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    This Guide will only cover Armor and not Weapons, also only the most important Armors. You find where all the Option Gear drops on the Wiki. Since Monster Level doesn´t matter for Armor Options we gonna focus on the fastest and most profitable Maps. If you have Questions regarding Options on Equipment check out my other Guide or hope on my Stream! Bodyarmor Full Plate[1] The Rest of the Body Armor are pretty bad in comparions to Desert Gear which you find on moc_fild17. Garment Muffler[1] Manteau[1] Shoes Shoes[1] Boots[1] Crystal Pump
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    Feature Updates Zero Academy Welcome to a new Royal Criatura Academy that is based of official kRO:z, many of you have never seen before! This feature's highlight is the higher base EXP reward, compared to the old one we used to have. A new design of the map inside the Criatura Academy. A new main quest, and few changes on the side quests. Rodex mailing feature has a new restriction, to only being able to open a mail when you are inside a town. This due to the work overload for the mailing pigeons, now safer to only being able to access new mails with you are inside a town. Kunai Merchant Kashin in Ninja guild in Amatsu now sells Kunais directly for 25z each. Enabled Cell No Stack, to prevent players to stack up vendors on top of each other. Enabled @refresh command, although this is not 100% permanent feature, we are monitoring and see how it works out. Crit damage now deals full potential damage, always maximized. (Refined weapons still adds a small variance.) Turtle Island is now accessible. Amatsu Dungeon is now accessible. Monster Updates Corrected Variant Maya having a deadly skill, that wiped party in an instant. Added Dark Grandcross skill to Variant Maya. Removed card drops from monsters inside Izlude Deepsea level 6. Added Swift Sohee to Payon Dungeon. Skills Fixes Corrected a minor issue with Brandish spear for not being "ranged physical". Corrected Suffragium and Impositio priest buffs being a "map wide", it should be "screen wide". Throwing Mastery bonus now applies to the Throw Kunai and Throw Huuma Shuriken skills. Corrected damage virtual display issue for skill Backstab, should be 2 hits display instead of 1. Lord of Vermilion no longer breaks Freeze (ice) status. Corrected a bug on Mr. Kim ensemble buff. (was not working at all.) Corrected a bug where song buff and dance buff could not stack. Corrected a bug for Siegfried ensemble buff not working as the skill tooltip says. Corrected a virtual bug when casting Don't Forget Me dance skill. Corrected missing bonus in Dance/Song Lessons skills. Bard / Dancer can now buff themselves song/dance without being in a party. Corrected damage formula for Shield Boomerang. NPC Bug Fixes Corrected an issue with "Monk Job change" with missing party check. Disabled few unwanted maps from being accessed by the World Airship feature. Fixed a critical bug inside Ant Hell instance, the massive poisons. Fixed Poring Village instance missing EXP rewards from killing the bosses. Disabled "Mercenary NPCs". Corrected Card remover's error message. Updated 1st job change "weapon refine quest". Fixed many bugs in our Game Events. Fixed a bug with Geffen repair bridge quest. Item Bug Fixes Corrected Jewel Shield's job restrictions. Corrected weapon level of Thunder Bow, Owl Duke Stick, Staff of Blue Flame, Royal Knight's Greatsword, Royal Knight's Lance & Prison Watcher. Disabled unreleased cards from OCA. Corrected a minor bug in Yggdrasil's Staff, missing full heal. Corrected a missing Long Ranged attack bonus for Infinity Drinks. Corrected Yggdrasil Essence heal rate, minor reduce. Added Swordface to bead list. Corrected Wizardy Staff not giving correct MATK. Corrected Khalitzburg Knight Armor job requirement issue. Client Patches Added new navigation to work with the new academy. Synced our monster search in Navigation with kRO:z latest files. Updated our item descriptions, include many corrections. Added new academy maps.
