanks to Renanol and Lember from Discord for sharing these locations! I'm also gonna promote my guild, Candy Knights, here kek. Join us if you'd like! 😎
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    Fields & Dungeons If you are wondering why some maps are missing, please check this:
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    Official Patch log for Lif 1.0.0 starting here v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v Official Content: • Odin instance (https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Glorious_Odin_Temple) - tweaked rewards to r0 official - configured mob hp/mini bosses/final bosses to r0 official - quest will now be assigned "after" instance entry - further streamlining script behind • Prontera Culvert Instance - fixed some minor script issues - (reserved space) • We Love Novice Quests - introduction quests can now be done even when you're not a novice anymore - added more quests on Izlude - updated exp gained • Mid level grind - updated many level 20 to level 60 monsters with the correct b exp/j exp to ensure correct progression • We're all newbies - updated "recommended quests" section of our Quest Window (Alt+U) to include useful information for newbies in Zero - will be updating this as time goes by and more features are implemented General: • Cashz - added revamped cash box effects described on Lif Beta patch 0.5.2 - also added correct descriptions to each - added Hourly Cashpoints (official configuration will follow and will be updated on this post) • Who needs Tier 4 when you can get Tier 1? - Tier 1 Expedition gears will now only roll 2nd job essences - this is to further promote upgrading to Tier 1 as opposed to just staying to Tier 3 for the essences - now it makes much more sense to go for that Tier 1 Expedition Gear! • Tamed Orcs - bug on Orc Memory instance is now fixed - this includes the spawn bug and the mob hp bug • Gender confusion - fixed intro npc "Luna" image showing when "Oliver" is the one talking... • Parteh Parteh! - added npcs/items/quests in Comodo relating to Event: Comodo Opening Party • We are P2W (Play-2-Win) - added Physical Enchanted Potion and Magical Enchanted Potion to our Zelstar shop • Travelling? - using warper below level 30 is now free - only level 31 and above will require 1000 zeny • Prontera Martial Law after a week - DWM quests be activated after a week • Minor stuff - fixed some visual bugs on some costumes showing slots - "costume" prefix on all costumes removed ================================== Official Patch log for Lif 1.0.0 ends here Pending stuff and things to come after official launch: (NO ETA) - ranking rewards for blacksmiths/alchemists are yet to be finalized (there'll be no rewards now, the ranking itself is the reward) - WoE Treasure Chests still cooking (WIP) - aura quest for max level still cooking (WIP) - *censored* blessings (note: not BSB) (still WIP) - world boss mechanics/explanation (still WIP) - abyss lake official daily quests (still WIP) - WoE schedule will be discussed with the community - additional items on vote for points (will come after further improvement on voting system) - Transcendent quests will have its Mythril requirement on next major update (officially it requires 30pcs, on ours, it will be 10pcs) Next major official content: - Einbroch with related items/mobs/quests/dungeon/new fever field, no ETA for now (http://roz.gnjoy.com/news/update/View.asp?BBSMode=10014&seq=70&curpage=1) Next minor event/content: - "Festival of Neko": exclusive costumes that will only be made available for these series of content coming soon™ near you, no ETA for now Bugsmasher: • Enriched ores can still be used on +10~>+11 refine which shouldn't be the case (Still a known issue with no fast fix available) Current active forum event: JOIN NOW! For AESIR players that donated: READ! 😉 Announcement from me: Please report any bugs found with full explanations and proof why it is a bug on our forums reports section on http://www.ragna0.com/forums/reports/. I'm quite confident that we don't have any major bugs, but please report it ASAP if you found any, message any of the staff directly on discord if it's a critical game-breaking bug. AFTER THE LONG WAIT, IT'S FINALLY HERE! HAVE FUN PLAYING THE MOST UPDATED RO ZERO SERVER IN OUR UNIVERSE! - entire r0 Staff
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    HEADLINES with no explanation needed: Note: Yeah, we know we said June, but this is the best date we can launch (June 30 is an awkward day) since this is the next weekend and will give us the best leeway for our launch. 😉 Official Patch log for Lif 0.5.2 starting here v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v Official Content: • Implemented Hugel and fields (with their mobs and portals) around it. (https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Hugel) - added official Main / 3 Daily Quests (official is only 10 tokens per daily quest, this was boosted to x3 on our server)Hugel Token that is mainly used for new enchants on headgears/equipments for converting into Hugel Gift Certificate that is needed on item quests (see our wiki for more information) - new zero exclusive headgears that has their own enchants (that requires other old 'quest headgears') are implemented Black Eremes Scarf Red Clark Kastet [1] Black Helm of Khalitzburg [1] Skull Hood [1] Skull Hood [1] Witch's Pumpkin Hat [1] Loki's Mask - new zero exclusive quest armors are implemented (Ex. Golden Valkyrie's Armor [1] Vestment of STR [1] Red Dragon Plate [1]) - "vestment" line of armors (Vestment of STR [1]Vestment of AGI [1]Vestment of VIT [1]Vestment of DEX [1]Vestment of INT [1]Vestment of LUK [1] ) can be enchanted - (reserved space) • Implemented Odin Temple - added odin_tem01, odin_tem02, odin_tem03, odin_past maps - added mobs and their drops