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    Self Introduction

    IRL Nick Name: Gerry Character Name: DogGerry Main Job: Supporter AFK Town: Berlin Guild: - Year Born: 86 Gender: Male Personalities: Grumpy but lovely Fruit that you Hate: Pineapple Animal that you Love: cat Favorite single player games: Zelda Goal in Ragna0: Have fun What were you doing 1 hour ago: Playing Ragnarok 0 Other stuff you may add yourself here: Uhm. I don’t know what XD Insert few selfies: (if you want) see attached. Before you ask: this is the only way to publish myself :p sorry can’t turn the pic on mobile phone
  4. Looks good. The current tables are from way back.
  5. Last week
  6. Adjusting "Forgotten Gift Box" Idea description: Remaking what the gift box drops. Why is it good? It will make the box much more valuable. How urgent is this rate 1-10: 5 Will it affect our economy? It depends. Will it affect any of our core systems? It depends. If we deny it, what might happen? None. Same 'ol box. If we accept it, who does it benefit the most? Basically any player who hunts or accidentally came across the box. You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: Sure. Other inputs: My idea is for these items to be added to its drop table: event coins (about 5pcs?) 25% ea, costume ticket box at about 1-3%, bubble gum (untradeable and 1 pc) at 10%, world mobility ticket (1pc) at 1% Adjusting/remaking "Daily Attendance" Idea description: Leaving out the 'event potions' and replacing them with better items. Why is it good? It will make the daily logins more valuable, and will add to player retention. How urgent is this rate 1-10: 8 Will it affect our economy? All can't be traded, so no. Will it affect any of our core systems? No. If we deny it, what might happen? None. Same 'ol boring items. If we accept it, who does it benefit the most? Basically any new player and old players. You promise that this idea is for the better of the server in whole: Sure, of course! Other inputs: Suggestion of item replacements: Replacements are following the idea on how a newbie would have their progression within the server (ex: Day 1, battle manuals to help in leveling / Day 17, at this day a newbie might be trying to farm refines so a x1 Enriched Elunium would help a player in upgrading items, so on and so forth) Day 1: From Angelic Egg Scroll to x2 Battle Manuals Day 4: From Finest Course to another x1 Life Insurance Day 6: From Speed Potion to 5x White Potion Box(20) Day 7: From Challenge Drink to x1 Life Insurance Day 8: From Infinity Drink to x100 Yellow Syrup (untradeable) Day 9: From Power Drink to x30 Blue Syrup (untradeable) Day 10: From Rental Costume Box to x10 Elunium Day 11: From Tyr's Blessing to 5x White Potion Box(20) Day 12: From Baldr's Blessing to x10 Oridecon Day 13: From Power Drink to x50 White Syrup (untradeable) Day 14: From Magic Bottle to x2 Life Insurance Day 16: From Angelic Egg Scroll to x2 Bubble Gum (untradeable) Day 17: From White Potion Box to x1 Enriched Elunium (untradeable) Day 18: From Oridecon to x1 Enriched Oridecon (Untradeable) Day 19: From Elunium to x200 White Syrup (Untradeable) Day 20: From Rental Advent Costume Box to Remade Angelic Scroll Remade Angelic Scroll: basically replacing the trash items into something better, this makes the last day of the daily login very valuable. Item Replacements: All Costumes on Rental Advent Costume Box but not the rental version, a permanent one. Items below could be considered a trash tier for this gacha scroll: x10 Elunium x10 Oridecon x100 White Syrups x1 Life Insurance x20 Event Coins Note: I did not find any 'bubble gum' items on item_db for this server, if this can't be added/implemented, gum could be replaced into event coins for Daily Attendance, and cancelled for the Forgotten Box. Note2: Also considered if these can be abused with a lot of accounts, but the more valuable items are untradeable, and if they want to abuse it, they'll be sitting thru it in 1.5 hours everyday just to collect the reward. cc: @Hades @Stroheim
  7. Changed Status to Closed
  8. Your argument is not very clear or solid. May you please elaborate on why "it's their right," to stop feeding the market's demand? They are not officially authorized to control the market, and I think that everyone deserves a fair chance to join the market. Furthermore, the inactive players will be unaffected by the degradation because they do not even play anymore. We should think about those that are being directly affected, and think about those that are actively supporting the server. You mentioned that the materials are more expensive, and there are few available for purchase. Additionally, there are few crafted items to purchase. The point of the degradation is to encourage more production and activity in the market. If there are reasons and incentives for players to craft and farm, then the state of the economy will improve. However, your argument encourages inflation in this stagnant, capitalistic economy. Lastly, your suggestion to "git gud," or "just quit," is not very positive or productive. In fact, this statement contributed little to our discussion other than display your opinion. I am looking forward to your response! 😊
  9. I feel like this is missing a /s at the end. You literally just outlined the entire reason why point degradation or regular resets are necessary.
  10. They had to farm lots of materials and got to get points from services when the server had 300 players online, it's their right to suddenly stop feeding the market's demand and cuck the new players out of their BiS gears for eternity. All because they started playing earlier and managed to get into the top 5 with less than 10 successful crafts. Git gud and spend 4 months farming materials 'cause now not only the materials are more expensive, but also there is none of them on the market or just quit the game entirely.
  11. Maedren