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    Idea description: Implementing kRO zero exclusive gears would stop this myth of brandish spear being overpowered Why is it good? People think brandish spear is the best thing ever since sliced bread, little did they know they're just using old RO gears with random options; resulting with people jumping on the brandish knight bandwagon How urgent is this rate 1-10: 10 Will it affect our economy? Introducing newer gears would shift the market to farm kRO zero exclusive gears from higher-leveled monsters Will it affect any of our core systems? In a positive way If we deny it, what might happen? People will still think brandish is OP and their favorite class isn't as good If we accept it, who does it benefit the most? The server in the long run You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: This is an official™ kRO™ Zero™ feature™ Other inputs: Brandish is not even good
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    jesus christ this is a gold mine BRING JOB 5 ALREADY PLEASE
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    RO Buddies is a guild that was started on iRO Chaos by a group of irl friends back in the early 2000s. We played many low rate private servers over the years and made many great memories. We are bringing RO Buddies back for Ragna0. We are an international guild focused on leveling and MVP runs and we pride ourselves on coordinated team play and having fun. If you would like to join us we have a couple of requirements: Be an active player Understand English fluently (speaking is not required, listening is fine) Use Discord regularly Here is our discord link: https://discord.gg/Z27AcMz You can also message myself in Discord (Jerry#0423) for inquiries and invitation. We'll see you there!~
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    -1 to this suggestion, Hades will add them when he plans to. Its not like there are people with full accounts of 99s waiting to trans right now
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    We're getting new player peaks every few days and the GMs are around on Discord every day. I think you're very much in the minority here if you can't find anything to have fun with.
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    Idea description: Implement the same inventory feature which allows players to set some items as favorites and group them together regardless of which tab they previously belonged to. Why is it good? Because the warehouse/storage in this game can't be rearranged and can get pretty messy. Even though there is the search function (and group alphabetically) it would be much better to have a separate tab for your most usually withdrawn stuff. How urgent is this rate 1-10: Since it's a quality of life suggestion, not much. Will it affect our economy? No. Will it affect any of our core systems? No. If we accept it, who does it benefit the most? No specific group or individuals. You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: Yes.
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    Idea description: Implement a NPC that exchanges headgears into costume hats, matching their looks. Why is it good? Because it's hard enough to farm fashionable headgears that pose low-to-no combat value, so you can't always wear them. Most of them are too rare/expensive to try upgrade or just doesn't have any card slot. Also, the headgear costume ticket is too troublesome to obtain (which is OK, since it'll enable a HUGE list of costume hats to chose from, even the ones that aren't obtainable as regular headgears). How urgent is this rate 1-10: 7, this can be a differential from other RO servers. (For people like me, 9.5) Will it affect our economy? Probably. Good looking hats will receive more value. Will it affect any of our core systems? No. It's purely visual. If we deny it, what might happen? Reptilians will come to surface and hold Hades hostage. If we accept it, who does it benefit the most? People who care about how their character look like, and metaslaves who will have a new market option to explore. You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: I promise. Even though I'm one that would make a lot of use of it, it's going to benefit anyone, regardless of their level and class. Other inputs: This could also work as a gold sink if you add (moderately) high values as tax for each conversion.
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    Hi 0nians! I hope everything is well and that you've had an enjoyable adventure in our world of Zero thus far! Today, I'd like to happily announce that we have got ourselves the official Zero EXP Table and Zero EXP Penalty mechanism. It's good news! 🙂 The Zero EXP Table? The following curve shows a rough representation of the differences between "Classic", "Renewal" and "Zero". There isn't so much of a difference in the lower levels, but leveling from 90 to 99 in Zero can be rather challenging compared to classic / renewal. The Zero EXP Penalty? With this update, we will remove the current "Renewal EXP Penalty", where you received a steep reduction in exp gained from hunting monsters of a higher level compared to yourself. The new Zero EXP Penalty mechanism removes the EXP penalty for hunting monsters higher level than you and within 10 levels lower than yourself! This is great news, as farming higher level monsters will be a new attraction and this will lead to more party leveling. Higher leveled areas can now be explored without hesitation! As the adventure will get more dangerous with battling higher level monsters, don't go solo yolo on monsters higher level than you - it's risky! (death penalty) Looking forward to see more parties leveling on previously unexplored higher level maps for better EXP results and loots! 😆 PS. By the time you are reading this article, this change is effective in Ragna0.