on their respective maps (Valkyrie Randgris, Frus, Skeggiold, Plasma, etc) - added zero exclusive bosses on odin_past (Valkyrie Ingrid and Valkyrie Reginleif) with some exclusive drops ( Reginleif's Hairband [1]Ingrid's Circlet [1] ) - added zero exclusive mobs on odin_past (Holy Frus, Holy Skogul, Angelic Skeggiold, etc) - added Odin's Relic as drops from some mobs on odin_past map • Implemented Odin Temple's Zero exclusive memorial instance - added Odin's Relic as drops from some mobs inside the instance - easy/normal/hard mode setting (normal will be the "official" difficulty from kRO:Z) *this instance will be further tweaked and tuned - using the same mechanics on treasure chest from old memorial instances - (reserved space) - (reserved space) • Implemented Abyss Lake - added abyss_01, abyss_02, abyss_03, and abyss_04 maps - added mobs and their drops on their respective maps (Detale, Acidus, Ferus, Ancient Mimic, etc) - added zero exclusive boss on abyss_04 (Bone Detale) - added zero exclusive mobs on abyss_03 and abyss_04 (White Acidus, Pink Ferus, Bone Ferus, Bone Acidus) - added Dragon's Treasure as drop from zero exclusive mobs and Detale that lets you obtain item ingredients for Dragon Plates (such as Red Dragon Orb and Big Dragon Bone) and the rest of the Dragon Plate equipment (such as Dragon Scale Boots [1] Dragon Scale Manteau [1] Dragon Ring [1]) • General official additions/changes - added official card drops to iz_dun05 mobs - added warp on yggdrasil01 36 63 so players can go back to Umbala when they enter the Yggdrasil path (QoL) - activated Airship NPCs with level restrictions some areas (now the rescue automated event is more realistic....) - disabled Greed skill from Blacksmiths/Whitesmiths as it's pointless (we have @arealoot) and kRO:Zero doesn't have it - added Change Cart 2 skill to merchants for more kinds of cart designs Quests: • DWM Quest changes (Prontera Bounty Board Quests: https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Prontera_Bounty_Board) - Old Card Album are taken out from quests and replaced by refining ores - you can now only take 5 kinds of Daily Quests, 3 kinds of Weekly Quests, and 1 kind of Monthly Quest - restrictions were placed so players will "think" what they need help with (need leveling? take syrups and BM quests, need more Jellos? take bounties that rewards those instead! need more help in refining? take bounties that rewards ores!) - replaced Red Syrup and Orange Syrup on all quests that have it with Red Syrup Box and Orange Syrup Box (quantity unchanged inside the box) - more will be added in the future* - Blacksmith Blessing taken out completely from their respective quests rewards and replaced with a number of refining ores instead - (reserved space) • Official Quests/Dailies around the world are now unified - quests around midgard will now give out random consumables and a Battle Manual for people not focus on a quest since the rewards were fixed (see https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Prontera or https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Izlude for an example) • Yuno daily quests - see https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Yuno for a detailed post • Hugel daily quests - see https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Hugel for a detailed post • Eden quests - added more champ quests and disabled some monsters that doesn't exist yet • Malangdo quests - quest rewards are now multiplied by 3 General: • Monsters fixes/additions - added back Christmas Cookie to Toy Factory due to a mistake that it doesn't exist on kRO:Zero - added World Boss monsters *further details to follow - fixed Deepsea Red Eruma having more defense than all porings combined (1620 def to 620)- - Cat 'o Ninetail pet effect finally fixed! 🙄 • NPC fixes/additions - added 1000 zeny requirement on every Schr0dinger NPC (Warper NPC) - added and fixed War Equipment Enchant NPC (see https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/War_of_Emperium for complete details) - added and fixed War Enchant resetter at prt_in 208 160 - added union introduction quest at prontera 132 187 - added Duckling NPC at prontera 220 216 *further details on launch - added RWC maps - added WoE Violet Potion Large WoE Violet Potion WoE Teleport Scroll Medium Life Potion Small Life Potion Large Mdef Potion Small Mdef Potion Large Def Potion Small Def Potion Neuralizer on Battle Supplies shop inside BG (item links for this post will be updated) - added Vote for Points NPC at prontera 147 163 - added union buff icons and consumable buff icons - added unique union costumes/items to union shop - added Effect Stone Enchanter NPC "Miss Faerie" at prt_in 285 165 - added zero exclusive Juice Maker NPC at prontera 198 188 - added some QoL improvement on a beginner quest that needs 2 lunatics killed (2 lunatics will be spawned around the npc right after the first dialogue to ensure quest will be finished even if there are no wabbits) - fixed some minor issues on a number of Malangdo Quest NPCs - fixed some minor issues on Kingdom Guild quests not giving the x3 rewards on the "first time quest" - fixes for Union related NPCs - fixed minor issue on Ben NPC on Malangdo - fixed Sprakki being scared with the Mafia (critical bug that gives unli exp when all related beginner quests are finished) - fixed Captain Caracc's minor gender confusion about his friend Sprakki (dialogue stuff) - improved navigation on Knight skill quest "Charge Attack" - some updates to Cooking NPC at prt_in 181 24 and added level 6 to 10 cookbooks - minor name changes on Transcendent Job NPCs - minor script adjustments to Geffen dailies - minor script adjustments to quests with Reno - minor dialogue adjustments to the announcements inside the airship - minor dialogue adjustments to Eden Teleport Officer NPC - minor dialogue adjustments to Raspberry NPC (beginner quests) - changed syrup items into boxes on Newbie NPCs - minor script adjustments on the Intro dialogue/flow from NPCs on the ship (at the very start when creating a new novice) - fixed introduction NPC "Luna" forcing you to have a default language channel when you choose to not join any #channel - added novending mapflag to odin_past and abyss_04 • Item fixes/additions - fixed Charcoal Stove hat (from upper/mid/lower to mid only) - fixed selling value of DWM syrups to 20z - fixed critical/aspd bonus from some consumables - enabled 1530 (Mjolnir) *only the item, more info to follow - cooking is completely revamped and made so much easier (ex. from 10pcs requirement, down only to 1) - added Angelic Feathers effect stone to Angelic Egg Scroll • Instances fixes/additions - fixed minor issue with instances multiplier - Blacksmith Blessing taken completely out of Poring Hard Instance and replaced with Ore Boxes - separation of cooldown from different difficulties added to all Poring and Memorial instances - fixed critical bug on Culvert and Sunkenship memorial instances wherein if you kill one egg/hydra, Ancient Golden Bug/Stormy Drake will be dead on a single touch - DWM instance counter fixed (unlimited rewards claim on 2nd day onwards fix) • Achievements - completely added hundreds of achievements with varying rewards (sample costume rewards: Subject Aura Rune HelmWitch Manteau) - fixed exp bug for achievement rank levels • Events fixes/additions - taken out boss monsters that aren't implemented yet on Disguise NPC for cleanup - added new boss monsters for our Disguise NPC to use - added Random Wig Box (1) Random Wig Box (2) Random Wig Box (3) Random Wig Box (4) Random Wig Box (5) Random Wig Box (6) Random Wig Box (7) Random Wig Box (8) to Jeremy Mini Store Cash store related: • Additions/Changes - added Pope Egg Scroll as first cash "egg" scroll - changed how VIP boxes work with tiered effects - added Bronze Chest(30 Days) Silver Chest (30 Days) Golden Chest (30 Days) Platinum Chest (30 Days) due to above change - added Platinum Chest (90 Days) Platinum Chest (180 Days) Platinum Chest (360 Days) due to above change - added 6 new individual upper costumes: Jormungandr Hat Lightning Speed Gigant Helm Seraph Helm Gram Peony Greater Dracul Horn - added exclusive cosmetic effect stones as enchants to upper costumes: Super Sparks Gold Butterflies Sapphire Butterflies Meow Souls Thunder Dragon Buddha Spirit (https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Effect_Stones) - added exclusive cosmetic effect stones as enchants to lower costumes: Magic Circle Rainbow Spell Poring Bubbles ================================== Official Patch log for Lif 0.5.2 ends here Pending stuff and things to come before official launch: - orc memorial instance bug still exists and will be fixed - essence pool for T1 Expedition gears QoL update - further fine tuning for odin instance - *opening event* surprise - accumulated vote points on beta will be wiped for a clean fair start, thanks for voting even on beta! We will strive to continue climbing up the rankings! Pending stuff and things to come after official launch: - ranking rewards for blacksmiths/alchemists are yet to be finalized - WoE Treasure Chests still cooking - aura quest for max level still cooking - *censored* blessings (note: not BSB) - world boss mechanics/explanation - abyss lake official daily quests - WoE schedule will be discussed with the community - additional items on vote for points - Transcendent quests will have its Mythril requirement on next major patch (officially it requires 30pcs, on ours, it will be 10pcs) Next major official content: - Einbroch with related items/mobs/quests/dungeon/new fever field, no ETA for now (http://roz.gnjoy.com/news/update/View.asp?BBSMode=10014&seq=70&curpage=1) Next minor event/content: - "Festival of Neko": exclusive costumes that will only be made available for these series of content coming soon™ near you, no ETA for now Maybes/no official confirmation: - more automated events - BSB implementation - WoE schedule will be discussed with the community - more GM initiated events in game Bugsmasher from previous 0.5.0 patch: • Cat o ninetail pet effect isn't working - no matter what we tried, it's not taking effect, will need more time • Hard mode instances are bugged • Only Orc instance left - Stroheim will be taking a look • Mechanical Wings has sprite errors. • Hunter quest on Alt+U not going away. • Snow Flake ninja skill is not freezing enemies. - might be from the last issue that freeze status was only lasting a second • Minor Kingdom Guild Quest coin count - number of coins given out is questionable • Enriched ores can still be used on +10~>+11 refine which shouldn't be the case (Still a known issue with no fast fix available) • Minor stuff on starter quests - navigation, some isolated cases • Instances cooldown are not yet separated. • Second time claiming of rewards of instance quests on DWM are still bugged Simple launch announcement video to share: (we need 27 more subs to have a customized url, please sub to our channel!) Current active forum event: JOIN NOW! For AESIR players that donated: READ! 😉 From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for participating in our open beta, I take this as a total success for our beloved server since the foundations are now laid down to make updates and additions easier in the future. A+ FOR TEAM EFFORT! See you on our launch! SOON™ From your r0 team, @Hades @Stroheim @Holly @Minato 😘 Easter egg: Aesir? hmm.......... 🤔
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    there is my contribution. handmade. As you can see. I'm great at painting. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Kawai Holy Skogul & Angelic Skeggiolds. Full mouse LOL.
