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  2. +100 well at least magnifying glass please
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  4. Schedule of Instances 11pm Philippines (GMT + 8), 12nn Brazil (GMT - 3), 8am California (GMT -7) Orc Dungeon (Normal & Hard) Maya Dungeon (Normal & Hard) ---
  5. Are you sure this isn't an issue of appending the enchants to the name directly (grf issue)? I don't know if this client is different but it's my experience from other servers that the name length doesn't really matter which is why the client makes it shorter with "..." anyway if it's too long. It's the case even with only a vit enchant: Either way I think the issue could be solved by just not putting the enchants in the name and having people just click the link to see them?
  6. The quest of Hunt a Furious Nightmare Terror on the Champion Hunting Board on Eden Group is giving 1 Red Potion and is supposed to give 3 +9 food
  7. Official Patch log for Lif 1.2.0 starting here v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v Official Content: • Quests - minor backend fixes and enchancements on newly added quests from 1.1.0 - added two new Hugel quest, one for Abyss Lake, and one called "Twinkle Twinkle" - fixed deleter mob on Hunt Deleters quest on Yuno - minor fix on Yuno Museum staff dialogue - enhanced Yuno Quest "Librarian and Guardian", will now provide extra wands, wands are now also untradeable - adjustments on "Daily Quests" that gives out random consumables, Hard Daily Quests now give out 5 random consumables instead of 3 • Skills - minor changes on Gravitation Field skill to further mirror official behavior (intervals and duration) - fixed pang voice/charm wink, it had an unintended 20% sp consume every cast General: • Item fixes - Falcon Claw and Falcon Feather combo effect fixed - Cleaver effect fixed - Crescent Armguard [1] fixed and now refineable - Oak Mace [3] holy elemental fixed - Advanced War Boots [1] mdef fixed - Fit Pipe now tradeable - costume effect stones are now still untradeable even when socketed on the costume - fixed enriched ores, now can only be used from +0->+9 - Blacksmith Blessing function implemented (please don't ask how to get this yet thanks!) - Lime Soda and Salted Popcorn cooldown fixed - removed a few "unreleased equipment" from OBP/OBB • Instances - maya instance hidden deadly dark grand cross fixed - fixed exploit on momotaro instance - added an additional uniqueID check on daily lotto NPC • NPCs - fixed decarder getting stuck when zeny is being used - minor adjustments on Prontera Maids - Dummy Trainer NPC implemented - compensation NPC implemented, NPC will automatically pop out when a server crash happens and will be gone after 2 hours - will give out oneThick Battle Manual and will reset all instance cooldown. • Monsters - adjustments (tuned down) on drop rates from some abyss lake monsters - fixed Poison Toad assist behavior on ama_dun02 • KS no more - @noks Extra Upgrade, above current - extend the protection time from 5 seconds to 8 seconds - will now protect even the Monsters attacking you - if a monster is set the target on you, and attacking you, it will be protected under NoKs, this is an upgrade to tackle the KS issue • More players! - unlocked the Map server limit of 1024, for now 4096 • Dispel? Nope - Dispel will no longer remove union related icons/buff and Hades insurance effect • Union EZ - changed Odin Orthodoxy Daily Quest item requirement from Singing Flower to 10 Flower - fixed dialogue adjustment on Dark Shadow Daily Quest - fixed Trade Route Daily quest on Merchant Union, now giving 5 instead of an incorrect 3 ================================== Official Patch log for Lif 1.2.0 ends here Pending stuff and things to come : (NO ETA) - WoE Schedule - Prontera Bounty Quest Revamp - aura quest for max level still cooking (WIP) - *censored* blessings (note: not BSB) (still WIP) - world boss mechanics/explanation (still WIP) - completion of all Hugel related content - additional items on vote for points (will come after further improvement on voting system) - Transcendent quests will have its Mythril requirement and more "official like" on next next major update (Base Level 130 patch) (officially it requires 50pcs, on ours, it will be 10pcs) Next major official content: - Einbroch with related items/mobs/quests/dungeon/new fever field, no ETA for now (http://roz.gnjoy.com/news/update/View.asp?BBSMode=10014&seq=70&curpage=1) Next minor event/content: - "Festival of Neko": exclusive costumes that will only be made available for these series of content coming soon™ near you, no ETA for now Bugsmasher: • Random mob on Hard mode instances (excluding Poring Village) getting the multiplier of the boss, @Stroheim will be checking • Minor bugs on Hunter Union Daily Quest • Vend search scroll not showing options on "item right click" CLOSING EVENTS ON AUGUST 3RD: Attention! This will expire on August 1! >>> War Of Emperium? Please see:
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  9. I will be looking into this issue
  10. head is a +10 magestic, with clock tower manager card, middle is Clock Tower Manager's Commset, low has no stats, armor is the new expedition armor from lighthalzen with the sinX enchant (not sure about the card) garment and shoes are expedition as well as one of the rings, the other accessory is +9 emeral earrings. as for weapons, it's a +8 gladius(3 hydras I think), and an ice pick. thank you in advance for testing this 😄 and don't forget to check and compare the delay of the skill and the +% damage multipliers, and of course, the agi in the formula. thank you!