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    New Features Guild Warehouse Manager has arrived to all towns in Midgard! The manager allows guilds with "Guild Storage Expansion" skills to access an extra storage, only for members. You can also access "storage log" from the manager, to see the item flows in and out from storage. The guild leader can set "Strg Permission" to the ranks with storage access. Vending Search Scrolls is a brand new finding by the magical researches of Geffen Magic Academy. The demands for an easier search has been heard, by using these scrolls, you will be able to make easier search of what the Vendors are selling in Alberta. The scrolls can be bought from the General Store in Adventurer's Inn. The scrolls opens up a new window, where you can type in the "Item ID or Name" and perform a search. Chief Secretary of Alberta has issued a new Vending regulation. The builders has setup new Vend Lanes boards. The vendors may now only open their shops within these lanes. The chief said, this is for the environmental and the beauty of Alberta's sake! More lanes will be deployed when new demands arrives. Server Setups The first killer of the monster, will now have 9 seconds to pick up loots from the ground, after 9 seconds others may loot. Skill Updates Corrected Brandish Spear's damage output. The previous behavior multiplied the damage output by 3 times, and is not what official formula does, a bug fix. Corrected Brandish Spear's cast delays. Removed "after cast walk delay", added after cast delay. (Official behavior) Corrected Bowling Bash's push back effect, from 1 cell to now 5 cells. Corrected Throw Kunai's damage output. The previous behavior multiplied the damage output by 3 times, and is not what official formula does, a bug fix. Corrected First Wind, Snow Flake Draft and Lightning Jolt hit counts. From 1 hit to several hit counts. Corrected Throw Huuma by removing it's 2 sec cool down. Corrected Holy Cross's damage formula, missing 100% more damage bonus. Corrected Auto Spell, not giving full effect of learned bolt spells when auto casts. Misc Bug Fixes Fixed minor "missing .bmp files" in Academy cooking NPC. Fixed few item bugs. Assassin guild katar equip slot issue. Orchish Smasher not giving full bonus. Fixed Chaos lance equip slot issue. (report from test server) Fixed Expedition Ring 3 can't be equipped. (report from test server) Item Updates Reduced drop rate of Great Nature. Fever Field Changes Disabled Mjolnir as fever field, reverted it's original monsters and MvP Mistress. Fever Frilldoras will now spawn again. Adjusted Payon Fever monster attack power. (More official behavior) NPCs Old Man cloth dye NPC in Prontera has retired. Some remaining "Continental Guards" has left Midgard. Card Remover information is now displayed in details.
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    Self Introduction Intro A long lasting event for every new member to our sweet community, I mean why are we here? To connect and to make us known to each other. Don't be shy...feel free to make a self introduction under this topic, let's see how many we can get at the end of time! If ever any of your information needs update, feel free to edit your reply! Formula (Note: You don't have to reveal everything, only the parts were you feel comfortable with.) IRL Nick Name: Character Name: Main Job: AFK Town: Guild: Year Born: Gender: Personalities: Fruit that you Hate: Animal that you Love: Favorite single player games: Goal in Ragna0: What were you doing 1 hour ago: Other stuff you may add yourself here: Insert few selfies: (if you want) Insert your favorite meme: Little Gift Will grant a small "Introduced" forum medal to your profile! Will send you a Clothing Dye Coupon to your mail box, if you attach a selfie! (Yep, I'm curious of how handsome you look!) Make sure you spell your Character Name correctly.
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    maybe reduce the effect of the surrounding to just the green circle? only 1 mushroom in the middle
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    Features Zero Party EXP Share The EXP Share is now restricted to the party members visible on the same screen. Postponed to next patch. Beta Rewards has finally arrived, another super thanks to all the players during Open Beta, thank you! The Beta Tokens are sent out to the qualified player's Rodex within 24 hours after this patch! Reward Shop Content Costume Ticket Box Boarding Halter Box Life Insurance Status Reset Discount Ticket Skill Reset Discount Ticket Decard Discount Ticket Monster Spawn Rate Corrected the spawn amounts on fields and minor adjustments on few dungeons. Instance Updates Updated our instance with correct rewarding behavior as kRO:z Updated wiki instance guides with detailed information. Stormy Drake no longer teleports. Skill Updates Pneuma has a new virtual effect. Corrected Brandish Spear's AoE effect. Corrected many skill cast time to match kRO:Z The wiki Job guide has the matching cast time for each skill. Corrected several skill SP cost to match kRO:Z Item Updates Corrected minor bug with Hunter Fly Card, not working with ranged physical. Corrected Desert Leather Armor and Robe, missing item bonus. Correct minor issue with Yggdrasil's Staff. NPC Updates Few Mercenary related NPCs left Midgard. Misc Bug Fixes Corrected Doppelganger not spawning. Corrected Bard/Dancer weapon stats scaling issue.