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    Grand Opening Fanart Event! To celebrate the discovery of the transcendental powers, we have prepared a "Grand Opening Fanart Event"! Please read these easy steps and get ready to make your submissions in order to get prizes ▶ How to participate: 1. Draw/create your fanart of Valkyries/Odin ragnarok related (Include your signature in a visible place) 2. Size should not be higher than 1024x768 3. Upload your fanart in this post as a reply. 4. Tell your friends and tag them to increase the visibility! ▶Event Details: - Fanarts can be uploaded from 06/26 to 07/23 PDT. - Top 3 Fanarts with the most "Likes (Reactions)" will enter to the 2nd Round (held from 07/24 - 07/31) to decide the 1st Place. - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place will be announced on 07/31. - Fanarts with no signature will be disqualified. - Fanarts with inappropriate content and/or plagiarism will be disqualified and removed from the Event post without notice. - By uploading the fanart, participant authorizes the use of rights to Ragna0. - Depending on how submissions come the Staff can choose a Wildcard entry to also enter Finals. - If a wildcard is elected, there will be 2 3rd places. - The event is open to everyone, and while not everyone is expected to be an artist, we expect you put the best effort you can into your submissions, the more effort you put into it, the more likely this kind of social event is going to be, keep that in mind! ▶Event Period: - Round 1 (06/26 - 07/23 PDT): Fanart submission and voting. - Round 2 (07/24 - 07/31 PDT): Top 3 Fanarts with most votes (Reactions) will be entering the 2nd (Final) Round to decide the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place with Wildcard entry(if applicable). - Wildcard announcement on 07/24 - Winner Announcement (07/31 PDT): 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place will be announced. ▶Rewards: 1st Place: 3x Costume Ticket Box. 2nd Place: 2x Costume Ticket Box. 3rd Place: 1x Costume Ticket Box. All Participants (except 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place): 200pcs Event Coin. Thank you all for your faith in us, stay tuned for more and let's have lots of fun togheter!!! CC: @Hades, @Minato, @Stroheim
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    Comodo Opening Party Hello r0nians! It's finally here, and to kick off the grand opening, there are a few guys offering a celebration party in Comodo, they are the COP committee, Comodo Opening Party!!! Each hour logged in on a level 40 or higher character, makes you eligible to claim 20 Comodo Shovel on Comodo, to start your hunt for the Corn0tus that crashed the party! Help thin their numbers, and the committee will surely reward you for your efforts in making the party a safe place! How to participate: Head to Comodo after you reach level 40 and make sure you're logged in for more than 1 hour. Claim your shovels from the NPC COP Edwin(for each 1 hour logged in you can claim an extra 20 shovels). Search for the Dig Sites spread out through Comodo. Kill the Corn0s that crawl out of the Dig Spot before they can ruin the festivities and collect the proof of killing them. You can then exchange the Gold Corn you got for juicy rewards with COP Runey. (not every Corn0tus drops a Golden Corn) Note: Golden Corns can be sold for 1000 zeny to any NPC to help you start! Rewards [Event] 3D Glasses [Event] Bonfire Lime Soda Salted Popcorn Event Period: Festivities will last for a whole month, from 07/03 through 08/03. Bonus effect on event items will only be active during the festivities, losing that effect once the festivities are over. During the festivities, COP Ragi will be doing performances for a small fee of 500z.
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    My entry for the Fanart Contest:
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    Handmade piece of art...
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    A high definition Valkyrie, for more high definition characters, vote for me.
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    Gonna open my chibi art shop here soon
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    Hi guys! Candy Knights is recruiting for more members! We are a SEA-based, English speaking guild for PVM/Social/Instance. We are a group of friends who played the same game and decided to make a community out of this so we can meet new friends. We're fun, very social and friendly people. We love to help new players with the game. We do daily instances and leveling parties whenever we can. Our main timezone is at GMT+8 but everyone is welcome! We also have members from US and EU, if you’re worried. Our guild save point is at Lutie. Requirements: Must understand/speak English. Join our Discord server for communication and updates. Be respectful, nice and friendly. Class Needed: Wizards Tankers Dancer and Bard Priests Basically ALL the job classes, kek If you would like to be part of CK, come join through the link below http://discord.gg/XWYEtEd
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    For streamers out there. Here's a banner for you.