  11. The last video is nice reference, I will try to create his items. If you got some free time, could you tell me what items he uses? It will save me time to translate etc.❤️
  12. ok, so I found a few sources, which use meteor assault, and I'd love to test my damage compared to them and their agi, but it's really hard since every reset costs me 1m+ and I've done it a few times already trying to test this, If I provide some videos, could you test and compare us to them?I know it's hard work, but I can't realistically test this myself. One other IMPORTANT thing thay I found on every video of meteor assault in zero is the DELAY of the skill, which it seems to be 0.5s, and we have it at 1 full second currently on ragna0. Here are a few examples of the things that I talk about, including the players using +% damage on their weapons to hit harder with meteor assault, (the +% damage doesn't work in ragna0 currently) please note the delay, the damage, and the % modifiers thay they use on these vids. thanks!
  13. I noticed that when i finished the quest called ''recruitment agente" from the hunters guild the npc did not gave me tokens. He just gave me the quest on more time instantly, it supposed to have a 3 hours cooldown and also reward the player with tokens. I tried again to do it and now the npc that i suppose to find in alberta isn't giving me the second part of the quest which is to find another npc in Amatsu. Apart of that i had the Union Buff on my scholar and after using dispell on me it seems to be gone. I've spent some hours grinding 50 tokens and i'd like to have them back at least. Thanks
  14. Yaaay! It took a lot of time but i wanted to do my best at this one! I was artblocked for a loooong time and this event made me finally draw again after so long! If you want to check out my other artworks, they are at my instagram (same name here, Blockbustard) :3 I hope you all enjoy it!
  15. So, why there's a time to open the vending with a merchant? I mean every time i need to open a shop with 12 itens i have to do it in a haste and some times i fail. It's so annoying! Please increase the time limit.
  16. Ok, thank you for the advice.
  17. That's fair, I'll be looking into that and see what I can find, thank you!. And the other thing about the +xx% ATK vs X monster, is that working for meteor assault?
  18. This is a logical guess, yes. But, would like to see more comparison of kRO:zero videos before applying. The "kRO mass-skills-balance" topic has proven many inaccurate comapred to kRO:Zero, that one applies to Renewal balanace.
  19. Ragnarok Zero bases its skill formulas and effects on the massive skill balance patch https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3453-kro-mass-skills-balance-1st-2nd-and-transcendent-classes-skills/ which had meteor asault formula become as seen in https://irowiki.org/wiki/Meteor_Assault then Kro:zero changed the formula to be affected by agi instead of str. https://roz.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=1216 so, that makes the formula to be : ((1400%+AGI*5)xbaselvl/100)%
  20. A npc that group the same itens that are separated (ex image ) into 1 slot in the brazilian oficial server we have a npc like that youtube mirror (the video is in pt-BR but even with muted audio you can understand what it does)
  21. well the only thing kRO:Zero did is that it changed the formula to be affected by agi instead of str, from the renewal formula after the general skill balance, and it would be ATK((1400%+AGI*5)baselvl/100)% stated in the post. And yes! I mean those percentages of dmg increase.
  22. @Lizander yes, the stats doesn't give much. Unless you can provide stats formula from kRO:Zero, I will be super happy to apply that. By stats modifiers you mean the following options?
  23. Hades

    [WoE] Guild Congress

    @ne0n No 2nd Edition Guild Dungeons in RO:Zero. Maybe in future when they release it. Midgard Glory is a Effect Stone that gives PvP/WoE maps Stats bonus.
  24. Hi Hades! thank you for your answer. So I deduce from your reply that AGI has a very little effect on the skill, and baselevel has a very impactful modifier, I know you can't disclose the formulas and I thank you for looking into it. One question though, do the % modifiers work now? thanks!
  25. ne0n

    [WoE] Guild Congress

    Treasures are very undertuned, I would definetly like to see OCA's, Enriched/HD ores, Blacksmith Blessings and all the good stuff. Winner gets it all. Also, what is Midgard Glory used for? Enchanting costumes with stats? And about the 2nd edition guild dungeons, are they going to come together or there is no such thing in ro:zero?
  26. It's really necessary? Whenever I go to prison 2 or alde basement dungeons, I always, ALWAYS find boxes. and I do it every day. this is more like a surprise bonus, not something you can "target farming".
  27. Any ideo of updating this guide? i'm struggling on the itemization part, specialy for magmadun farm. BTW, the maps part helped me so farm on the up and farm, thanks.
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