    Patch 2 Preview

    be careful with ctm hats. reduce the cost AND boss summon requirement, can be too much.
  12. Mirei

    Cart Revolution

    Changed Status to Resolved
  13. From the testings and looks to it, this is more of a "latency" or cell lag issue? o,o
  14. Cladeus

    Patch 2 Preview

    Lets hope these upcoming patches brings back some inactive players
  15. From my testing, I'm able to move all kind of traps with arrow shower except Ankle Snare, which you're not supposed to be able to move.
  16. Cannot reproduce. The skill casted by Variant Maya misses on me with Evil Druid gear equipped and doesn't miss without the gear.
  17. I agree with all of the options that you presented to have the points degrade over time. It should also be applied to both blacksmiths and alchemists. As it is currently, it discourages others from joining the ranks. People join and leave servers frequently, and some stay for as little as a month. If the ladder of the ranks continue to increase, players that join much later on may find that it would be too much time to invest. Additionally, if most people that are ranked are not even playing anymore, it affects the amount of weapons being produced on the server. Overall, I think that blacksmiths and alchemists are good for the server's economy in general. I also think that allowing new and old players to keep up the competition will increase the activity, and maintain one of the interesting aspects of being a blacksmith/alchemist. It seems that some of these opposing arguments are targeted towards those that have a blacksmith alt-character, but I would like to remind everyone that some of us play crafting classes as our main class. We do not want persons, groups, or guilds to monopolize weapons, equipment, or cards. We are trying to consider the whole population, and the future of the server! If some people put so much time into farming and crafting, they can do it again and prove that they belong in the ranks.
  18. Also something that should be noted, currently the only way to get BS points is crafting lvl 3 weapons with 3 ores, on official servers you gain 1000 blacksmith points for upgrading lvl 3 weapons to +10. In the short term a degrade system may seem harsh, but in the long term when upgrading for points is introduced it will be very necessary.
  19. I participated in the Disguise Event on October 11 at 14:04. The event started but after only the first round, it ended.
  20. If it's possible for it to only affect accounts that haven't logged in/forged in x amount of time, that would be ideal, since the goal is to weed out inactives. If not, either of the first 2 options will do - flat to just get everyone's points down evenly, % to maybe change the ranking around since more points = more losses. Whatever method we choose should also apply to the alch ranking, but like Lukien said, maybe to a lesser degree since brewers aren't that in demand and don't get any bonuses for being top 5 specifically.
  21. the account pack exp loss prevention is not currently working at all, just died without a BM on and lost a full 10%, neither is the exp boost
  22. You're against on everything Mr.True-Experience. What's new? lol
  23. Minato

    Patch 2 Preview

    Looks good! Keep 'em coming! 🙂
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