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    First of all, I want to clarify that this is not a guide on "how to level up your character" (although we will see a little of that). It is a series of tips and facts that, based on my experience, will help you improve or have a clearer idea of what to expect or how to improve a blitz beat build. and second, excuse any misspelling. as some know my english is not quite good. But I know that you will find goodness in your heart to forgive me. Changelog: 05/24: -added Sniper thoughts and build. -removed smokie egg (doesn't exist in Lif) 06/23 -added Ancient Mimic Card Pros & Cons -Easy and lazy playstyle. -Ignored Def. -Easy and cheap get starter. -No SP problems. -Can solo most of the content (no MvP oc). -Damage is always neutral. -Eat arrows like a wh... -single target skill (most of the time). -bless/agi dependant. -stats dependant Stats The most important stat for a blitz beat build is agility. Agi is both your defensive and offensive status as it provides you with: -damage -attack speed -flee In a blitz beat build you want to stack as much agility as possible. And on the other hand, luck Luk only increases the frequency with which your falcon will attack. more luk equals higher probability. You also have some extra benefits like: -attk -resistance to some ailments - critical strike chance Don't underestimate the damage of your basic attacks (especially at low level). Believe me, with the speed at which you attack, even if it doesn't seem like much it makes a difference. And what about the Dex? you may wonder. Well I can only say that dexterity is a waste in this build since the damage it adds to blitz beat is ridiculously low. The attack speed bonus is practically non-existent and with your other buffs the "hit" is not a problem (until you face the high endgame but we will see that later). Leveling up Even though Dex isn't a good stat for a blitzer, don't even think about trying to level up with base dex 1 or you're going to cry blood. the best option would be to raise at least 30-50 base dex (in case you don't want to spend on reset). Remember that your blitz beat will start hitting 5 times until you are job lvl 41 or higher. So you can skip Luk until being a hunter. Plan very well the areas where you will hunt for exp, especially if it is your first character. This is closely linked to the equipment you want to obtain later. some recommendations would be: (lvl 30+) payon dun lvl 2: here you can find your first decent bow, a Crossbow [3] from soldier skeletons and an Apple of Archer from skeleton archers. kill black mushrooms whenever you can, they can give you Alcohol and Detrimindexta. there is a champion in the area. save your Bag of Zelstar. (LVL 30+) -Poison spore: go geffen> mjolner dead pit> 1 map down. is just a low lvl area to lvl up, but, you can get optioned Shoes from the champion and Karvodailnirolfrom regular mob. save your Zelstar. (lvl 50+) -Greatest general: save all your Trunk and craft a Sakkat , here you can level up to become a hunter. you can get Hunter Bow. you probably want one with damage as you level up and one with attack speed when you switch to blitz beat. Keep in mind that with Hunter Bow you will need weapon elemental converters. Save all your Zelstar, please don't spend them on hats, it's a trap! (lvl 80+) -Goat: If you are aiming for a Wanderer Sakkat [1], this is a great place. In addition to the exp being good, there is a very good mob density. and drop most of the items you need for Black Dyestuffs. there is a champion in the area. (lvl 80+) -Clocks: you will need many Elunium, this is a good place if in addition to that you need more Trunk. there is a champion in the area. (lvl 80+) -Glast Heim Churchyard: A Bathory Card makes this place easier. Dark priests give lots of exp and Skull. kill the wraith too, you will need the Fabric. there is a champion in the area. Gearing/building the character i will skip all the archer stuff, and focus on the moment you start playing as a blitzer. remember, you have to be job lvl 41 for your skill to hit 5 times. In your stats you want: Luk : 45-60 (total). Dex: 30-50 (base). Agi: as much as posible. You can use optioned agi equipment, but you want to aim for somethink like this: Crossbow [3] (18%+ after attack delay) ( Hunter Fly Card ) Desert Leather Suit [1] (flee +15) (+7) (Venatu Card) Desert Leather Shoes [1] (flee +15) (Male Thief Bug Card) Muffler [1] (agi+4) (Bapho Jr. Card) Falcon Claw Falcon Feather Cat Hand Glove [1] (Creamy Card) Ghost Bandana or Sakkat or Wild Rose Hat [1] (many options here) Binoculars or Tengu Mask Green Petite Egg or Wanderer Egg Extra recomendations: -Don't push too hard to get this items. remember, is your basic gear. -you can lvl up to 99 with this set with no problems. and will be an amazing help after rebirth. Your desired stats as hunter are: -full Agi -90 bae luk -rest dex From this point, you can slowly upgrade your gear. here some options: Thunder Bow [1] this is the best in slot bow you can have so far. You want it +9 and is your main priority. as random options you want attack speed. theres two options, +1 flat attack speed or 5 ~ 10 after attack delay. what's better? well, most of the time are the same thing, BUT, if you are stacking a lot of after attack delay, after attack delay +10% should be better. Your garment can be Ancient Cape [1] (agi +4)Expedition Manteau [1] with agi/flee enchants. Loli Ruri's Shoes [1] (flee +15) (+9) or Expedition Greaves [1] if you are using expedition set. agi/flee enchant should be awesome. Expedition Armor [1] with blitz beat enchant is the very best option. you can use Expedition Mail [1] foe extra after attack delay. Wanderer Sakkat [1] is the best in slot. other option is Chung's Bao Bao [1]. you can put a Nightmare Card orDeviruchi Card to avoid blind. Red Union Ring [1] this is the best left acc you can get and you want in +7. dont forget Kukre Card. Card Options What's the best card for my weapon? well, that depends. Blitz Beat is not a new build, and, as you may know, there's many popular cards like: Familiar Card or Magnolia Cardor my favorite:Hunter Fly Card. Familiar is amazing to improve your defensive mechanics. a blinded enemy will never hit you. Magnolia is quite good early on combined with Bongun Card. And Hunter fly is pure sustain. you can stay hunting longer, you dont need potions anymore (with proper flee). Bapho Jr. Card is amazing, but, if you have a +9 garment, Nine Tail Card is better. Far Beyond the build back in the day, Wanderer Sakkat [1] didnt exist. enriched ores as well and make an expedition armor, and get the desired enchant was just imposible. so, i being very excited with all the "new" stuff that can improve the build, as trans class and new buffs as well. So, whats new? -You can have more base Luk, that means