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    In the meantime, log into that account on the control panel, click on the character in the list and then click this:
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    Hi Onian, It has been 20 days since our public release, and for being active everyday, I noticed that we have created the 0nian squad! 😮 Oh yes! We are all thinkers, the 0nians. Can I actually call you an 0nian? I'm very happy, somehow, somewhat, something happened, and we have formed a little community with you and everyone in it. It's incredible, and super exciting. We have many streamers, many collabs and many players who are so passionate about the zero project. Mostly everyone has been positive and helping out in friendly discussions in various topics over discord and here on forums and helped sharing information, videos and links mining them data we need! Thank you! Many suggestions! There're many new ideas piling up on our forums, I have to tell you that I read all of them, and many of them are in consideration or in the make already. To some of the suggestions givers, whom have received bad feedback from me personally, or by others, please do not let yourself down or be sad, it's normal... I have many ideas myself who got turned down by Stroheim... Maybe another idea will be accepted by the community another time! Now that we are getting larger and larger, by the passing days... it's even a tougher work for me and the help of the majority of the community to filter out on what to consider and what not. So every suggestion will be handled with cautious and over thinked before we do something about it...which means it takes time, for one suggestion to get implemented or the other way... In the end, thank you for sharing the good ideas. Manner alert... To several warned players out there who reads this...and to those who are in bad shape and wants to do something funny to our friendly community, please do not do the bad manner behaviors, it brings only bad days both for you and for my time... every manner report, I need to spend time on dealing, which I could use on something far better. I'm very strict in regards of our community guidelines, no one is getting away. We have full logged game activities, item picks, trades, chats, you name it...soooo let's all enjoy the cutest game ever! 😄 PS. We are a progressive server. Ragna0 from 0nian to Hero 😄
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    Absolutely one a kind server. Lets make this last a very long time fellow 0nians!
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    Hi there! I know the server hasn't even officially launched yet, but I thought I might as well get in on the ground floor 😉 SideQuest is a guild that has existed on two other servers before this - we do a bit of everything really, but this time we won't be a WoE guild (members are totally welcome to WoE with other guilds though!). If you want a chill community that does a bit of everything, give us a go! And even if you don't want to actually join the guild, feel free to join our Discord anyway 🙂 more people to chat with are always good! We do have a few requirements: a decent grasp of English, as that will be needed to communicate with everyone; we're a social bunch being respectful of other people and generally following the server's rules being social (i.e. actually talking to other members), because why even join a guild otherwise? 😉 using Discord actively and checking mentions regularly, because that's where the voice chat, guild-specific announcements and general shenanigans are happening joining our Discord at https://discord.me/sidequest; ask for a guild invite in the RO category once the guild actually exists ingame and we'll get it sorted What you can expect from us: guild parties as often as possible lots of fun on voice chat, with guildies (and if you want to join in on non-RO things, other community members as well) a Discord server about more than just RO (though it's all neatly categorised for easy muting of other things) - other games, various media, whatever you can think of really a generally laidback and helpful community of ~160 members who play other games you might like as well 🙂 See you all on launch! ❤️
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    Bump! Still taking in folks for some well-coordinated guildplay. We are usually active during NA/Canada timezones, but everyone is surely welcomed! What we have been up to lately.... Endgame leveling parties (normally fever hodes, niff1, and magma 2 WITH KIMS) Gears and cards hunting (sometimes as a party) MVP runs, both normal and fever Loot farming ...and other less frequent activities (new char party, brewing sesh, instances, etc)
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    I think two points that were missed were that the site DB and ingame DB don't seem to be completely N*Sync, you sometimes have to verify ingame whether or not certain mobs actually spawn on the map it claims on the site. another point is that the minimap ingame shows warps (the red dots) to maps that no longer exist. it's not a huge deal, but can get messy when trying to explore ingame, not in DB.
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    Be careful on what you wish for, kRO zero doesn't have any significant changes on rebirth jobs as of today. If somehow you got your wish granted and got kRO zero transcendent jobs, you'd be disappointed and whine about something else.
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    We are a fresh guild that is casual AF. No pressure, No Guild tax if you don't care. we are running around like Nubs McGubs. We only ask that you run around making an impact on the game to spread our influence. We want to mvp and instance and all of that jazz, but were not going to kick you if you couldn't care less. This server is way too new to be Ergonomic nazis. this isn't a stressful guild to join, and is soon to be full of characters that will only enhance the satisfaction of playing the greatest online game to have steamrolled the competition. this game might be the most private server saturated game to have ever existed, the total player population of this game once rivaled the most popular games, but could never be accurately numbered because of the split in communities. Lets return to the roots of what made this game the best, which is not being hardcore number crunching guild tyrannical entities. it was spending 8 hours making jokes in morroc without getting any experience. It was making a battle acolyte and refusing to buff people in town. It was spending 10 days collecting items for a headgear that had 0 defence and no stat buffs. I'm in, if you're in. Vashuyasha, VashuMashu, SoMoneyTooBUY, General Blue. all characters you can find for an invite. our guild emblem if a VERY tragic drawing of a forklift.
