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  4. Lava Gear Bonus not working. I have tested a +0 Lava Hood and a +8 Lava Hood to see if i would get a +5% heal power but my heal stays the same. The bonus says if refinement is over 21 i would get all of these bonuses my refinement is 22 but i dont think i get any? maybe you guys can fix.
  5. Are there any equipments/plans that is specific for other class something similar with falcon claw and falcon feather?
  6. JPO

    Def and MDef Questions

    after you start refining youll notice how easy is to get ~700 hard DEF, so yeah, armor is kinda worthless as an option
  7. To help new players trying this game out since a good number of us are cooped up inside our homes. 🙂
  8. So it still not worth investing on DEF stat options i guess. thanks! 🙂
  9. As far as I am aware def and mdef calculations are the same as renewal. And I am unaware of any point in time which 100 mdef gave status immunity.
  10. For the reductions provided by DEF and MDEF, just follow the iRO wiki. https://irowiki.org/wiki/MDEF https://irowiki.org/wiki/DEF As for the abnormal stats, I don't know for sure if MDEF still prevents it, but it sure reduces the duration of some statuses. I noticed that the duration of the "freeze status" is significantly smaller when I'm wearing my full MDEF equips (arround 80 MDEF), I mean, 1 to 2 seconds tops.
  11. Read that def(from gears) formula was changed from Renewal. Can I ask for the calculation or just give a rough idea how it works? Also does 100 mdef still provide status resistance?
  12. Happens to me too. I would like to see that issue solved, so I dont have to rush writing everything...
  13. The skill currently has a wierd hitbox, when mobbing it only hits one time intead of the 3 it should. Could you guys take a look into it? In the video bellow you can see it in some situations with a single and multiple monsters. Sometime the damage numbers happen to fast and it seems to hit only twice, but if you slow down you can see. In the server its just wierd to play it.
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  15. Event Valentine's Event has ended St Patrick's Event has begun! Find St Patrick's Event Guide in Prontera to seek out the event NPCs: Collect raw ingredients for the Brewmasters to make Pretzels (and some exp) which can be exchanged for various rewards: Quest cooldown: 3 hours War of Emperium Disabled until further notice. Castle owners will reset on 29/3 Item Infinity fly wing now storable
  16. Prices of vendor items are based on the kRO prices and unlikely to change. Auto loot has been discussed previously and is very unlikely to be introduced. As for navigation tickets: they are a luxury, and 99% of the time a unnecessary one. You can level up a warp aco and set warps to the maps you want fairly easily on a second account. The only instances where this is not the case is Juperos 3 and Amatsu 2/3 dungeons where getting to them is a chore and I think most people would rather bypass.
  17. It comes down to a lack of advertising and player retention. There is no vote point system at all so players don’t go and upvote the listings on various RO private server listing sights. The community as a whole has seen drastic fluctuations over the life of the server and this isn’t the first time we have seen numbers this low. Player retention is also a problem. Players come in see a lack of numbers and leave. The largest drop we’ve seen was from a streamer who brought in several hundred players, then when he moved on to another server, so did those players. That along with a somewhat long patch cycle and numerous bugs with endgame gear that have gone unchecked for some time make grinding seem pointless. This is all all compounded by the fact the primary zeny sinks of enriched and HD ore have starved the economy of any stable zeny inflation keeping items that would normally be worth farming due to their high value at a very low value. This makes Liquid zeny farming the most efficient way if making money to progress your gear. It creates a cycle of farm several hours to get money to spend on ore, break the items you were trying to upgrade, repeat until you have the endgame items you want. Unfortunately the cost of the endgame items in time and zeny is simply to high to be sustained by such a low population so players burn out after breaking a handful of endgame items. Is the server a good server? Absolutely... as long as you don’t mind playing RO primarily solo on and self farming out 90% of your gear due to any sort of stable economy and then find out the end game gear set you were going for is bugged and doesn’t give the bonus it states.