more proc chance. -Your max aspd is 191 now. -More base agi means more damage and flee. -A higher max lvl means more flee. Let's take a look to the buffs: Magic Bottle Speed Potion Power Drink Challenge Drink Finest Course And is ok, you may not built around this buffs, but you can easily fill your build. up to flee +50, luk +20, agi +10, after attack delay 10%, aspd +1... thats a lot of juice. remember i said something about hit/crit chance? well, when you reach the high endgame (magma3 for now), you 1 base dex is not enough, you ned hit... or crit. you have tons of Luk, and some gear pieces gives you crit chance, so, al lvl 90, having the basic gear plus a thunder bow, you will have arround 50 crit chance. With this new buffs a lil more, but. there's another buff you can add: Abrasive Tool Crit builds are easy now. 3 zelstar each 30 mins? pretty affordable if you follow my advice and you went away from the hats. Content So, what kind of content can this build do? Here is a video of my hunter on aesir server runing magma 3 . is not max lvl and have a basic gear with some upgrades. im using some zelstar buffs. At lvl 90+ having the basic gear you can easly solo: -dark priest -turtle dungeon -niffelheim -raydrics -anollians Remember, is a farming build. About the damage How much damage can this build do? With the basic gear and full agi: 1.8k ish With Thunder Bow [1]: 2 - 2.2k With armor enchant: 3.5 -4k With all the good stuff: 4.5 - 5k (maybe ) (im currently lvling/gearing a char on beta, will update this with a video) Sniper As Sniper, things are a little different. Dex is much more relevant then before and we have acces to new gear and playstyle. Here a video testing an hybrid blitzer/sharpshooting build. same stats, different gear. the gear i'm using is: Blitzer Thunder Bow [1] (aspd+1) + Injustice Card Expedition Armor [1] (blitz enchant )+ Ancient Mimic Card or Venatu Card Loli Ruri's Shoes [1] (flee +15) + Matyr Card Muffler [1] (agi +4) + Bapho Jr. Card Wanderer Sakkat [1] + Nightmare Card Falcon Claw Falcon Feather Vesper Gear 03 [1] + Kukre Card Injustice card as sniper is much more relevant then hunter. we have more dex, that meas more base damage and also helps to reach max attack speed with less investment. We still can focus on agi/luk build, but, the damage increase is not that great and buff our hits is more efficient. SS Lava Leather Suit [1] Lava Leather Shoes [1] + Firelock Soldier Card Lava Leather Muffler [1] + Orc Baby Card White Serpent Ring [1] + Zhu Po Long Card Hunter Bow (24% crit damage) Tengu Mask Frozen Rose Sleeper Hat [1] The damage output is ok. Of course this are not the best items, many can be easily replaced (in both builds). But the versatility is amazing. Also made a test with some bows. please dont waste your money in a +9Yin Yang Bow [2] + The Paper Card x2. is probably one of the most expensive weapons in the game. You have easy acces to any element, but a +7 Hunter Bow (24% crit damage) deals similar/more damage and is super affordable. You can see the comparison Here.
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    Idea description: Have a NPC or another way to make the 50% Battle Manual into a 150% Battle Manual, Example: Trade 10 50% Battle Manual into 1 150% Battle Manual Why is it good? We have lot of quests that give 50% Battle Manuals, so its a good way to award ppl that do those quests beside having lots of 50% Battle Manuals How urgent is this rate 1-10: 1? Will it affect our economy? Probably not Will it affect any of our core systems? No You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: Yes Other inputs: Nothing
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    Its not that stalactic golem is aggressive, it just has cast sensor. So any skill you try to cast on it will aggro it to you. Compare that to say poison toad. No matter how much you'll fail to throw stone at it it will never aggro to you unless you hit it or succeed a cast (even absorb spirits)
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    [English Version] It sounds basic, but many novice players don't know about this option in Gmail. In Ragna0 it is possible to use dual client, that is, you can play with two accounts at the same time (without impacting merchants in the auto-trade option). Because of this, it is a good strategy to choose specific accounts for certain classes, such as a support Priest, an endow Sage, a Monk (who for not having an area attack can have the assistance of your own Knight to help him leveling), and so on. Having said the advantages of creating additional accounts, it isn't necessary to create new email accounts on Google for each account in Ragna0. There is an option that you can add + (the plus symbol) to the end of the address, creating a kind of secondary account and directing any content related to it to your main account. For example: Your email is [email protected] When creating an account for a Lord Knight, you can type on the Ragna0 website: [email protected] To create a priest on another account, the address: [email protected] You can use this option to make as many accounts as you need. At the end of each registration, the Ragna0 website will send a confirmation email to the main address, [email protected] Some are already familiar with this option, but for beginners it is something not so well known and extremely useful. I hope this information was helpful. 🙂
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    [Versão em Português] Parece algo básico, mas muitos jogadores novatos não conhecem essa opção do Gmail. No Ragna0 é possível o uso de dual client, ou seja, você pode jogar com duas contas ao mesmo tempo (sem impactar em mercadores na opção auto-trade). Por conta disso, é uma boa estratégia escolher contas específicas para certas classes, como um Priest de suporte, um Sage de endow, um Monk (que por não ter ataque em área pode ter o auxílio de seu Knight para ajuda-lo), etc. Vai da escolha de cada um. Para que não seja necessário criar novas contas no Google, existe uma opção que você acrescenta o símbolo + ao final do endereço, criando assim uma espécie de conta secundária e direcionando qualquer conteúdo relacionada a ela para sua conta principal. Por exemplo: Seu e-mail é [email protected] Na hora de criar uma conta para um Lord Knight, você pode digitar no site do Ragna0: [email protected] Para criar um priest em outra conta, o endereço: [email protected] Você pode usar essa opção para fazer quantas contas achar necessário. Ao final de cada cadastro, o site Ragna0 enviará um email de confirmação para o endereço principal, [email protected] Alguns já estão familiarizados com essa opção, mas para novatos é algo não tão conhecido e extremamente útil. 🙂
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    Insane art skills, thats gonna be a tough competition.