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    #1."Players here want to kill MVP a lot easier" will in fact affect our economy. #2. Will it affect any of our core systems? well adding "job 2" as you call it does just that. #3. "You will lose players" lose them to what??? they picked this server for a reason and it has nothing to do with "job 2". #4. If we accept it, who does it benefit the most? The people who want the game to be way too easy and should not be on this server. #5. We don't even have WOE so how would "job 2" make it more fun???? #6. last time i checked you can "MVP" without "job 2" #7 By "job 2" i think you mean "job 3".
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    You can only open mails in towns.
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    Hi. The issue was the level up signal not refreshing while the server is running. The issue for you will be corrected after the next patch (reboot). And I have also added a permanent fix to this issue, you will be able to automatically receive the extra storage slots as you level up the skill after patch 1.4
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    LOOKING FOR A NEW HOME, BUT DON'T SEEM TO FIT IN? Search no further! Hooker Squad is now recruiting! also i did the guild sprite from scratch based on this please say i did a good job The latest and greatest social guild, our main focus is on the MMO aspect of the game! ANY and EVERYone is welcome! Brownie points if you are: FRIENDLY rough around the edges a chatterbox a pvp-oriented player chill! aaaaaaand last but not least, A C T I V E! also rogues get first priority because i have a soft spot for them sorry not sorry xoxoxoxo Contact Dicey ingame, or ask in #Global for an invite! Happy hunting!
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    I know your guild since year 2015 or 2016 I guess? count me in.. still building my char, but it will be better soon.. Ever heard of guild CHKNFOOT? The one with chicken and peace logo? I was there mainly for MVP and WOE.
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    About the peco bit, 100% damage refers to the weapon's size penalties In this case, spears usually are 75/75/100 (small/medium/large) (aka you lose 25% damage from hitting small or medium). But when mounted on a peco, they would do 100/100/100
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    Idea description: Customize the leveling rewards a bit more. At least for higher levels, where the rewards are fall off in use, add to the reward list cosmetic tickets. Why is it good? Because from LV90-99 there is not much reason to level up, considering the effort x benefit. And as there is no way to actually get costume dye/special hairstyles tickets, it would be nice to add them as high level rewards, would even work as a way to visually distinguish high leveled people from lower ones. How urgent is this rate 1-10: 7 as there is not much to do after LV90. Will it affect our economy? No. Will it affect any of our core systems? Nope. If we deny it, what might happen? This question doesn't apply to this suggestion. If we accept it, who does it benefit the most? People above LV90. You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: Yes. Other inputs: More character customization; more median points @ RMS. :3
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    grimtooth mobbing? trap mobbing? There are more than enough options to make a character viable and fully take advantage of arealoot. I don't mean this as a personal attack, but opinionated threads should really be made by more experienced people. autoloot completely takes away interaction when leveling/farming, and coupled with infinite flywing to dodge damage your only concern would be SP. hell maybe not even that with a regen roll and a couple blue syrups that's not even factoring in the absolute shitfest that is afk leveling with autoloot jesus christ. that's a 100% guaranteed way to kill your server, and I'm sure the majority of us have witnessed it firsthand. selfish suggestion, gotta say hard pass
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    Hi. Thanks for the report.
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    Hi. A very solid reason why we do not allow autoloot is to prevent "macro users" and potential "afk loot". Where player's can setup a certain build and keys to autoloot items being afk. Include other reason stated by other players above.
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    Not a good idea. Doing: 1) Use 1 shotting skill 2) Flywing to negate all incoming damage 3) Autoloot deposits items into your inventory Is very overpowered. And in fact.. we also have an infinite flywing available making this all the more broken.
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    It's Phrenetic Style here. This is a small server small comunity, this kind of behaves should be punished. Cheers
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    Hi. Looks good, I think most people also voted yes for this feature. We have costume version of every hats available in our game so far. And a good zeny sink as well for the sake of fashion. Stay tuned for this feature to be introduced in later patches.
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    Thanks, running a little better. Didn't have that zip in my install but I download the client right after server official opened so probably didn't have it at the time.