  18. The requirements from this page https://www.ragna0.com/wiki/Zero-exclusive_Gear are incomplete. (Also, I couldnt find a way to get this link through the Wiki page itself, is there a reason for that?) It is missing the 5x Essence of Blue Flame and 5x Mythril. The information is correct if you go to the Glast Heim page on the wiki, but anyway, its inconsistent and many players got confused already. Thank you
  19. also those world navigation tickets are too expensive, especially for such a low pop server. single use ticket for 20 US cents a pop...it should be no more than 5.
  20. someone on discord told me only 20-30 active players, down from 400 at launch. server is great, and ive played like 15 private servers in the last 10 years. great mechanics, balanced cash shop, no lag, zero mechanics are fun and options leave a lot of room for farming better equips. why is the pop so low and how are you guys trying to fix it?
  21. RO is an old game and the mechanic even of area loot is not good enough in maps with thief monsters. really sucks to loose good loot to them, and its not a skill thing, maps can be so mobby its not the player's fault. Autoloot% should be implemented. Also, sp items are a problem for newbies. Blue syrup is expensive, even flywings are too expensive for newbies. 5x the price of a normal server for what...The seeds you get from first aid boxes work early on, then between level 50-70ish they dont give enough sp to qualify as a primary sp item. level 50 box i open and the seeds are all gone by the time im 51-52. need to keep sitting for sp (sucks on 0 int classes) every 2-3 minutes. We need cheap and efficient sp items, and blue pots from boxes suck too. TLDR: implement autoloot%, reduce flywing cost considerably, add cheaper sp items.
  22. Not sure if intended or bug. Using crit +20 on formeless, hitting the dummy (formeless) with crit 62, it should be crit 102=(boots 20*2=40)+62. But it produce miss and normal attacks so the boots doesn't double. Further research rising crit to 80+boots (crit +20) gives a solid 100% critical hits. (dummy has 0 luk so crit is not reduced by enemy) So boots doesn't double, is it intended? Greetings.
  23. Event Conclusion of Valentine's event Event to end on 15/3 (Sunday) Commands implemented Battlestats Displays basic stats and damage & reduction modifiers. Monster Reduced respawn time of the following mini bosses Giant Whisper Ghostring Eclipse Mastering Vagabond Wolf Champion/Fever Mini/Boss spawn to be on same cell as player Pets Enabled autofeed to all pets
  24. The skill has a time limit something between 1 ~ 2 min if u dont put the shop in that time the skill will fail. Some times put a new item erase all your previous items.
  25. As you can see in the video, the mobs are acting like they stack a certain amount per cell. That makes the monsters go around the player instead of staying in the same cell. This causes several problems for classes that have small aoe spells. You can even see in the video that they act like some form of terrain, like ice wall, because 4 zombies(agressive mob), stop atacking the monk simply because there isn't any avaliable cell for them to atack. If you search videos of mobbing in official servers, that isn't the normal behavior. mob bug.asf https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NPOdlP3wcwAhQO3-AmfKrFssHviIT6Cm And as i mentioned in the older post, the "ghost equipament" issues persists while being atacked by several monsters. In this video i show that even when i unequip my shield that reflects damage, the mobs continue do take damage like i still have the shield equiped. equipament problem.asf https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_y1yUL0aIxqlztTXrJVZJ4-1msHRFEI7 Please give some feedback.
  26. Theres gotta be an added benefit to creating a T1 armor. Rather than locking 2 job enchants to T1, why not remove 1st job essences from T1?, so you still got the option to not go all the way. But as you say, after a long, tedious process you get a +9 T1 armor, getting 1st job enchants for it feels like adding salt to an injury, not to mention the extra 200k you currently gotta drop to get your enchant. Finally, youre just removing 12 enchants from the total current pool of 62, so you gotta RNG 1/50 still for your desired enchant
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