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    Better skill, the rest is useful to improve my skill. 😁
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    Character Name: Kuuembu Main Job: Muay Thai instructor AFK Town: Campinas-SP AFK Town IG: Aldebaran Guild: Guildless Year Born: 1993 Gender: Male Personalities: Pacifist, sometimes angry, i'd like to chill a lil Fruit that you Hate: Jaca Animal that you Love: Mary Jane, my rottweiller Favorite SINGLE player games: The Witcher 3, Dark Souls, hack and slash games Goal in Ragna0: To enjoy the server and meet with some ppl What were you doing 1 hour ago: talking about builds for Assassin Other stuff you may add yourself here: I want to move to the USA pretty soon, and i enjoy riding motorcycles hahaha My Motto: ``What`s bad can become even worse``
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    IRL Nick Name: Nagano Character Name: Naganochan Main Job: Priest AFK Town: Prontera Guild: Jokers Aposentados Year Born: 1995 Gender: Female Personalities: Easygoing, Polite and Funny Fruit that you Hate: Raw tomatoe Animal that you Love: My boyfriend ❤️ Favorite single player games: StardewValley Goal in Ragna0: Have fun with my friends What were you doing 1 hour ago: Eating Insert few selfies: (if you want)
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    The daily quest asks you to capture 5 books. Accidentally used a librarian wand with no book on screen so im down a wand. Am I softlocked (cant complete, cant reset/retake) on this quest now?
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    can do MvP's, but no solo. a friend and i use to do some, the dps is good.
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    Hey @Pedruss, you can check https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Main_Page for useful information. And please note that the database that you may be looking at is not Zero-based but pre-renewal or renewal. Thanks! You can also use @whodrops in game. Specifically: (from https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Swords)
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    Character Name: Sorine, Soren Main Job: Priest, Bard AFK Town: Prontera, Geffen Guild: Candy Knights Year Born: 199* Personalities: Optimistic, Chaotic Good, Outgoing, Adventurous Animal that you Love: Cat 😻 Goal in Ragna0: To collect all costumes and AFK What were you doing 1 hour ago: Listening to Horror Podcast; Swamp Dweller, Lazy Masquerade, Darkness Prevails. Other stuff you may add yourself here: I love to read books and listen to horror podcast also I like to watch anime especially fantasy one.
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    @Isel It's part of the event to use that as a "trick". But you just revealed it.... I wanted to let ppl figure out themselves...
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    Hey buddy. Sorry for keeping your hanging, now it's time for me to address this... Thank you so much for supporting Aesir by gifting your money to the server. It really helped me with the balance of the budget. Now what happened to Aesir is unfortunate, and to make up to your contribution, I decided the following: Donation Claim I will add 50% of total value to your Lif account. Need to fill following form Account Name in Aesir Account Name in Lif Total Money donated Paypal Email SEND to email [email protected] using the Paypal Email that you donated for. This offer expires on 2020.08.01, make sure you send the email before said date. The Cash Points are added, a reply will be sent back. If you have a friend that you know have donated to Aesir, let them know about this. Thank you again!