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    Maxed level 10 dancing lessons does not give bonuses ,with a whip equipped neither SP nor crit went up
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    Nice Peeps. Always helpful, lot of Guild Parties and active
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    Yeah, I'm talking about these kind of core mechanics you stated you don't want costumize. I'm not trying to make and discuss the suggestions above here. I will just give some examples of things I talked with guildmates that will be probably rejected because of this kind of vision: - Even after nerfs, knight are still op. They can one shot a lot stuff, mob well, tank decently, and all of this without a really good equipments. The class do so many things at top level. In a "tier list" picture they will probably will be put in SS tier. And imagine in a late game context with the expedition gear and +9 enchants - Exp table changes until level 30 are really discouraging and unsatisfying. Most of friends I invited to play after the changes stopped playing because said that Zero is "really weird". And I know their feeling, because of the most basic concept of progressing game design is make the early game easy and acessible to give a incentive to the person continue playing - Instances levels are.. not good atm. Poring Village, Orcs Memory and Prontera Culvert are way to easy. If you can make a party with geared people and one of them already know the quest to give the path, you probably will be pass in first time. And in future this problem will be bigger because we will probably have some detailed guide that people will visit before, so it will really be a "first time win thing". And I never played Memorial Society, but heard for some players that are really hard because the boss just do a map skill that kill everyone gets wiped in a second. My point is that we don't have a good medium tier content, and a balance could be benefitial So: a skill, a instance and are a core mechanism behavior. And even though these are things that change the user experience severely, they will not be even discussed by the community because, using your words, of this "shield" and strict mindset.
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    Hi. You have to be more specific. We have accepted many ideas from community and there are many topics in our Suggestion forums that is on the consideration table... The post you made made it seems like we do not accept anything with the shield of "not on kRO Z". I can make few statements here, not official place, but I think it serves a good purpose of few things that we do not want to customize. Skill behaviors will follow official kRO:Z Instance behaviors, we want to strive as official as possible. Item Database / monster database we want to strive as official as possible. Core mechanism, we want to strive as official as possible. Official quests, we want to strive as official as possible.
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    In it's current implementation the skill would be way too strong if it always hit 3 times. I'm currently 89 on my sader and have been lvling in Niffel 2 and from MvPs. If you're having SP/HP issues buy the Syrups from Adventurer's Inn.
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    This is a tooltip bug. The bonus damage is for 2h spears only.
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    Hi. Spend the ones you have left on what is in the shop. And don't get more, unless you need them. Our cash shop is it's complete version on patch 1. We have no plans to add or adjust anything to it until far future, if at all.
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    Hi, you can dye your cloth color in Jovoich in the same build. Requiring Dye ticket. You have a good opportunity to win one from our Self Introducing event! 🙂 More ways to obtain Dye ticket will be introduced in near future!
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    Hi. This doesn't really feel like a "suggestion" more like a challenge or threat. "If you don't fix this or that according to our liking, we will quit." Few things you mentioned got answered by @Stephcake, thanks steph for making my day easier. PS: I just want give a friendly reminder that Ragna0 uses Zero Mechanism since day 1 and intend to do that in the 10s of years ahead, we are not "classic", "revo-classic" or "pre-renewal", we are Zero Mechanism.
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    IRL Nick Name: Timo Character Name: Strange Omen (anything "* Omen") Main Job: Wizard (at the moment) AFK Town: Prontera Guild: SideQuest Gender: m Personalities: multiple Fruit that you Hate: who hates fruit?! Animal that you Love: almost all animals Favorite single player games: Witcher 3 Goal in Ragna0: Level 99 😛 What were you doing 1 hour ago: sleeping Insert few selfies: technically not a selfie but a picture of me:
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    Hi Yaabeth. In the first version of Zero mechanism, there are no TK or Gunslinger 🙂 Server is based on Zero Mechanism.
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    IRL Nick Name: Steph Character Name: Primrose Azelhart Main Job: Dancer AFK Town: Prontera Guild: SideQuest Year Born: 1990 Gender: female Animal that you Love: anything cute Favorite single player games: Bastion and Transistor Goal in Ragna0: having fun with friends What were you doing 1 hour ago: working Other stuff you may add yourself here: streaming at http://www.twitch.tv/stephstiel Insert few selfies: might as well use my Discord profile pic...
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    We go live! Intro Hop on the server for cakes in Prontera! Task Meet the Mayor of Prontera, he took few days off to greet everyone! Take your chance to speak to him before he leaves on Sunday!
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