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    Forum Rules No Spam | Begging for items | Advertising of other servers | Self-promote in the forums(you may post links to video guides you produce yourself, please refrain from linking 3rd party guides though) Please note we also consider spam posts with little, or completely unrelated content. Do not spam the forums with links to websites unrelated to r0 or ragnarok, especially other servers or try to self-promote your website, youtube/twitch channel or forums etc. Spamming also includes sending private messages to a large number of different users that didn't ask for it. DO NOT ASK for any kind of personal information, like email addresses, phone numbers, account names or passwords. DO NOT IMPERSONATE ANY staff member. Your account will be banned permanently and your posts will be deleted without any notice. Do not post copyright-infringing material Providing or asking for information on how to illegally obtain copyrighted materials is forbidden aswell. Do not post offensive/sensitive posts, links or images Any material which constitutes defamation, harassment, or abuse is strictly prohibited. Material that is sexually or otherwise obscene, racist, or otherwise overly discriminatory is not permitted on these forums. This includes user avatars and signatures. Use common sense while posting. This is a game forum, and children may access this content, always be mindful of that and what you post. Do not cross post questions Please refrain from posting the same question in several posts. There is normally one section which is most suitable in which to post your question in. Do not PM users asking for help Do not send private messages to any users asking for help. If you need help, make a new thread in the appropriate section then the whole community can help and use it in the future. Remain respectful of other members at all times All posts should be at the very least courteous. You have every right to disagree with your fellow community members and explain your perspective, however you have absolutely no right to trample over others opinions to make a point. You are not free to attack, degrade, insult, or otherwise belittle them or the quality of this community/server. It does not matter who or what you are, you are expected to follow this rule at all times. Discord Rules Since the purpose of this Discord is to exchange ideas and knowledge in a secure, friendly environment, it is imperative to remain constructive and respectful, you don't need to agree or even like others, you have to respect them, that includes everyone in this discord, whoever they are. Keep in mind that both discord and forums are extensions of our ingame environments, punnitive actions taken on them can escalate into your ingame account. Be polite and respectful of others, even if you disagree with another person or member of the staff. Be on topic. Make sure your discussions are relevant to the channel you are in. Refrain from making attacks or “call-outs” on other users, such as, “This server is trash,” “This person is a crybaby,” “git gud,” or other comments that take on a condescending, derogatory tone. Avoid making comments that have the sole intent to create a strong, negative response from other community members. This is frequently considered "trolling" and won't be tolerated Avoid making comments about politics, race, sexuality, creed, religion, gender, ableism, or other forms of bigotry. This includes use of the words "retarded", "idiot", "moron" If you’re unsure about whether something you are thinking of posting falls into this category, it’s probably best to assume that it does. Do not use alternate accounts, VPNs, or other means to avoid bans or mutes. Do not harass, grief, impersonate, or doxx any members of the community, staff team, or any other team we have. This includes putting GM, CM, ADM, MOD, ot anything related, or anything else that might be confusing to other members of the server. Do not make graphic comments or post graphic imagery, including sexual topics, pornography, and gore. This includes user icons. Do not spam or advertise content unrelated to ragna0. Do not send unsolicited, unwelcome, abusive, or harassing direct messages to other users. Do not post about buying, selling, or bartering for any items or services using real money. Do not discuss staff actions or decisions on discord, if you disagree, feel free to create a forum post explaining why you disagree and your thoughts about why you think it's wrong, but creating a discussion on discord will fall into rule number 4 aggravated. DO NOT EXPLOIT BUGS OR UNINTENDED GLITCHES. this rule is an exception to all others, if you find a bug or exploit and abuse it instead of reporting, when you get caught(trust me, you will eventually) you will permanently get banned, no matter if it is your first offense. All infractions will be punished with a ban on our forums or discord. In severe enough cases sanctions can be extended to ingame accounts. 1st offense: 1 day ban on forums, discord will be muted. 2nd offense: 3 days ban on forums, discord will be muted. 3rd offense: 7 days ban on forums, discord will be muted. 4th offense: 30 days ban on forums, discord and in-game. 5th offense: permanent ban on forums, discord and in-game. All cases can be aggravated taking it directly to the next level depending on the kind of offense.
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    Character Name: Lanae, Haggenn and Anna. Main Job: I've been playing Rogue so much, but i'm a wizard veteran for sure. AFK Town: Geffen SE Guild: Don't have any yet Year Born: 95 Gender: Male Personalities: quiet, easygoing. Fruit that you Hate: Tomato Animal that you Love: Cats Favorite single player games: Valkyrie Profile, Wild Arms, Suikoden and danmaku Goal in Ragna0: Have lots of fun 🙂 What were you doing 1 hour ago: playing Hisoutensoku Insert few selfies:
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    Hello r0nians, First of all we want to thank you for your continued support and the trust you've bestowed upon us. The initial plan when the server concept was brought up is to present the zero experience outside korea. It was a bold and challenging move, that we embraced thinking we could provide the most accurate experience of zero mechanics possible. Over the course of time we then realized that the zero mechanic by itself wasn't gonna cut it, since it has pay to win elements imbued unto it to function properly. We tried many many ways, including hearing player feedback to adapt and make the experience truly awesome for you guys. There were multiple adjustments made and we tried a few unique approach in order to try and solve the issues. Trying to create a model that could bring zero mechanics into life and better, keeping everyone entertained and didn't include pay to win mechanics. Each of them had their successful and fail moments, but each time we made one of those attempts, we pleased some and displeased others. That ended up creating an atmosphere that scared away new players and veterans alike over the course of the months. Analyzing our player traffic numbers, even after the flock, we kept seeing a stable income of players coming to our server and leave after a few days. We tried really hard to change that number, but no matter what we do, the numbers were kept the same. We got new players interested and they left after a while, before even getting to know or understand how meaningful zero changes were. After several deliberations, we reached the ultimate conclusion that we couldn't bring back those new bluebirds that flew away before getting to know our server, there was too much "bad blood" spilled that prevented the core and quality mechanics from shining. So we made the difficult decision of opening up a new server and change even more of the core zero mechanics, based on feedback we had and our own ideas. We could've simply wiped up our legacy (now named Aesir) server, but that wouldn't be very respectful with the ones that stood with us until the end, then we made it stay as a legacy server so all those memories and stuff you battled hard to earn are there for you to keep and relive, anytime you want if you chose to do so. But we still had to move ahead. We still wanted to bring the zero mechanics to life, now with a new concept and with a new vision we chose to embrace. We didn't sit back idle while things got worse, we strive to improve, we strive to bring the best experience we could. All of this wouldn't be possible without your continued support, so for that, once again we deeply and humbly thank you all and ask you one more time to embark with us on that journey. Let's go one more time on an adventure.
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